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  1. I have been working on and off on Etherea for a few years now, always using only my spare time. A few years ago it was already in a playable state, with players walking and fighting inside space stations, taking off to open space and visiting planets within a galaxy. Then I froze the project to work on something entirely different on an ambitious job.Here is a short video that shows some features of the old game:As said, although not fully complete, it had multiplayer and was playable already. It required a dedicated server though, so I only kept it online for a short time.Now, I'm back to this project again, and it has a few important improvements. Not only hardware is now more powerful, but I am also a better and more experienced programmer, so I'm in the process of reimplementing everything and it's now called Etherea². This version is compatible with both Oculus Rift on desktops, and GearVR/Cardboard on mobiles. It has many other improvements as well, and I strongly believe on its potential.Initially, I wrote an entire 3D engine from scratch using WebGL. Then I decided to switch to Unity because it really cuts development time with its many ready features. Here is a mixed video showing part done on Unity, and part done in my own WebGL engine:I really like the game-design I wrote, and I believe this game can find many people who will like to play it.At this time, I would like to be able to work on it full time, though, as working only at nights and weekends, when I'm tired already, makes it a painful development. I am looking for someone who is willing to invest on this project and become a partner with me.If you are this serious partner who wants to bet with me, please contact me at "imerso" ..at.. "imersiva.com".Thanks.Vander
  2. Some youtube videos and screenshots at http://www.etereo.com.br I wish to sell the domain etereo.com.br with the full Etherea1 C++ source-code. I prefer a single, one time selling. I am hearing any proposal, if you have some please don't hesitate to contact me, it may be very well what I'm expecting (hint: I'm not expecting to become rich with it). =) Looking for a job as well, will take tools, engine and/or gameplay programming. Will have a very special value if a buying proposal comes with a job proposal. =) Thanks.
  3. Really hope Gamedev restore all the previous IOTD's...
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