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  1. Textures

    Exists some place where I can find textures for faces, hair and clothes for my models 3D? I am looking for for designer for my game, but still I did not find nobody.
  2. number of polygons

    P.S.: The game that I am making is a RPG. With well detailed scenes.
  3. number of polygons

    Quote:Original post by Illco Think about it; the question cannot be answered. Yes, some characters have up to 15k polys, but how much can be done depends entirely on the type of game and its environment. A 2-player fighting game which only shows an arena and two charactes can get away with much more polys-per-character than a game in which the user navigates through an animated croud in third-person. Really, it depends. Illco The problem is that when placing a personage with 15k polygons in the screen, the game is slow. It has as to optimize this?
  4. number of polygons

    How many polygons it must have the personage for a PC game? The majority of the personages of example meeting has in average 15,000 polygons. But this is very, right?
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