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    Exists some place where I can find textures for faces, hair and clothes for my models 3D? I am looking for for designer for my game, but still I did not find nobody.
  2. fabiocberg

    number of polygons

    P.S.: The game that I am making is a RPG. With well detailed scenes.
  3. fabiocberg

    number of polygons

    Quote:Original post by Illco Think about it; the question cannot be answered. Yes, some characters have up to 15k polys, but how much can be done depends entirely on the type of game and its environment. A 2-player fighting game which only shows an arena and two charactes can get away with much more polys-per-character than a game in which the user navigates through an animated croud in third-person. Really, it depends. Illco The problem is that when placing a personage with 15k polygons in the screen, the game is slow. It has as to optimize this?
  4. fabiocberg

    number of polygons

    How many polygons it must have the personage for a PC game? The majority of the personages of example meeting has in average 15,000 polygons. But this is very, right?
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