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    The Top Ten reasons NOT to create a MMO.

    haha. very entertaining ;) you know, i had this idea for an immense multiplayer online diversion program. would you be interested....
  2. Hmm. sounds interesting Merlin. So, on the closest level the game would be very similar to the game Steel Panthers? IMG: Sounds interesting mate BUT very hard to do if it were taken down to that level. I mean, armor penetration alone would be immensely difficult and absolutely needed for a game that goes down to that level. A “47% chance to hit” and “a 22% chance to penetrate” and then does the round kill a crew member? Shock the crew? Panic them? Is the tank knocked out? Or maybe I’m just seriously spoilt by battlefront’s Combat Missions :D
  3. Hey guys. This is for a board game BUT game rules are game rules and I'm really hoping that I can get some feedback and help. I’ll get to the jist of it. I need a little help with a second world war divisional level board game. I’m tapped dry for ideas in one section that has to do with unavoidable occurrences during the war. A little background on the area I’m having trouble with: I’m basing the players turns on initiative in the three theaters of war. Western Europe, the Eastern Front and North Africa. Each theater is played in turn. N.A. is first, then the E.F. and finally W.E. Initiative determines who goes first in each front. For example, when the N.A. theater comes up, who goes first? Is it Nazi Germany or the Allies? (the allies being the U.K. and the U.S.) Initiative is gained by earning initiative points by winning battles and taking strategic locations (like Tobruk). If you have more initiative points than your opponent, you’ll have the initiative that turn. If you attack poorly and he defends well you may well loose the initiative to him on the next round. It’s a great way to give a solid 1, 2 punch. Now, onto my problem… The more initiative points you have obviously means the better you and your forces are doing and the worse off your opponent is doing. What I want in the game are unavoidable occurrences (both positive and negative) to happen. I.E. if Germany is really on the receiving end for a long time and the Soviets built up a great initiative, I want the player to have to experience what I call The Neurotic Führer Mistakes. For example, Quote:The Neurotic Führer Mistake #1. Or… “Strength lies not in defense but in attack! A single blow must destroy the enemy... without regard of losses... a gigantic all-destroying blow!" If Germany find itself without the initiative in all three theaters (i.e. loosing the war) on the beginning of Germanys next turn, the German player must roll a single D8. On a 3 through 8 the Führer is fine. His generals talked him down and his doctor drugged him up. He blamed a single general, had him shot and now he feels better. On a 1 or a 2 an attack must be made. The German player gets to choose in which theater the attack is made so long as an attack is made that round. The attack must be considerable. No halfhearted attempts. The operation must be named something noteworthy and in German if possible (like Barbarossa — invasion of the Soviet Union or Adlertag — Eagle Day; one day of intense air attack on Britain) and the German player must stand on a chair and yell and scream in mock German (real German if he knows it) to announce the operation to the other players…Okay, we’re kidding about that last part. If the German player wants he can always bring more forces into the battle and attack all along the battle line if he thinks it will help. Good luck. My intention for these rules is a fun little diversion within the game and also to throw the game off balance so we don’t have the Axis & Allies syndrome of “buy this, this and this on turn 1 and buy this, this and this on turn 2 ad infinitum.” But my trouble is, I simply cant think of anything! I’m having trouble coming up with good causes and good effects. ESPECIALLY for the Allies. What I do have so far are rules taking the US on of the European theater for a short time if they get waxed to such an extent that the public demands more focus on the Pacific (this is a European theater game only by the way). I have 3 rules for the Soviet player, 5 for the German player, 2 for the American player and none for the British player. All of them negative effects so far. I cant think of any positive effects for having a high initiative either. If you’d like me to post more rules so you can get a better understanding, I’d be glad to. I’d do it now but this post is long enough as it is. Any help would be appreciated guys. This is the best place to ask. You’re my last hope ;) Thanks in advance. Charles
  4. Ahh. I see what you mean Lorenzo. Now that would be easy ;) I’ll add that to the rule book when I post it so people can play test. Ill also break the map up into 8x11 inch sections so it can be printed and then taped together. All in black and white unless you want color. It would be nice to have this play tested in Europe as opposed to just here in the states with some buddies as war gaming is taken more seriously there. Merlin. Interesting concept. I thought of something similar when I actually intended on this game being a flash based browser game. There were three levels of play but somewhat different than your idea. Three different levels of gameplay as opposed to different levels of the map…which would be different levels of gameplay too I suppose ;) The first level had a player as the national leader (Stalin, Roosevelt, Mussolini etc). Their job was war budgeting, war production, research and development, and allocating reinforcement points to the theater commanders. The second level had the players playing as theater commanders. Rommel in North Africa, Eisenhower in Europe etc. Their job was to plan an overall strategy and direction for the Divisions, to allocate reinforcement points etc. The third level of play was for the Corp commanders/Army generals. They moved the divisions around and worried about the tactical aspect of war. Screaming and praying for supplies from the theater commander etc. Merlin, I like the idea of starting on a strategic level and getting progressively closer to the tactical aspect of war but I think that would be very hard to manage for a player. Don’t you?
  5. Hey Merlin, thanks for the comments. Yeah, I’ve looked at taking other game pieces to use for my game here and I’ve looked at the micro models manufactures too. Unfortunately they are expensive and the game mechanics call for the player to be able to change the strength level of the divisions (Combat Readiness Levels 1 through 6). I choose pyramids precisely because of this. I can use the smaller numbered pyramids and place them over the top of the larger Divisional pyramids to denote their strength value. Yeah, I CAN use awesome little armor and infantry models and denote strength by placing chips underneath the model but the game board would get clustered up and if the “hand of god” spilled his beer in North Africa…well, so much for the Afrika Korps. I’ll check out Eagle Games as soon as I get home. Their website is blocked from work. Quote:Quote by MerlinI've always needed an artist. How about a WWII game that uses the 3-level system of World (Strategic), Region (Operational) and Tactical (Battle)? For WWII, all the maps would have to match the real world, which would be a ton of work. But, so satisfying in the end. Not a half bad idea Merlin. Can you elaborate on your three level system some more? The map wont be a problem. For years I’ve had trouble but I’ve recently got an excellent grasp of map making.
  6. CharlesFXD

