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  1. fmatak

    How to solve this trig function?

    Ahh I see now. Thank you for pointing it out. I am glad it worked out for you
  2. fmatak

    How to solve this trig function?

    Well, let me try: sin(a*t) * d = sin(a*(1-t)) * e d/e = sin(at) / sin(a-at) expand sin(a-at) to sin(a) * cos(at) - cos(a) * sin(at) e/d = ( sin(a) * cos(at) - cos(a) * sin(at) ) / sin(at) simplify: e/d = sin(a)* tan(at) - cos(a) we know a,d and e so sin/cos of them are also constant. we need to put everything on one side except t. ( e/d + cos(a) ) / sin(a) = tan(at) use atan to get rid of tan and move a to the other side. t = 1/a * ( atan( ( e/d + cos(a) ) / sin(a) ) ) if we expand inside of atan, we get t = 1/a * (atan( ( e + cos(a) * d ) / ( e * sin( a ) ) ) ) I hope this is same as what I wrote earlier only thing that worries me is, the units in trig functions. Radians etc. you may need to multiply/divide with PI or something...
  3. fmatak

    How to solve this trig function?

    Sorry, I copied from the napkin and forgot to add correct braces. Here you go: t = ( 1 / a ) * ( atan( ( d + e * cos(a) ) / ( e * sin(a) ) ) ) ) ) The problem was with the last sin, it should be in the braces as well..
  4. fmatak

    How to solve this trig function?

    I did some napkin calculations, and found below result. Not 100% sure, so verify before using: t = 1/a.( atan( ( d + e.cos(a) ) / e.sin(a) ) ) ) Assuming you know a, d and e and can calculate arc tan relatively easily.
  5. fmatak

    BGP DevLog #177 (Sculpting a World)

    I saw your official blog yesterday and read 10s of entries since the beginning of your journey. Your persistence is amazing. I saw many many similar blogs, beginning with full enthusiasm, but slowing down in a couple months then stops completely. I hope you see this to the end. I liked your art style, it is cool. But there is a small suggestion. You may want to work on UI a bit. I don't know what is the missing part, but it gives me a not-polished feeling. I hope you do well in future!
  6. fmatak

    First boss fight test

    Looks awesome! Only thing I noticed was sometimes the boss is attacking at random directions rather than the player. At one point it attacked to the walls (around 2:40). Keep up the good work!
  7. fmatak

    Open-World Game Idea: CONVOY (Very Long Post)

    This is a nice writing. I feel like I understand your vision once I read it. And I will not talk about the feasibility parts, as others have already talked about that. But there is one thing I found not really possible: Ages.. Father is 76, Mother is 72, youngest children are 19. So, when they born, father was 57, mother was 53. Which is really not much possible, given the woman cannot have babies after a certain age. Maybe you can subtract a decade from their ages Other than this, did you think about procedural content creation? Or rather, procedural story generation. I mean, if you could do that, a procedural system which can automatically respond to important events, like killing a key NPC, then you would not have the exponential problem. If the NPC is really very important, maybe his right hand man will replace him in a couple days or something like that could happen. Or someone dear to him (NPC) begins a revenge mission etc. Not sure how to handle every single thing this way, but if it could be done, it would increase the replay value incredibly.
  8. fmatak

    Not motivated at all

    biggest motivation kill for me is not knowing what to do next. so i do the same thing: compile same code 100th time, check same results again, see it is still not quite right, browse internet..  and my solution is to make a to do list. which itself is a task that takes a lot of time. if i have a to do list with concrete items in it, which could be completed in preferably 1 coding session, then I feel great and I do great... Otherwise, it is just more internet browsing, checking other peoples games' screen shots and pity myself :)
  9. fmatak

    I should show my progress

    just tried and loved it. very nice.
  10. It is good to see I am not the only one who follows that path. I could not finish mine, yet, but I hope you can finish your project.
  11. fmatak

    Slow down...

    I did it and it seems to be working great. Thanks for your help.
  12. fmatak

    Slow down...

    @ Drigovas Actually I thought the double queue thing before, but then I thought it would be slow to copy everything each time. But what you say makes sense. It could actually be waiting until the text is rendered. I will try this and see what happens. Thanks for the clue.
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