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  1. Nyocia


    i got very much in school atm, so therefore a update is impossible at this time. be patient tho, it will be updated and i havent forgoten you :) cheers!
  2. Nyocia


    Hello, i have been on a vaccation and is still on it.. Therefore the bad update rate of this journal.
  3. Nyocia


    thanks :) actually its awsome !
  4. Nyocia


    Hello ! today i installed XNA and gamestudio. with c# visual express. lets see how it goes. over and out !
  5. Nyocia


    Thats sounds very interesting mate. You definitly got a point here. Keep going dude.
  6. Nyocia


    Soon there will be a update here with my 3d stuff as promised. i am currently working on multithreading a networksupported real time game (pong) so im rather busy trying to learn mutexes and such. thread one: c ya alter thread two: later dude
  7. Nyocia


    Well Stalker was a really nice game, thats all ,, nice and i felt comfortable looking at it.. but where is the gameplay ?
  8. Nyocia


    yes im creating my own mapformat, and i used directdraw actually to handle it. its really simple done actually i use a char matrix to store the map.
  9. Nyocia

    Bought - - -

    Recently bought S.T.A.L.K.E.R, lets see how it is, :) installing it now. . . i be back
  10. Nyocia

    Sudoku Solver

    Seems sweet man, good luck with your current project or something [wink]
  11. Nyocia

    almost there . . .

    Now you have seen my 2D games. I am moving on to the real stuff, 3D stuff . . . shaders and such sweetness. c ya soon guys
  12. Nyocia


    So a bigger project this time, this game is actually playable. it got main menu, editor, tile engine, simple AI, sound, animations, points, pause, pausmenu. and even fog of war [wink] ... ohh i almost forgot its a sidescroller AND a "from above" game, two gamestyles in one game implemented just for learning.
  13. Nyocia


    Quote:wth is on it? Horseradish sauce? Ranch dressing? It looks vaguely like a gyro with too much sauce and no pita... rofl, no is a nice smooth special sauce , smells awsome ! its i dont know the word but the vampires are afraid of it [wink] some kinda union sauce [smile]
  14. Nyocia

    Tile engine

    Next step was to build a 2D game. I spent my time during this course building a tile engine that we later use in our Zelda clone project. I did a Super Mario Bros 3 clone (first level only) Unfortually i used palette colors, witch makes it hard to take a screenshot, it gets most black [SAD] Well screens is coming on the next project witch is.. ZELDA :) enjoy
  15. Nyocia


    its fillet of beef and french fries. very good in my opinion !! jammyy :)
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