    What does English sound like?

    What a fantastic topic! I’m from the northeastern part of the states and I’ve always felt the general accent up here was the one most associated with “North American.” I’ve never had trouble getting though most accents. Welsh used to get me but now it’s no trouble. Creole as well. People speaking Trini is another story entirely though. My wife is from Trinidad and Tobago and while T&T was an English colony and the primary language spoken there is English, I can not understand what the frack she is saying when she’s pissed at me. Same goes form when she is on the phone with friends/family. It’s like she’s from another world. I know it bothers her that I cant understand. I have an excellent grasp on other accents and can mimic most very very well. But I simply cant grasp Trini even though we’ve been together for five years. It’s English but it seems as if 80% of all the words they use are unique to their culture. If, And, The, and more common nouns like Desk, Cat, Door are recognizable but the rest…Whoooooosh…right over my head. It’s like the English say “lift” for “elevator” and “petrol” for “gasoline” and I’m sure there are hundreds of other. But Trinidadians went overboard :D Yampee - the mucus that surrounds one's eye in the morning Wham now? - Greeting equivalent to "what's happening now". E.g. "Aye Reeza, wham now?". Wabine - a loose woman suggestive of a prostitute. Can also refer to small fish you catch in a ravine, or similar fresh water source. Vikey vike - to act with irresponsibility, or to act without concern for others. Eg. "De country in turmoil because of vikey vike decision-making." E.g. "My wife acting vikey vike. Everytime my back turn she out de door limin' with she friends." Teef - noun or verb; thief or to steal. E.g. The child teef the biscuit from the jar. Eg. “De man! ‘E teefin me car!” Obzokie - awkward, out of place usu. in a derogatory manner. “She so obzokie.” Kilkeedey - to fall awkwardly or how you look on the floor after falling awkwardly, usually with arms flailed in some odd sort of fashion. Eg. "When de defenda' tackle him, Roger fall down kilkeedey on de groun". (ground) Dahlin - darling (pron. dah-lin). Usually used as a 'pick up' line by men, e.g. "Aye dahlin come here nah?" Nah - no. Fresh Water Yankee -A Trini who goes to America and comes back acting and talking Yankee (Originally someone acting Yankee without even going overseas, or crossing salt water). Yah basket doh hold water is something I hear quite a lot. I think she’s saying I’m stupid…lol
  7. thanks for the input guys. i appreciate it. guess what? i lost almost everything! my flash usb fob died on me. i had a bit of the earlier stuff backed up on google docs so i had to begin again. i rewrote it all and it's much easier to read. MUCH easier. if you like, it's here with a bunch of new rules. http://docs.google.com/View?docid=dfn45fcp_34f9rz5v LorenzoGatti, i do have a map as a PSD document. it took me forever to build but its dead sexy ;) i'll take you and your friends up on the play test offer but i dont know when. counters are expensive to produce. Merlin, I have thought about it. deeply. i dont have any programming knowledge myself. otherwise i would be building it right now. the art side, that i can do with no trouble. see...now you got me thinking about it again...
  8. CharlesFXD

    Gun licenses

    no no :D that cant be true. you CAN use the model of an M9 Beretta and call it an M9 and not worry. i think...as long as you don’t use the company name. Game makers copy cars and call them something else. Game makers copy weapons and call them something else. the look of the model doesn’t really make a difference mate. It’s the name. There are lots of in’s and out’s but I think it works like this. If I began manufacturing a 9mm pistol that looked JUST LIKE an M9 Beretta but called it something else, well, then the Italian company can sue me. If I made a video game and put a pistol in it that looked JUST LIKE an M9 Beretta and called it an M9 Beretta then the Italian company can sue me. If I made a video game with a model that looked JUST LIKE an M9 Beretta but just called it an M9 then I think I’d be fine because M9 is the DoD designation. Ahahahah…you’re right. That is an airsoft model. The other is an after market suppressor…lol. Well, just as well, the search for MP-5 and M4A1 didn’t turn up a hit for the actual weapon systems. I wont be worried about using M4A1 but I would be worried about MP-5. M4A1 is a designation for an assault rifle given by the Department of Defense and the US Government cant own a TM. MP-5 is a designation that is specifically attached to Heckler and Koch and given BY H&K, a private company. i cant find a single thing about who OWNS the TM for us military weapons...
  9. CharlesFXD

