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  1. will linux ever be able to takeover windows in popularity

    Quote:Original post by Dave Because it hinders people getting used to the system. If every application in windows followed different conventions for appearance, layout and common functionality, the software would be harder to use. I admit on your conventions argument, and it's exactly that why there are two Major Desktops with standard software each (like with Windows/Office/Visual Studio, KDE/KOffice/KDevelop, and so forth; a plus for software like Code::Blocks or Open-Office). Users can stay with that software. And like someone here already pointed out, Microsoft hisself breaks his own rules every few years w.r.t. Look+Feel (one of the reasons why I switched to alternatives), and isn't it Microsoft who permanently wants to push his own standards, like that unnecessary gigantic OOXML, or his own Dialect of HTML? Be honest, have you never been in the situation where you look for an alternative to your software? (I hear, e.g., Notepad++ has a good reputation along windows-users) Btw, synaptic is a gui-frontend for debian-archives, YaST is for rpm-archives. A distribution generally sticks to deb or rpm. Package-Managing is transparent to the user, he usually only double-clicks a software-description, presses 'fire', et voila, its gonna be installed.
  2. will linux ever be able to takeover windows in popularity

    Quote:Original post by Oluseyi Quote:Original post by greenhybrid blah blah blah, Africa Have you ever been to Africa? Not in this life. Why?
  3. will linux ever be able to takeover windows in popularity

    Quote:Original post by alnite Sorry, but I watch MTV, E!, and VH1 everyday I understand. Quote:I don't see this Linux IT guy on my TV screen. I see. A pity. Quote: Who is this IT professional? and where can I find this guy? Usually not on your TV. But I give you a hint: He might be the one packing together the next Computer Highlight for Wal-Mart (or for the german watchers: Aldi, Media Markt, etc.) with Windows pre-installed. He might also be the guy my grandma pays when I am currently not available. Quote: THAT right there is what is wrong with the entire Linux population mentality. "Getting dangerous" to Windows. Oh, sorry. Please let me repeat myself: Quote:"dangerous"
  4. C ++ postfix operator

    DevFred's "end of expression" is the closing ";" in your 'formula'.
  5. will linux ever be able to takeover windows in popularity

    Quote:Original post by phantom 1001 ways to do one thing. emacs, available for windows: One way for doing 1001 things. [smile] Hey, don't take this too serious, we don't say GNU+Linux is already the perfect User OS. But then, what is a "user"? Wouldn't you call a young african child a user? You won't believe, but there is also a world outside your commercial mass market bullshit, driven e.g. by this software. Sidenote: If you look very closely, you will recognize the term "UNESCO". Will you still say: Quote:phantom No, this [configurability] is not a Good Thing(tm). (besides, usually the IT professional configures stuff, if any, not the user, and typically, not even linux-users will flip the package manager or other software every now and then once they have found what best adapts to their needs)? To get this on-topic: Africas population is reaching the billion (though not all of them are poor, actually I know quite some names of SA's demoscene), and there's not only Africa who could need a bit of computation power. So there is the potential of Linux getting "dangerous" to Windows, though* it is not driven primarily by commercial interests. * or because? edit: I forgot about this german project: linux4afrika [Edited by - greenhybrid on October 9, 2008 7:06:33 AM]
  6. will linux ever be able to takeover windows in popularity

    Quote:Original post by phantom The fact you have to do it via the command line is another minus against Linux [...] * YaST * Synaptic * Click'n'Run, etc.
  7. will linux ever be able to takeover windows in popularity

    Quote:Yann L Torvalds is essentially the virtual dictator equivalent of Kim Jong-il. Quote:Dictator A dictator is an authoritarian ruler (e.g. absolutist or autocratic) who assumes sole and absolute power [...] Quote:Linux [...] This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it [...] Quote:Microsoft [...] You may install, use, access, display and run one copy of the Product on a single computer, such as a workstation, terminal or other device ("Workstation Computer"). The Product may not be used by more than two (2) processors at any one time on any single Workstation Computer.[...] The Product is licensed, not sold. [...] [...] Owners of [...] Secure Content [...] may [...] request Microsoft to provide [...] updates to the [...] DRM components [...] that may affect your ability to copy, display and/or play Secure Content through Microsoft software [...] [Edited by - greenhybrid on October 9, 2008 4:54:17 AM]
  8. C ++ postfix operator

    The order of evaluation is not defined in c++, i.e. it is undefined whether the value of p+1 is assigned directly after reading p, or if it happens after the evaluation of the whole statement. So it is save to use p++ or ++p as long as you 'use' p just once. edit: see for example wikipedia btw: I acknowledge about your opinion when it *should* occur, even if that's not beginner's compiler construction to implement it (I've tried it once)
  9. When I actually write a documentation or users-guide I usually stick to LaTeX or my own tiny dialect of it because I love when I don't have to care about layout and can concentrate on content and intent. Example: In Word or OpenOffice or [put in a wysiwyg-word-processor of your choice] you usually make text bold or italic to emphasize something, so the point is that the emphasizing happens at "layout-time", not at "writing-time" (and everybody knows the trouble with replacing fonts (family, size, whatever related) when you haven't configured your document nicely. Not to say: How many programmers are out there that have a good feeling for layout (I don't mean source-code or ascii-file layout!)? In LaTeX you simply emphasize \emph{like this}, in pure text-mode. The look is configured at a central place by default. Another thing I love in LaTeX: 99.9% perfect formula markup, directly in the text, like: "Dude, $e = mc^2$ is wrong, \emph{it is} $e = \frac{1}{42}$ actually." All in all, LaTeX fits perfectly in my small "everything text file" world [smile]
  10. The User Rating System

