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  1. tyler_the_tyler

    MP3 Encoder for Cubase SE3

    Hi, I am using Cubase SE3 and im in need of a mp3 encoder. ive searched the steinburg site and have found nothing. im looking for one thats cheap or free.. hopefully free. any help would be greatly appreciated. thankyou Tyler
  2. tyler_the_tyler

    What do YOU use?

    I use: Steinberg's Cubase SE3 It works excellent for what i need it for.
  3. tyler_the_tyler

    16th note sound problems

    I tried the different velosity but it still did it. and i dont think i have another sample.. but after listening to it a few times the cutting out could fit into the music so i think that im goin to leave it like that. thanks for the help!
  4. tyler_the_tyler

    16th note sound problems

    Ive just made constant 16th notes with a vst instrument(Hi-Hat) on Cubase SE3. when i play it back it cuts out about every third beat. would this be a problem with my sound card(which is kinda outdated) or is it something that i can fix by pushing a few buttons? much thanks. -Tyler
  5. tyler_the_tyler


    Thanks everyone. i got it to work and im very happy with it. I love this forum.. so many helpfull ppl.. ttyl
  6. tyler_the_tyler


    Hey thanks for the VST site! it looks very promising for me.. but im not sure how to use it in Cubase SE3. does anyone know how i can open it.
  7. tyler_the_tyler


    Quote:Original post by nsmadsen "I was wondering if there was an easier way, than buying all that other stuff, to get and use VST instruments" This statement confuses me a bit. What it is that you're asking? Are you wondering if you could re-program the VST synth to sound like another instrument? Perhaps, depends on how closely related original VST sound is to the new one you're wanting to capture. What library are you using? What i meant by that was how i could get a fair sounding library of the sounds for free.. or for cheap. But im goin to look around a bit on the internet for some. ill get back to this thread after ive looked.. thanks everyone.
  8. tyler_the_tyler


    Hi, I want to add VST instruments into a song im doing. (ex: voilin,etc..) but i dont have an MIDI keyboard, or the right VST sounds. i was wondering if there was an easyier way, than buying all that other stuff, to get and use VST instruments. thanks in advance. TYler
  9. tyler_the_tyler

    Program choice?

    k, Thanks for everything. im not to sure what i should get yet but it sure helps me for an easier decision. Much thanks, TYler
  10. tyler_the_tyler

    Program choice?

    Reason looks like a very nice program. but i think its too much money. Is there any other suggestions? Thanks PPA TYler
  11. tyler_the_tyler

    Program choice?

    Hello, Ive been doing all of my music stuff on a free program, kristal audio engine, and have been wanting to get a new one. Ive kinda decided on a Cubase product but im not sure which one i should get. I dont have a bunch of money to spend on it. $200 is the most i would be willing to pay. And i was wondering if i should get Cubase SE3 or is there a better one for the same price or for less. The kind of things i would be doing are Music Creating, editing, and a bunch of other stuff. Right now me and my friends make rap beats so they can make there own songs. I was told that getting a program thats not too good and then upgrading later is a bad choice because of the learning curve. So should i try to get the best i can right away? Thanks for any and all help. .:TYler:.
  12. tyler_the_tyler

    Drum machine...

    Hey, i got the D-Lusion DrumStation and is there a tutorial that anyone knows of that could help me.
  13. tyler_the_tyler


    It was giving me a problem when i was recording. It was so statiky (spelling) that i couldnt tell what the sound was. and it was with both speakers and headphones. It did that a couple times bc i recorded it over and over again and it kept doin it. but when i listened to something else it was fine. I think its time i change my soundcard bc my computer is getting old. i beleive its 5yrs old. ill check out that audiophile though.. thanks. TYler
  14. tyler_the_tyler


    for recording and mixing and all that.
  15. tyler_the_tyler


    Hello everyone, My sound card is starting to make a distorted sound so i was thinking of getting a new one.. my budget would only be at most $100. is there any good ones that i could get? thx in advance, TYler
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