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  1. HangMan

    nvm ill just tell them to play games thanks anyway guys
  2. HangMan

    o and o error and warnings now what ?
  3. HangMan

    so it would start out with something like this #include<iostream.h> //----------------------- void word(int &Wor) { cout<<"Enter a Word to be guessed"<<endl; cin>>Wor; system('cls') } //-------------------------------- void guess(int&Let) { cout<<"Guess a Letter"<<endl; cin>>Let; //------------------------------------------- int main() { int Wor=0; int Let=0; Word(Wor); Guess(Let); return(0); } from their what do i do
  4. HangMan

  5. HangMan

    no not at all
  6. HangMan

    yea but the regular teach had them do worksheets y??
  7. HangMan

    what do i add in them
  8. HangMan

    anything but this lol
  9. HangMan

    i no how to start it #include<iostream.h> //--------------- void(){ } //------------------- int main() { return(0); }
  10. HangMan

    alright then can you assist me in making a hangman program
  11. HangMan

    what point i'm a sub that trying to teach the kids c++ so that if and when they move on they don't say i didn't learn that.
  12. HangMan

    i am a sub the regular teacher is out b/c maternity leave
  13. HangMan

    hello my name is john i am a teacher that teaches c++ and are school has microsoft c++ books but i didn't see a hangman program in their i was wondering if you could make me a program that has voids and for loops. it doesn't have to be high class i just need a simple program to guide my students threw thanks John
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