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  1. Many thanks too you all, I know that "best rated" books are ones i could/should get but; the newest ones in terms of books published within a few months month, and the current year, are ones that i think would be best. This is my reasoning because, usually—more often then not—the samples are of a current SDK release. The book i have, which is mentioned above, has many DirectX errors. Alot of errors i can fix — with luck, — but there are ones that i cannot fix becuase i dont have the knowledge.What i am preferring to in this aspect is, for example, the Font example/code in the book. Since 2004's DX9 release(did DX9 come in 2004?, cant remember,might need to recheck.) the code to create a font has changed. Luckily i found an example on a site; which i never did bookmark, apparently. But i fixed that. Which i just did a few days ago. My main goal is too find books, and resources that are at least close enough up to date, to the current release of the DirectX9 SDK. I looked at some of the samples in the SDK, Not a good place for beginners.Neither is MSDN.With there wacky style of not explaining ANYTHING to the point of understanding.But thats just my opinion. Also to the question: Quote:... first by reading some tutorials to see if C++ is something you want to learn long term with DirectX. ... I've thought about that for some time, since i wanted to learn. I chose C++.
  2. I've been wanting to get into game programming for a while now, and i was just wondering what books i should get. That would teach me not only C++, but DirectX. I have one book, Programming Role Playing Games with DirectX 2nd Ed. Its good and all, but i just dont have the knowledge needed to fix the errors its got, since its done in DX9, sometime back in 2004. I'm just wondering if anyone has any recommendations. Think of me as a complete beginner. Be really apperciative.
  3. PlaGuED

    Good (C++) Direct X Tutorials?

    well... like a few i've found. They give you the tutorial. but when there explaining it .. they leave out... things like make a new file and call it "this" or "that"... they make it seem like its in ONE file. then you dl the source.. and its in all these files. I've known about AndyPike DrunkenHyena for a while... Even
  4. PlaGuED

    Good (C++) Direct X Tutorials?

    3) the DX SDK documentation also contain some basic C++ tutorials: how to create a DX window, how to display a triangle, and so on. 5) Drunken Hyena is your friend (again) Drunken Hyena i know about taht place... but again.. its very vague. And the SDK Documentation... Well... it may tell you how to create a window within the tutorial.. but it leaves out alot of information which is vital to the learning process. It dont even tell you what to include. I'll look around the DX forum. it always looked to me like c-unit was a C# site... hmmmm.
  5. Where Can i find really good and basic Tutorials for Learning DirectX with UNMANAGED* C++. I'll be looking thru the forums to see if i can find something. I can buy a book.Just not right now. What im looking for is... tutorials on creating a Dx enables window(Can do already.) Also loading bmp's or w/e type of img file for a background. Pretty much the basics. I can learn quicker this way. People say google is your friend. Well i think google hates me. And it's friends hate me too. Help is much apperciated.
  6. hmm... i have checked that site out... but its always got an sql error.
  7. Looking for GOOD tuturial/example on loading bitmaps into DirextX with Direct3D. i havent been able to find any good tutorial places that give an example on loading 2d bitmaps with Direct3D. If anyone can help me find a place. I would be apperciated. And if anyone has a tutorial or a book that they can refer to me that will be really helpful. Im all ears.
  8. I knew i seen your name before. On a book in my local bookstore. "Graphics Programming Methods" Kewl. No questions ATM.
  9. PlaGuED

    Header Help

    Quote:Original post by SiCrane Did you install the Platform SDK? Did you follow all the instuctions, including adding the directories to the include path? And where were these instructions when i needed them and spent 3 days just to find out i needed to dl a platform sdk.. HUH.. HUH I WANT JUSTICE... Or the last 3 days that i wasted back.I'll even take money.hehe
  10. PlaGuED

    i know nothing want to learn is a programmers best friend. can suck my nutz. Books may not be cheap but they at least have some "sence" to them.
  11. PlaGuED

    i know nothing want to learn

    I undurstood im purfuctlee. hehe
  12. PlaGuED

    New to Programming-Direct X Help

    Well. I got it to work... had the wrong folder inputted. Now i'll be able to use my creative mind. For once.
  13. PlaGuED

    New to Programming-Direct X Help

    is there a guide to setting up Direct X?
  14. PlaGuED

    New to Programming-Direct X Help

    okay may i ask which files that i "LINK" to. Sorry if im asking alot of questions... but i really really wana get this to work. [Edited by - PlaGuED on January 2, 2006 9:12:29 PM]
  15. PlaGuED

    New to Programming-Direct X Help

    I know im prolly forgetting sumtin...
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