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    Generic Installer - Cross Platform

    Have you tried the Qt Installer Framework?  I'm not sure if it's what you're looking for but I noticed you didn't list it as one which did not appeal to you.  It's pretty customisable, though for some things (such as adding environment variables) you will need to invest some time in learning the scripting language to work around its limitations.
  2. teh_programerer

    You Aren

  3. teh_programerer

    Why I'm making a game for the SEGA Saturn

    I'd appreciate the links, Eck.  Thank you for the help and support.
  4. I have been working on creating an SDK for the SEGA Saturn on and off for the past year. I want to write something down about why I'm doing it and the game I'll be making. The SEGA Saturn holds a very special place in my mind. It's got this very unique architecture which is both ahead of its time and stuck in the generation before it. There are the two Hitachi SH-2 CPUs, a Motorola 68000 for audio, two video display processors, a custom sound processor, system management and peripheral control unit, and a system control unit for handling the A and B bus interface. Eight processors all accessible with relative ease. Making use of all of them efficiently is a challenge. Existing documentation on how to control and use all of this is from Japanese to English translation, with some errors and phrasing issues. I plan to make Saturn development much more readily accessible and have the information in a central location for developers. Eliminating the hurdle of learning the low-level inner-workings of the Saturn is a major goal of mine, while still providing the low-level information for the curious. I expect only a few tens of developers will ever want to do anything with the Saturn, even so I think that there's no point in making the entrance fee months of looking over documentation to discover how to change the colour used when blanking the display for those few tens of developers. As for the game; I'm planning on an action game set against a cyber punk backdrop. It's a very ambitious game, which is why I'm going to be creating a series of smaller games in the lead-up in order to familiarise myself with the Saturn and its limitations. Updates will be coming, albeit slowly as I negotiate the hardware.
  5. teh_programerer

    How can I use sfml with codeblocks in Ubuntu ?

    You will need to install the libraries which SFML is trying to reference.  I don't use Ubuntu, though it looks like you will need to use your package manager to get libxcb-image0-dev, libxcb-randr0-dev, and libudev-dev.
  6. teh_programerer

    How can I use sfml with codeblocks in Ubuntu ?

    Are you sure the SFML directory is under /usr/local/include?  You didn't copy the include directory to /usr/local/include, thus creating /usr/local/include/include/SFML accidentally?  The only thing I could think of other than that is /usr/local/include isn't in the list of directories to include for some reason.
  7. I'm curious; how come you don't want to work on the Dreamcast anymore?
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