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  1. http://www.bradygames.com/content/downloads/connected/megaman/Undernet1.jpg How would i make a map like that using boundries. I know its Isometric but can someone give me a little bit more insight on how to do so. Thanks.
  2. LongQuest

    Which server-side scripting language?

    PHP is quite easy if u've got good knowledge of HTML.
  3. LongQuest

    C++ STL Sequences, removal of elements

    are u using arrays? I think when using arrays that the elements dunt shift down. But I can't be sure.
  4. LongQuest

    Map Editor

    Anyone know a good map editor for working with 2D sprites? I can post specifics if nessecary.
  5. LongQuest

    Tanks, Turrets & Barrels...

    woah woah woah dude. Slow down. You'll get faster replies if u just ask one or two questions at a time.
  6. LongQuest

    Simple Question

    alright thanks all. If I have anymore questions on the topic of bars and timing and freezing, I'll ask them in this topic.
  7. LongQuest

    Simple Question

    we're using it to represent time passing. Is there any way to do that?
  8. LongQuest

    Simple Question

    ok, assuming we go with steeg's idea, we want to combine it with this animation, which is a sprite animation by the way, so that when the game says the bar is full, the bar is actually full with the sprite animation(made up of sprites)
  9. LongQuest

    Simple Question

    We're using an animation for it so how would that factor in? Do we just time the bar with the animation so that when it is full it switches to the full bar animation or what?
  10. LongQuest

    Simple Question

    how to detect then freeze.
  11. LongQuest

    Simple Question

    I want it to be something like this: http://images.p-nintendo.com/jeux/nds/megamandoubleteam/images/02.jpg when the bar on the top gets full a menu appears and everything freezes. Can someone please point me out of how to do that please thanks. Also i'm using Michael Morrison's Game Engine if thats helps Thanks.
  12. LongQuest

    Character Files And PHP

    solved. Chat was much quicker.
  13. LongQuest

    Character Files And PHP

    We just sort of finished the Character Files using files. But we just found that we might be able to use PHP and do it faster. So two questions. 1) Can we combine PHP, HTML, and C++? 2) How do we use them now using a variable called playerid? Like, let's say player1 logs on. He gets playerid 1. Now, a second player logs on, and he get's playerid 2. Is there a way to keep these seperate while still using them all at the same time?
  14. LongQuest

    SQL and C++

    The character files are important. If we don't do them, noone can play the game but a single player as the designed character for the game. We don't want that.
  15. LongQuest

    SQL and C++

    Alright. Using the program that M2tM stated, we're trying to build the database. But I have no idea how to use it. I have looked through the folders and such, but can't figure it out. The SQL code is no problem. Can anyon help me figure out how to use this program?
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