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  1. cebugdev

    float object up and down

    how to do floating physics, what is the calculation per frame, by floating i do not mean water floating but hover/air floating where the object is bouncing up and down like say a floating/flying island. Whats the per frame computation of it? thank you in advance
  2. Hi, for context, i have been working 17 years professionally as software engineer, hobbyist and/or freelance game developer and ive been using C++ (along with other languages) since. BUT i have been using the old school C++98 standard mostly out of practicality and also stuborness, i have used boost 10 years ago back then when most of its modules are not yet integrated to standard C++. now, I want to try and get my hands with the latest one particularly C++17, Is there a definitive guide on what are the difference between 98 and the latest one and how an old school guy like me can adopt easily to the new one? Cant get the correct keywords for google search aswel, Thank you in advance!
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