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  1. Kerkhoff

    Another Demo

    here is the last version... tell me what you thought...give me ideas... I'm a very bad layouter eauhuah this layout is very...very ugly I know...but Is the better(believe me) that I get.. Just copy and paste the font file to the c:\windows\fonts please ehehhe Thanx.... See ya
  2. Kerkhoff

    Link resolved....

    probably yes...but only after I release the first version =D until there..only demos.exe ehhehe thanx..
  3. Kerkhoff

    Fullscreen and glOrtho

    with pictures... right mode(windowed 800x600): wrong mode(fullScreen 800x600): and...glViewPort didn't has no effect =( Thanx
  4. Kerkhoff

    Fullscreen and glOrtho

    I want to mean that if I draw the objects without fullscreen...creating a windows with 800x600 and apply the SetWindowPos function... my objects are drawed very nice...if I did not apply SetWindowPos, the window is created larger than 800x600 size = ( but...when I set the fullscreen mode, my objects are drawed out of my settings.... like the origin is another...or the size isn't right = ((( please...I need to resolve this.. thanx [Edited by - Kerkhoff on February 3, 2006 11:42:40 AM]
  5. the last link of the game was broked.. okay =D byeee
  6. Hi my friends... here is the new version of Predator Engine with some basic controls... download this file: Thanx... =D Next controls will be the check box, the check button, radio buttons, numeric updown, another panels... give me ideas..give me =D byeee
  7. Kerkhoff

    Fullscreen and glOrtho

    no no no...ehehe the gluOrtho2D is the equivalent of the glOrtho with the parameter (-1 and 1 in Z axys) that I have passed... and...the way that you call gluOrtho2D, has the same effect (upside down) of the Nairb suggestion eheh What can I do???? thanx
  8. Kerkhoff

    Fullscreen and glOrtho

    hehehe this really isn't work =P but I did like the effect =D Anyone have more suggestions? thanx...
  9. Hi... I'm having problems with glOrtho in fullscreen mode... here is my create window function void PDevice::BuildWindow(const LPCTSTR AWindowName, SRect* ADimension, PWindow* ANewWindow, bool AFullScreen) { DWORD WStyle; DWORD WExStyle; RECT ClientSize = {ADimension->Left(), ADimension->Top(), ADimension->Width() + ADimension->Left(), ADimension->Height() + ADimension->Top()}; int RealWidth = ClientSize.right - ClientSize.left; int RealHeight = ClientSize.bottom -; int WindowLeft = (GetSystemMetrics(SM_CXSCREEN) - RealWidth) / 2; int WindowTop = (GetSystemMetrics(SM_CYSCREEN) - RealHeight) / 2; if (AFullScreen) { WExStyle = WS_EX_APPWINDOW; WStyle = WS_POPUP; ANewWindow->SetFullScreen(true); ANewWindow->SwitchToFullScreen(RealWidth, RealHeight); } else { WExStyle = WS_EX_APPWINDOW | WS_EX_WINDOWEDGE; WStyle = WS_OVERLAPPEDWINDOW; } AdjustWindowRectEx(&ClientSize, WStyle, false, WExStyle); SRect* NewBounds = new SRect(ADimension->Left(), ADimension->Top(), RealWidth, RealHeight); ANewWindow->SetBounds(NewBounds); try { ANewWindow->SetBorderWidth(ClientSize.left,; ANewWindow->SetHandle(CreateWindowEx(WExStyle, AWindowName, AWindowName, WStyle, ADimension->Left(), ADimension->Top(), RealWidth + WindowLeft, RealHeight + WindowTop, NULL, NULL, GetModuleHandle(0), (void*)this)); PrepareWindowToDraw(ANewWindow); delete NewBounds; } catch(exception e) { delete NewBounds; throw e; } } my window show in fullscreen correctly...the mouse position in the right bottom of screen is 799, 599 (my windows setting is 1280x1024 and my app is running in 800x600) but the components on the screen gets crazy = (( here is my glResize function: void POpenGLDriver::ResizeDriver(SRect* ADimension) { glMatrixMode(GL_PROJECTION); glLoadIdentity(); glOrtho(0, ADimension->Width(), ADimension->Height(), 0, 1, -1); glMatrixMode(GL_MODELVIEW); glLoadIdentity(); } me!!!! thanx
  10. Kerkhoff