    Types of Game Designers?

    hmm..read a lot of other game designs. read a lot of articles about game design. then design a game ;) POOF! your a game-designer :D note: you have to have a published game to get rid of the (-) and become a true Game Designer :D seriously, I assume you mean in the game industry? Well, how does anyone get a “title”? I suppose by being paid to have “game designer” on your business card and being paid to design games. I “designed” a game that was finished by an indie group of guys. Im designing another pc game and working with a team for free or commercial (we’ll see how it goes) and I have designed numerous board games. But I don’t call myself a game designer. I don’t think I can unless I’ve sold a product made possible because of my elite game design mad skilz. :D Why don’t you tell us what you’ve done before? Artist? 2d or 3d? programming? Sound? Nothing at all? That would help us figure out how to help you answer your question.
  10. CharlesFXD

    Feedback + "help wanted" on a browser game

    ill give it a try when i get home...but how abotu some more information on what it is?
  11. CharlesFXD

    Gun licenses

    hmm..what about using military designations for weapon systems that are wholly owned by a government? M4A1 is not the same as calling it a Colt AR-15. I'd guess you can use M4A1 because it is a nomenclature designation. It’s not a trademark or a copy write. Who named the M1-A2 Abrams MBT? Not General Dynamics Land Systems Division. It was the DoD’s tradition of naming tanks after generals. AH-64 Apache? Again, it was the DoD’s tradition of naming helicopters after American Indian tribes. No one would pay the US government to use those names. That would be illegal. But those are actual names. Calling something by it’s military nomenclature is even further removed. PVS-7 or PVS-14 (night vision), M-60 “Pig”, M-47 DRAGON Anti-Tank Guided Missile etc. Look at this: Word Mark M4 Goods and Services (ABANDONED) IC 013. US 002 009. G & S: Airsoft air gun. FIRST USE: 20020401. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 20020501 Standard Characters Claimed Mark Drawing Code (4) STANDARD CHARACTER MARK Design Search Code Serial Number 78449177 Filing Date July 12, 2004 Current Filing Basis 1A Original Filing Basis 1A Owner (APPLICANT) Divergence Corporation CORPORATION NEVADA 901 South Fremont Ave. Unit # 218 Alhambra CALIFORNIA 91803 Type of Mark TRADEMARK Register PRINCIPAL Live/Dead Indicator DEAD Abandonment Date August 18, 2005 According to United States Patent and Trademark Office “M4” is a dead trademark. Guess what? So is Mp-5. Word Mark MP-5 QD Goods and Services (ABANDONED) IC 013. US 002 009. G & S: Accessories for firearms, namely, silencers. Mark Drawing Code (1) TYPED DRAWING Design Search Code Serial Number 78177633 Filing Date October 23, 2002 Current Filing Basis 1B Original Filing Basis 1B Owner (APPLICANT) Brugger + Thomet AG CORPORATION SWITZERLAND Zelgistrasse 10 Thun SWITZERLAND CH-3608 Attorney of Record James Michael Faier Type of Mark TRADEMARK Register PRINCIPAL Live/Dead Indicator DEAD Abandonment Date June 21, 2004 If I am reading this right…and I does need some more input from you guys, you can do what you like man. Don’t use “Desert Eagle” because that’s a name owned by a private company. Use the military designation/nomenclature. The Israeli Army has it in their inventory. Check there to see what they call it in the books. Alternately, you cant use the M9 Beretta BUT you can use M9. But again, it’s a free game so you don’t have to worry either way mate. Good luck.
  12. CharlesFXD

    Gun licenses

    ahh...here ya go. Quote:The Desert Eagle is a large caliber gas-operated semi-automatic pistol manufactured in Israel by IMI (Israel Military Industries) for Magnum Research, Inc. http://www.magnumresearch.com/ http://www.imi-israel.com/Templates/Homepage/Homepage.aspx?FolderID=11 and if asking for permission wont work you can, and it is legal, to copy the look and call it something else which most games do so you'll be in good company. no one would think twice about it. PS. if its freeware then you'll be fine. you dont have to worry about it but i think there is a game lawyer around here someplace.
  13. CharlesFXD

    Gun licenses

    it may not be as hard as you think to get the rights to use the name. why not send a letter to the DE manufacturer and see what they say. Then post their response here. I’m not who the trademark owner is but i remember that the weapon itself came from Israel and production was licensed out numerous times.
  14. i know of www.bgdf.com too. they dont discuss wargames either. why? who the hell knows. i guess they think wargames are to far removed from, say, a 4 player version of chess.
  15. oh, and thanks again for letting me post 10,000+ words about a board game :D
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