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  1. UncleRemus

    SDL2 + Multiple Windows and focus

    Yes, it's possible to have multiple windows. They can even be on different displays.   Pieter
  2. UncleRemus

    Got Soundcloud?

    I'm at https://soundcloud.com/pserruys
  3. UncleRemus

    Help with programming...

    Did I forget to also mention I'm excluding ANY and ALL programming languages that start with the third letter in the English alphabet? Thank you... Post again. [/quote] Damn, you just ruled out COBOL.
  4. UncleRemus


    Westvleteren 12
  5. UncleRemus

    GLM library problem

    glVertex3fv(&modello->vertices[3 * triangle->vindices[j]]); Why is the index multiplied by 3 ? Uncle
  6. UncleRemus

    (C++) Weird Crash

    void Geometry::AddChild(Geometry *g) I think you have to pass g as a pointer or as reference since you're changing it in the AddChild method. Now you change the local copy of g. Uncle
  7. UncleRemus

    OpenGL is dying? No! Windows is dying!!

    And Windows NT is gaining market share ;-)
  8. Hello, I think you're making it too complicated. Why don't you use a simple array with size scrX*scrY*3 ? unsigned char * rbuf = (unsigned char *)malloc(scrX*scrY*3*sizeof(unsigned char)); or use C++ std::vector<unsigned char> rbuf; Uncle
  9. Can't you catch the exception to see what's going on ? According to the documentation you can get the DB error via the exception.
  10. Are the username and password filled ? Otherwise it could result in a bad query. SELECT * FROM login WHERE username = AND password =
  11. Quote:Original post by ortsa I thought that too but in the documentation it says quotes arent needed for strings without spaces But if someone enters an SQL statement in username, you could get in trouble. Uncle EDIT : but this is probably totally unrelated to the problem you have
  12. Hello, I'm not sure if it has anything to do with your error, but shouldn't there be quotes around username and password ? kind regards Uncle
  13. Hello, Can't you use Graphics.beginBitmapFill ? Uncle edit : linkified
  14. UncleRemus

    Hey, guys , help me .. simple code

    You also should be using glBegin(GL_LINES); insteed of glBegin(GL_LINE); Uncle
  15. UncleRemus

    C++ SDL_Rect vector

    First of all, it's not really necessary to store pointers to SDL_Rect, as I don't think you will ever subclass SDL_Rect, so you could define your vector as : vector<SDL_Rect> Coord; (You also don't have to bother with cleaning up afterwards) then you can just use the iterator as you use a pointer to an SDL_Rect if(mX >= it->x ... If you choose to store pointers in the vector, you first have to dereference the iterator, so you have something like this : if(mX >= (*it)->x ... kind regards Uncle EDIT : But as always, ToohrVyk's solution is much cleaner ;-)
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