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  1. Im_wasting_my_life

    Need help testing something really quick

    Both links loaded fine for me in IE7.
  2. Im_wasting_my_life

    How did you guys do?

    Congrats to everyone who worked hard and got the grades they deserved. I finished with six A's and one C. French was the killer. Thank god I'm done with it for good. I still finished with just over a 3.6 out of 4. And I only took 17 hours this semester. Some you people are hardly taking enough classes to be considered students. [wink] (Just kidding...) Next year I'll be taking almost entirely computer science classes, so I'm really looking forward to it.
  3. Im_wasting_my_life

    [java] Java 2D Graphics, Threads and Classes

    Oops...sorry for not logging in. Here is my post again, this time with the links: Killer Game Programming in Java is a good book that covers 2D and 3D game programming in java. Many drafts of the chapters that were published in the book are available in pdf format on the website. The pdf on the site for Chapter 2, here, describes an animation framework for using java 2D, including "active rendering."
  4. Im_wasting_my_life

    Why my kids will be home-schooled

    I was also homeschooled for the majority of my life (5th grade through 12th). Homeschooling absolutely provides a better environment for learning that can be personalized, allowing a child to be educated at his or her own pace. Outside of the education provided by the current school system there are other parts of the school's social environment (drugs and alcohol for example) in which children shouldn't be involved. My earlier education (K-5 to 4th) was at a private school and I can say from experience that the learning environment there is no better than what you spoke of ApochPiQ. Homeschooling doesn't at all limit your social interactivity. In many ways it improves it. I was also involved in a local homeschooling group, like ApochPiQ. The "socially deficient" homeschooler is simply a media stereotype. Homeschooling is also no longer a hindrance to receiving a college education. I have no high-school issued diploma (which is literally worth the paper it’s printed on), and I was accepted at the university of my choice (where I am currently attending on full scholarship, having been offered scholarships to several other schools).
  5. Im_wasting_my_life

    Post pictures of your hobby! (56k Beware!)

    Quote:Original post by Prozak ... Multitude of Awesomeness! ... Seriously, that is incredible! Could you post more information and some links? I would love to find out more about what you are doing, and about how to get into this. This is exactly what I'm interested in. I'd like to get into simpler things like controlling electronics from my pc. I would appreciate any more info you could provide. [smile] Oh, and rating++ for the sheer awesomeness.
  6. Im_wasting_my_life

    The Official Rhino Photoshop/Photochop Thread

    Its Mushu! Rawr! Mushu spends time with animals while enjoying ice cream!?! [Edited by - Im_wasting_my_life on July 11, 2006 4:11:22 PM]
  7. Im_wasting_my_life


    The mp3 is just some song ... "always look in the bright side of life..." I've got my tinfoil cap on just in case though.
  8. Im_wasting_my_life

    Happy 400,000th thread!

    Quote:Original post by Enselic 100000 200000 300000 314159 (tragically ignored) And the new member (the only thread where the awesomeness of the thread id was noticed though [sad])! 400000 Wrong! It was noticed on #100000.
  9. Im_wasting_my_life

    Sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet relief

    Your avatar has a particular disturbing quality about it.
  10. Im_wasting_my_life

    Look! It's Moses, no it's Jesus... no... IT'S...

    Quote:Original post by mattd I posted a reply in your journal. I posted a reply in your journal with a quote in it.
  11. Im_wasting_my_life

    Mmm, editor.

    Wow, those poor 'Test Fucktards'. [lol] I like the name for some odd reason. That screenshot just goes to show what some guns, gore and body parts strewn across an otherwise empty map can do for a game. Seriously, nice work.
  12. Im_wasting_my_life


    So now I have a few invites for anyone who wants one. PM me an email address. Thanks Mushu![cool]
  13. Im_wasting_my_life


    Congrats on the job. Also, I'm interested in the Moola thing. PM'ed you.
  14. Im_wasting_my_life

    Internet Explorer 7 stole my calculator

    Python also makes a great calculator, if you have it installed. [smile] WindowsKey + R "Python"
  15. Im_wasting_my_life

    Little Windows trick for you...

    While Windows + M minimizes, its counterpart is Windows + Shift + M, which restores.[smile]
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