    Just to keep you informed... I'm rewriting all the Predator Engine... =D There was very bugs and the code organization was going to the hell.. I'm writing carefully all components and after the primary controls be ready...I'll post the demo here... Firstly I would like to left done: PPanel, PButton (done) PLabel (done) PTextBox, PProgressBar with good features to have few work in get amazing effects... thanx...byeee
  11. Somebody has a good drawing technique? I run my program that is redraw everytime and my mem usage explode = ( if I draw the object only when it receives event...the mem usage increase with the amount of events that I fired. = ( like...each draw...1mb of memory = ( thanx
  12. Kerkhoff

    Function pointer problem...

    forgive me please... I found my mistake... the ASender argument is the PButton and don't the PNumericUpDown = ( now..I'll see how can I workaround this problem... thanx <=)
  13. Kerkhoff

    Function pointer problem...

    Ok...thank god my events has the basic Sender argument.. but...I'm with another problem, when I cast my Sender to some object, I lost some data from the object.. like this.. void ButtonIncreaseMouseClick(PInputEventReceiver* ASender) { PNumericUpDown* MySelf = ((PNumericUpDown*)ASender); if (MySelf->GetValue() < MySelf->GetMaxValue()) MySelf->SetValue(MySelf->GetValue() + 1); } the MySelf->GetValue() returns a crazy number...but..the caption of buttons is right = ( what is happening? this is my constructor: PNumericUpDown::PNumericUpDown(SRect* ABounds, PGraphicObject* AParent, IVideoDriver* AVideoDriver):PInputEventReceiver(ABounds, AParent, AVideoDriver) { FEdit = new PTextBox(new SRect(ABounds->Left(), ABounds->Top(), (ABounds->Width() * 0.9), ABounds->Height()), ET_NUMERIC, AParent, AVideoDriver); FButtonIncrease = new PButton("+", new SRect(FEdit->GetBounds()->Width() + FEdit->GetBounds()->Left() + (ABounds->Width() * 0.025), ABounds->Top(), (ABounds->Width() * 0.075), (ABounds->Height() * 0.5)), RT_NORMAL, AParent, AVideoDriver); FButtonDecrease = new PButton("-", new SRect(FButtonIncrease->GetBounds()->Left(), FButtonIncrease->GetBounds()->Height() + FButtonIncrease->GetBounds()->Top(), FButtonIncrease->GetBounds()->Width(), (ABounds->Height() * 0.5)), RT_NORMAL, AParent, AVideoDriver); FEdit->SetReadOnly(true); GetChildReceivers()->Insert(FButtonIncrease); GetChildReceivers()->Insert(FButtonDecrease); GetChildReceivers()->Insert(FEdit); FValue = 0; FMinValue = 0; FMaxValue = 100; FButtonIncrease->OnMouseClick(ButtonIncreaseMouseClick); FButtonDecrease->OnMouseClick(ButtonDecreaseMouseClick); } thanx
  14. Kerkhoff

    Function pointer problem...

    Hi... firstly..thanx for the reply... after read the articles and some others... I conclude that C++ is very poor 'needy' in this way...the only workaround more elegant for my problem is this static void IncreaseButtonMouseClick(PInputEventReceiver* AObject, PInputEventReceiver* ASender); but, I CAN'T pass this function to my: void OnMouseClick(void (*AOnMouseClick)(PInputEventReceiver* ASender)); I'll not put the SomeClass pointer in my functions just to resolve this problem... how can I head off the 'this' parameter...obscure in the member functions? I have not found any good and elegant way... Thanx
  15. Hi...check out my problem.. I have a X class that have this attribute: void (*FOnMouseClick)(PInputEventReceiver* ASender); and this method to set this attribute: void OnMouseClick(void (*AOnMouseClick)(PInputEventReceiver* ASender)); now...I have a Y class that have an object of type X and I need to set the I declare private: void IncreaseButtonMouseClick(PInputEventReceiver* ASender); and in the constructor: FIncreaseButton->OnMouseClick(IncreaseButtonMouseClick); but I get this error: error C2664: 'Predator::Drawing::PInputEventReceiver::OnMouseClick' : cannot convert parameter 1 from 'void (Predator::Drawing::PInputEventReceiver *)' to 'void (__cdecl *)(Predator::Drawing::PInputEventReceiver *)' None of the functions with this name in scope match the target type if I write the function out of my class and set to the object of type X it works = ( what I have to do????? any suggestions?? thanx
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