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  1. Winegums

    Making a living from programming part-time

    Medical students get time off? What happened to 300 hr/month workloads? [/quote] Depends on the year/university/country/etc. Our first clinical year is pretty much 9-5 mon-fri, with the occasional bit of evening reading. I can't speak for later years, where it might get busier, although I think a lot of people exaggerate how often they're in at work. I guess it's like crunch time in the games industry - to some people it becomes a pissing contest.
  2. I'm a former software engineer turned medical student. I've been looking for part-time work, and due to hospital commitments can't do anything in the 9-5, Monday-Friday bracket. Has anyone been in the position before where they could only work these sorts of hours, and are there any roles you're aware of? I've looked at rent-a-coder type websites, but they seem a bit risky. Has anyone had any experience with them in the past?
  3. Winegums

    What the...?!

    I take it it's too much to hope that this is a bluff so terrorists plotting bombings in Iraq think "lol, we don't need to take as much caution when trying to bomb things now"
  4. Winegums

    How hard would this be?

    As Telastyn said, this sounds very framework-ey. For example you could probaby stitch together a 3d tutorial, network tutorial, and a GUI tutorial to get what you want, but there'd be no proper modularity and scalability. In short, if you're aiming for fully developed, design for fully developed. Programming history is full of examples of little apps/games being scaled up far beyond their scope, and the framework falls on its arse more often than not.
  5. Winegums

    lua & C++ problem

    I don't know much about lua but...try calling luaL_openlibs(L); before luaopen_base(L); etc.
  6. I'm writing a little DirectX application that I need to give to people who won't necessarily have the SDK installed. I'd like to be able to verify that the folder with the executable and DX Dlls is self-contained, but I can't seem to find a way to do this on my own machine, short of uninstalling DX every time to check. Is there any way I can either find out definitely if the DLLs that are needed are in the folder with the application? Someone I spoke to suggested statically linking the dlls, which I think means to build them into the executable. Does this seem like a reasonable idea? Can anyone offer any guidance on how to do this?
  7. Winegums

    A better way to do this?

    To be honest that's about as good as the code is ever going to look. Data loading code isn't really something that can be made to look elegant, it's generally just kinda laborious.
  8. Winegums

    Why do people prefer to stay home?

    I like people, and I like spending time with people, but honestly....I'm pretty picky in terms of people I spend time with. The general public are uninteresting, by and large. My friends are great and I like hanging out with them, but if I do go out it's to socialise...by talking to people. Bars are ok but like Talroth said, night clubs are crap and loud and the antonym of socialising. Also I hate dancing ;) MMOs aren't totally anti-social, to be fair. I've chosen sitting in my room playing WoW and talking on vent with guildies over sitting glaze-eyed in the living room watching x-factor with my housemates. I know which one I think is more sociable...
  9. Winegums

    Programming Music

    Often find it hard to work while listening to music, so I listen to more instrumental stuff like Explosions in the Sky.
  10. Quote:Original post by d000hg I don't see why verbal/emotional/psychological bullying is worse than physical bullying. The former causes wounds which can take much longer to heal. maybe, but we're all grown ups in the work place and we settle things with our words, like we've been taught to since age 4 or so... Seriously OP just go above heads till you get results, or go to the police. Don't dick around.
  11. I'm trying to use D3DXCreateTextureFromFileEx to load in a texture and force it to a lower resolution. However, whenever I load the texture it always sets itself to D3DFMT_R8G8B8 even if I pass the parameter of D3DFMT_R3G3B2. Why would it do this? Is there a way to force the texture to use my crappy resolution? Is the problem somewhere else (I thought it might be a device setting, but I can't see anything obvious). My function call currently looks like... LPDIRECT3DTEXTURE9 texture; D3DXIMAGE_INFO iInfo; HRESULT result = D3DXCreateTextureFromFileEx(d3ddev, file.c_str(), D3DX_DEFAULT, D3DX_DEFAULT, D3DX_DEFAULT, 0, D3DFMT_R3G3B2, D3DPOOL_DEFAULT, D3DX_DEFAULT, D3DX_DEFAULT, 0, &iInfo, NULL, &texture);
  12. Winegums

    Same Computer Multiplayer Game Suggestions

    Quite a few emulators will support USB joysticks. Maybe get an arcade machine emulator and get some old school multiplayer gaming on the go?
  13. Winegums

    Duct Tape Programmer

    I got linked this article at work, and didn't like it then either. It sounds like he's never had to work on a suitably large project, which I'm sure can't be the case. The whole article has an arrogant "old school programmer" air, as in "If we didn't need it in my day, we don't need it now". The people I see agreeing with this argument are the sorts who learnt programming in COBOL and C and either don't understand object-orientation, or are just too stubborn/"programmer arrogant" to see its usefulness. EDIT: Read it again...what a cock... Quote: You see, everybody else is too afraid of looking stupid because they just can’t keep enough facts in their head at once to make multiple inheritance, or templates, or COM, or multithreading, or any of that stuff work. So they sheepishly go along with whatever faddish programming craziness trollface.jpg I think there's a legitimate point buried in here about not using technologies for the sake of it, but it's buried under a lot of ego and pontificating about how silly these new age programmers are with their object-orientation and iPods and their data encapsulation and their multi-threaded applications and their hoola hoops.
  14. Winegums

    Epic Fails of Portfolio Submission

    Quote:Original post by Kaze But thats exactly my point, if you put any effort at all into your trade your skill will improve massively after dedicating a few years solely to improving it. Most people won't put their art from high school in because it will look like crap compared to their post secondary work. EDIT: So it doesn't make sense unless either: A: You want people to put art in their portfolio that's of far lower quality than what their currently capable of. B: You want to hire people with no motivation to improve their skills. I'm not too sure I understand what you're saying. Their latest work is generally going to be their greatest, so generally latest work = greatest work = work you put in portfolio. You might want to put in earlier work if you simply haven't had time to expand in that area (eg you haven't done any 2d sprite art since your second year, so you throw in your second year work), but putting in stuff from High School implies your skill in that area (whatever the High School stuff represents) hasn't grown at all. Alternatively, it could mean that you're terrible at any sort of self-assessment and auditing, which is still a black mark against you.
  15. Winegums

    Server Responsibilities?

    Quote:Original post by Aztral Cool thanks a lot. That really helps clarify things. That does seem like a lot of work for the server... but I guess that's why it's the server. Generally the more you trust the clients the more likely your game is to be hacked and abused. If the clients are essentially dumb rendering machines then you know the amount of cheating that can be done is minimal.
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