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  1. Hello, I will be transferring to a school for a degree in 3D modeling and animation in a few weeks and to go there it is a requirement to have your own laptop. Before I went out and bought one I wanted to find out what an industry standard laptop would be for a career and 3D modeling and animation in the gaming industry. If anyone has any suggestions that would be very helpful. Thanks! Alex
  2. tonightsmusic

    Getting a job as a QA Tester

    Thanks for all the info. It appears to me that it really depends upon who your employer is for whether or not QA Testing will get you anywhere. I've heard good stories and I've heard horrible stories. If my main goal is to be a game designer would I be better off creating a full design document and submitting that to companies rather than QA Testing. I just don't get the feeling that many companies are that interested in receiving design docs from random people that have little game development experience. Thanks again Alex
  3. tonightsmusic

    Getting a job as a QA Tester

    I'm actually not interested in becoming a programmer in the industry as I have tried it and it's not something I'm interested in. I am more looking for the game design positions and that's actually where I heard the suggestion of trying to get a QA Tester position. I'm not expecting it to be a guarentee of getting a position I'd want but at least working for a game company will get me infinitely closer to where I want to be than from working somewhere else. Also, I am a couple months away from my associates degree if it matters.
  4. tonightsmusic

    Getting a job as a QA Tester

    Hello, I have been researching on how to get a career in the game industry and one of the main suggestions I've gotten is to start at the bottom as a QA Tester and work your way up. What I was wondering is how would one go about getting a position as a QA Tester? Do game development companies regularly hire QA Testers and what do they look for when hiring? I have no experience in the game industry which is why I'm looking for a job like this so I can begin to get some. Thank you, Alex alex@farfromwords.com
  5. tonightsmusic

    Getting into the Gaming Industry

    I have been interested in trying to be a QA actually but I've never completely understood what they do. What is it exactly that I would be doing and is there any knowledge I would really need to obtain before applying for the job other than a basic knowledge of video game design and the ability to tell when a game is on the right track and when a game has something wrong with it? Thanks for the info on the Neverwinter Nights engine that was one I had heard a lot about but I wanted to hear about others opinions. I'll probably go pick that up soon. Thanks Alex
  6. tonightsmusic

    Getting into the Gaming Industry

    I am interested in working on my game ideas by using MOD's but I don't know which MOD engine would work best for me. The games that I am working on are much more in the adventure/rpg genre and I would want a MOD engine where I could create a lot of NPC's and items that the player could interact with. Do you have any suggestions for what I should check into using? I'd prefer something that is something that isn't too complex, I've used the level editor in 3D GameStudio a while back and was pretty good with it but I was poor at the programming side and I wouldn't be able to get my ideas across with it too well. Thanks for the help! Alex
  7. Hello all, I am interested in getting into the games industry as a writer/designer but I have no idea where to start. I'm currently working on an associates degree and will be finished soon but I don't know where to go next. As a writer/designer how should I submit my work to videogame companies? I've seen some places that accept MOD's of their work but I am not too talented at computer art and I've tried programming but it is definitely not for me. I am much more interested in getting the idea and story of the game across and working on how the settings and gameplay go together. Mainly what I'm asking is what do I do next to get a career in the games industry? I've seen places that offer games degrees but I've never found any proof that they help in obtaining a job in the industry and I believe I could teach myself lots of the same things. If anyone has any help or suggestions thank you! Alex
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