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  1. advice on pc build.

    Pretty sure my current machine has a 32gb SSD (they were more expensive a while back) and I've never had any problems. But it only has windows + visual studio + dev stuff, everything else goes on the spinning disk....
  2.   A 3-byte file only has enough entropy to encode 2553 different combinations. Even if we assume that every one of those combinations decompresses to a 100MB file, those three bytes can only represent a very tiny percentage of all possible 100MB files. How tiny? My calculator can represent numbers up to 1e999, and it overflowed when calculating the number of possible 100MB files in existence. Since my calculator won't cut it, I started a calculation in GNU bc, which is an arbitrary-precision calculator. It's been running for about 5 minutes now, and it still hasn't given me the answer. This result would be a very special case of the algorithm.   On top of that, I'm pretty sure that the header for a ZIP file alone is well more than 3 bytes.   Edit:   After over 45 minutes, I just killed the job. Calculating it in a more sane manner, it's about 10^(-2,523,430), which is reeeealy tiny.   Or you could, you know, just use logarithms.
  3. What is your employers policy on coming in late?

    Office hours? What are those again?   (We don't seem to believe in the concept of being "late" over here. I once slept in and showed up at 11)
  4. Your Worst "Gotchas" ever in programming

    This. So annoying.
  5. How does Google know about my GameDev.net profile?

    My girlfriend manages this by having her own domain name with an unlimited number of email accounts associated with it. So her FB email address is facebook@hername.com, her myspace email address is myspace@hername.com, etc. I do this too, I think it's a good idea. I view them all through my old gmail address though :P Should probably go with a real email client at some point....
  6. You know you've been on the computer too long, when...

    [quote name='zer0wolf' timestamp='1329259355' post='4913150'] [quote name='way2lazy2care' timestamp='1329150521' post='4912640'] You say 'lol' instead of laughing. [/quote] I want to punch people who do that, seriously. [/quote] Likewise, in my opinion you might as well have "I am a massive nerd and unable to function socially" tatooed on your forehead.
  7. Functional languages in gamedev

    Paging Associat0r. I repeat, Associat0r to the lounge forum, there is a thread here for you to ruin.
  8. Loyalty and cowardace in America

    [quote name='ManOfThePast' timestamp='1321247949' post='4883649'] [quote name='Promit' timestamp='1321244483' post='4883642'] [quote name='ManOfThePast' timestamp='1321243929' post='4883639'] You claim we are focused on Joe and not the victims. No, sir, it's you. We care plenty. And we also care about our school that we believe has good people and does things. So stop being ignorant. [/quote]The original post in this thread is very clearly focused on 'JoePa', and doesn't acknowledge the victims' existence. Nobody blamed any of the Penn Staters (amongst which is my brother), until they had a riot by morons who think football is more important than child abuse. And yeah, people and reporting always focus on the negative aspects. That's not unique to you or your school. [/quote] I don't think the "riot" characterizes anything about Penn State other than there was a lot of discontent at the time. [/quote] Nice edit, I preferred the trolltastic version you had before. Something about "We can all sympathise (with the rioters)". Uh-huh, sure.
  9. Loyalty and cowardace in America

    [quote name='ManOfThePast' timestamp='1321243929' post='4883639'] And we also care about our school that we believe has good people and does things [/quote] Have to say, I really don't understand this stupid rabid dedication to a particular university. Maybe it's a US thing - I had a blast studying, great people, great place, but the university itself? Meh. Pretty much everyone acknowledges it's gone downhill since then. And I don't particularly care.
  10. Loyalty and cowardace in America

    [quote name='Telastyn' timestamp='1320899785' post='4882413'] My folks met at Penn State. They attended the football games and rooted for the team when I was young. As Miami came and went, as Notre Dame hired liars, as Pete Carroll paid his players then fled, as SMU died, as Nick Saban turned tail... for 61 years Joe Paterno ran a clean program. He focused on education and making his charges better people as a university should. He's helped thousands of students, and went above and beyond in support of the institution, despite better football offers; despite better monetary offers because teaching students to become better men was more important than either. 61 years of devotion. Countless decisions he had to make, many that were morally difficult. Losing out on prospects, losing in general because Penn State would not stoop where the competition stooped. 61 years of good decisions, but one mistake somehow invalidates that? I am disgusted by Penn State for firing Joe Paterno. I am embarrassed by the culture in America where dedicated employees become numbers in Peoplesoft and are fired to save shareholders a few cents. I am embarrassed by CEOs making mistakes and getting millions of dollars, corrupt investors literally stealing from the government getting bailouts because they lost [i]that[/i] money... What employee will show any shred of dedication when even JoePa got canned? I am shamed by the flood op-ed stories by cowards who scream for blood due to one horrible decision a decade ago while ignoring the 6 decades of good decisions. How can we function as a country when we choose to crucify someone who has done so much good when so many have done so little? [/quote] I read the wikipedia page. Seems as if this Joe Paterno guy got pretty much what he deserved. Probably lucky to not end up in jail, I have no idea why you're so keen to support a guy who turned a blind eye to sexual abuse.
  11. Unsigned Vs. Signed Generally

    [quote name='Binomine' timestamp='1294740721' post='4757181'] [size="2"]Basically, if a hacker finds memory pointed at with an unsigned counter, b[/size][size="2"]y overflowing the counter, the hacker can get the program to point at what he wants. Which is usually an "image" that contains code for some sort of exploit. [/size][size="2"]This was used for the I.E. 5.0 bmp hack that was found when Window's source was released a long while ago. [/size] [/quote] I'm pretty sure that signed/unsigned has nothing to do with this at all. x86/64 for instance only has one instruction, ADD, which computes both signed and unsigned additions at the same time
  12. Quote:Original post by way2lazy2care If a police officer pulls you over for something you clearly didn't do, is your first instinct to attack him with a knife? Of course it's not, because you would get shot. Your analogy is ridiculous. If you have a serious problem with a police officer, there are ways for you to have that dealt with, such as internal affairs. There isn't anything remotely like an "internal affairs" for nations. If you paid attention you'd see the shit national governments get away with, western and third world, on almost a daily basis.
  13. Quote:Original post by Noggs My point is why use a smart pointer when a raw pointer is perfectly acceptable in this instance? Always use the simplest approach. Pointers, arrays, references - these things are core features of the language - use them first! If you need to create an object and you don't know when it will be able to be released - use a smart pointer! I've found that sticking to raw pointers where possible can force me to simplify my design a lot, and that can be extremely useful.
  14. [C++/Win] Mimic Ex routines?

    Quote:Original post by Rattrap CreateWindowA And CreateWindowW are also macros that map to CreateWindowExA(0, ...) and CreateWindowExW(0, ...) respectively. So there is currently no difference between CreateWindowEx and CreateWindow, except that CreateWindow just sets the extended style automatically to 0. This at best misleading. CreateWindowA/W are not macros, there are functions defined in user32.dll with these names.
  15. Photo thread (lazy op, very large pics indeed)

    Quote:Original post by JSoftware It would have been nice if you had linked to the omgwtfbbq sized pictures instead :P Or put a [14.4k beware] in the subject Edit: nice pics though I embedded it but it was beyond a joke