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  1. I'm writing a web app that keeps track of item information for customers. Each customer has one or more online stores. Each store might have 5,000 or more items on their website which I then store in my database. Would it be less taxing on the system/mysql to have every company's items in one big table or would it be better to have each company's items in separate tables? I would be doing insert, select, and update queries on this data. At any given time I will also be deleting thousands of rows at a time and inserting new ones.
  2. cvg_james

    You must check out this website.

    http://webcomp.sourceforge.net/formforge/jameshoo/ I love this site, very very much.
  3. cvg_james

    Ok Microsoft whatever you say

    This very same back-and-forth arguing occured when XP was coming out. "I'd rather switch to Linux than upgrade to XP" and "I'll just stay on 98, thank you." The truth is that there is a slim chance that Vista will suck.
  4. cvg_james

    Critique my VS8 style

    Everytime I see dark background/light text it reminds me of TurboC++ from way back in the day, and then I start to think of DOS, then I start to get all depressed.
  5. cvg_james

    Bush speech edited to be funnay

    I really don't know if that has or hasn't been posted here before, but I found it to be very funny and I wanted to share it. clicky
  6. cvg_james

    Where to go next...

    I'd start with a blank world space, then add the character. Make the character move around. Then add surroundings. Then flesh out the basic gameplay more and more until you've got something playable. After that it's just dialing it in.
  7. cvg_james

    Conversation with a Prophet!

    Quote:Original post by Endar Quote:Original post by Frank Henry Though this brings up an interresting point. We might laugh at this guy but what if he had such a following that he would get elected or otherwise come to power. Can you imagine what he'd do? Hopefully be promptly impeached. Oh, we don't do that here.
  8. If you use the GPL code then yes you will have to open the source. So use the GPL code to build the game with and if you're ready to release it (and it's not just a free game) then buy a programmer seat for the library.
  9. You got the url right. As for some info on TNL: Quote:Near the end of 1997, a team of developers at Dynamix were hard at work on a new, network only game that would push the requirements of internet gaming technology to a new level. Starsiege: TRIBES allowed up to 32 players to compete in seamless indoor and outdoor areas with futuristic weapons, jet packs and vehicles. Unlike other games at the time that were limited to tight indoor environments, the TRIBES environment posed a more difficult set of networking problems. Because of their open nature, clients in the game could often see most of the other players, along with a large number of projecticles and simulated vehicles, turrets and other objects. Also, given the state of most internet connections at the time, it was decided that TRIBES must run well even over a 28.8 kbps modem, imposing a meager 2 Kbytes per second of bandwidth limitation on each client. With these requirements in mind, Mark Frohnmayer, Rick Overman and Tim Gift designed a network architecture that would maximize the information value of every bit transmitted over the network, and created a new "Notify" protocol that harnessed the unreliable nature of the network transport medium to eliminate unnecessary retransmission of information. The Tribes Network Architecture was further refined during the development of Tribes 2 to server more players (up to 100 in a single gaming area served by a 1GHz Pentium III) and save even more packet data space, introducing the concept of a network string table and only periodic control object state updating during client-side prediction. When the Tribes 2 engine became GarageGames' Torque Game Engine, additional iterative improvements were made, including checksums on client state data and a new network interface class to encapsulate the connection startup and prevent connection depletion Denial-of-Service attacks. The final step in the history of the Torque Network Library was to refactor its constituent parts into a standalone network technology that didn't require any other components from the Torque Game Engine. As a part of this process, significant library structural improvements were made; every class and class member were documented, and strong encryption support was added. Other new features include a simple and powerful Remote Procedure Call (RPC) mechanism, client puzzles for protecting servers from server CPU depletion Denial-of-Service attacks, and 3rd-party negotiated direct connections to connect clients behind firewalls and NAT (Network Address Translation) routers, making TNL a robust, full-featured, secure networking solution for a wide variety of applications.
  10. If you're working on a game with multiplayer gameplay, I suggest the Torque Network Library (TNL).
  11. cvg_james

    Ever made a program to do the job instead of yourself?

    Oh gosh... countless. Laziness is the mother of innovation.
  12. cvg_james

    The face on the Pacific Ocean floor

    Quote:Original post by phantom omg! its a duck head bending over an egg! It looks like a dick to me.
  13. My partner and I use Wiki to collaborate on our ideas and to build upon our design document. We started humouring the idea of making the Wiki public and allowing people on GDNet the opportunity to post ideas for the game, and even ways around some of the technical hurdles involved. Let me know what you guys think, bad idea or good idea? Thanks
  14. cvg_james

    Skill tree in MMOFPS

    Thank you hplus0603, you've always been a big help! Here this whole time I've been thinking that my biggest competition for the genre had a circumnavigable planet. With that in mind that is what I've been shooting for. My partner and I have been toiling over ways to accomplish this for weeks. We had some crazy methods thought up that probably wouldn't have worked out. We have (for now) settled on a paged grid method that sort of just repeats the grids from the start once you get to the "end." hplus0603, I know that you shipped a game that allows for circumnavigation on a planet of Earth's size. Any hints regarding the direction I should be going? :)
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