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    (MM)O(RPG) database design

    I never said that the database was implemented, it's just "pseduo-design-overview" Perhaps I thought it was too obvious, but here's the basic idea: "ID" is an INTEGER referring to a primary key in another database"Flags" are just a collection of approperiate datatypes (like TEXT for string-based information such as names, and REAL and INTEGER for character attributes) And yes, these are the very basics of just any RPG ever, but is there anythin I'm overseeing? Am I to wide or to narrow in my thinking?
  2. For the last couple of months I've designed and implemented my own little MMO-network library called wixnet and I am ready to test it in my (MM)O(RPG) game prototype and I need some input on the underlying database design. To spare you the details of the design of my network design, I've decided to use the following types of databases: The Account Database This is a database dedicated to User Accounts. Only one database per region - UK, US, EU. Contains the following information: Username // self-explainatoryPassword // self-explainatoryAccount ID // used to connect this account to characters on the game serversConnections // how many simultaneously connections are allowed on this account. Perhaps the game allows for multiple sessions (on different game servers though)Subscription Expiration // unless the game is free to playFirst Name // self-explainatoryLast Name // self-explainatoryE-Mail Address // self-explainatoryCountry // used to locate the game servers closest to the usersGender // self-explainatoryDate of Birth // self-explainatory. Could be used to give the player some nice in-game birthday presents The Character Database This is a database used to store characters, or avatars, or toons, or whatever you call them. One database per game server. Contains the following information: Account ID // connects this character to the player accountCharacter ID // used by the game server to identify this character"General information" // name, title, guild-membership, gold"Appearance flags" // ID for: character model, hair style, tattoos, facial hair, like: "Character: 6" (where 6 is the ID for the "Undead Centaur")"Equipment flags" // ID for: each item in every available inventory- and equipment-slot, like: "Left Ring: 15" (where 15 is the ID for "Brewgor's Ring of Low Latency") or "Inventory[12]: 55" (where 55 is the ID for "Major Potion of Bandwith Reducer" and is located in the inventory slot number 12)"Attribute flags" // strength, dexterity, mana, power, luck These are the databases that I think seems right, and I'm working on the Item Database and the Game Database at the moment and I will post those as soon as I'm confident that they're good as well. What is your opinion? Does this seem like a good implementation to you? any ideas? suggestions?
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