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  1. Will people ever stop using pre-made generic crap forum script solutions? :/
  2. KimmoA

    Wanting Community Support?

    It's like you WANT to be misunderstood...
  3. Quote:Original post by Skynt Your a looser I find this ironic.
  4. KimmoA

    School Work - Source release

    I thought it was a screenshot at first, until I started randomly clicking and dragging around the cursor (as I always do)...
  5. KimmoA

    49-6-dev: My first games <-- Me like the dildo-carrying flies!
  6. KimmoA


    You people just love generic crap, don't you?
  7. Quote:Original post by Iftah Is my guess wrong? does the word Shmup mean anything? Iftah.
  8. KimmoA

    49-6-dev: My first games

    See the large key with an arrow pointing to the left on it? Use it more often. ;)
  9. KimmoA

    Stunt Playground v2.0

    You should consider posting a link so that people can grab it.
  10. KimmoA

    Plaza Studios - A Upcoming Community

    Looks great... hmm... Oh! Sorry! Nothing to show yet!
  11. KimmoA

    Dude... all you've got is a free Web BBS software set up. Anyone can do it in an hour. Please make your own stuff.
  12. KimmoA

    "It works for me"...
  13. KimmoA

    <sarcasm>Yes. Everything is about making money. Nevermind standards and doing things right.</sarcasm>
  14. KimmoA

    Quote:Original post by oscinis KimmoA, go make something of your own instead of harassing others' hard work. 1) What makes you think I don't do anything myself? 2) It's not hard work when he has that many errors. More like throwing up random noise via FTP.
  15. KimmoA

    You know... if your Web site were a program, it wouldn't compile.
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