    I personally think there is some kind of biasedness in the rating system in that only the ones who have rated you up are shown: there is the danger of rating someone down because he/she/it has done the same to you, but there is also the "danger" that you just rate someone up because he/she/it rated you up. Just wanted to point that out, I think I can personally live with it. -- I don't know the algorithm behind the rating (I have asked for it, so, dear moderators, would it somehow be acceptable to reaveal it?), but I also think there is too much momentum in it. People that have earned good ratings over years, and many many of them, can have several *bad weeks* where they are totally super ass, without seeing the rating going down much. I think it would be better if just a fixed number of the latest x ratings would be taken into account, or something similar. -- Quote:Original post by xZekex The negative should be removed but the positive should stay. This would be alright imho. And I've seen it working very fine on ohloh, where there is a system of kudos you can give to anyone. I have no kudos at all there, so my rating is pretty low (and currently only influenced by the amount of work I put into my projects). I don't have a problem at all that I am a void there. /. has a rating that is Post-oriented, i.e. people can vote-up/-down single posts, which I find far more attractive than most other rating systems, in combination with a kudos or tag-based system, ..., what do you readers think? edit{I personally would like to see a kind of top-ten-good- and top-ten-bad-posts of users in the profile pages} edit2{We could even go so far and ban users out of specific disscussions if they have proven to be frequently unhelpful, like "ban user from topic, if he has posted 5 times && 70% of his posts were unhelpful"} -- Another suggestion I have for the current system: Even when we keep the down-raters anonymous, it would be a kind of very helpful critique if one could see *where* one has been rated down. Sure, this would just be a vague indicator as there is at max One Global Rating for each User A to each User B, but still it would give some feeling about what has gone wrong. [Edited by - greenhybrid on October 9, 2008 2:01:16 AM]
  11. The User Rating System

    stimarco: I acknowledge on some your points, plus that pioneers are not necessarily good practitioners in their growing discipline. I personally consider LISP a very useful tool (if only as calculator on the shell-line, but I also hear whole CRM systems are implemented in it (http://clozure.com)) and I really have learned some things with it. I also use a LISP-like language to encode my heightmaps, for two reasons: 1) super super easy to parse (e.g.) ... 2) and it will be a great utility when I come to implementing a graph-based editor for my heightmaps (i.e. LISP code generally forms a nice hierarchy, compared to most imperative languages). But that's taste, LISP is just a tool, as is [put any language here], and wasn't the real point I was digging on, it was your (as you pointed out) rude style with the idiots and craps and stuff. let's conclude (?) that
  12. The User Rating System

    Quote:Original post by rip-off I believe the algorithm was initially: You + Post about your rating = Don't freaking do it Yes, many Dont's herearound :D Quote:We'll have to see what adjustments superpig will make for the new system. Yes, I am snoopy on that, too.
  13. The User Rating System

    I haven't said what you just did. Btw, do you want me to worship you, Sneftel? [smile] {edit: Okay, sorry, that was too much, and pardon my P.M. (really that was too much, not because you're a mod, that makes no difference to me when talking non-administrative things (and I think it shouldn't)) But what got me mad was that I tried to participate in this thread by telling what I personally experienced, and I tried to point out a weakness. But what you have showed was, imho, just instigative, and not really related to my arguments; and then that super sarcastic smily in your last post.} --- SiCrane+Promit: sorry when I wasn't able to express enough what I mean in an adequate manner. Though i am still interested in the underlying rating-algo. [Edited by - greenhybrid on October 8, 2008 9:36:19 AM]
  14. The User Rating System

    I wasn't talking about holy wars (I said "holy thread", not "war") and their uses, I was talking about the rating system ...
  15. The User Rating System

    Quote:Original post by Promit Quote:Original post by greenhybrid (edit: et voila, my rating went from 731 to 711; for what?)It probably didn't help that your previous post is quite bitter ... It wasn't supposed to be, but I really wanted only to discuss those things (okay, it *sounds* bitter, yes) Quote: ... and describes the entire community as mindless robots. By far *not* all! Just, regarding the ongoing discussions, *some* of us really seem to be robots (otherwise, if all were robots, there would be more people with 0 rating). E.g. in the recent C++/C#-discussion we have robots on "both sides", of course, as we have them on the Linux-side either. But it is exactly that what makes those near-flame discussions so painful for the minority, and shows where the rating system is (*imho*) weak. Quote:promit Or maybe it was because you went off talking about a C++ benchmark after I specifically said not to in this thread. Quote:promit@510741 Okay, we're not turning this into a language performance competition, and I'm deleting any more posts along those lines. You specifically forbid language comparison, you did not forbid pointing out algorithms in general. My intention was to show that writing a competent benchmark is difficult because you have to know what is being optimized, etc. to really benchmark a language, and to show that even then nothing is really stable w.r.t. test-results. I didn't want to start a language compo, otherwise I would have transcoded my tiny piece of code to C# and eventually measured the runtime. It happened that I used C++ in that C# thread, instead of using C# or pseudo-code, my failure. Quote: Just some possible ideas about why you might have gotten on somebody's nerves. Would you call it fsf-propaganda or proselytation when I try to point out the difference between freeware and free-software (or open source software that happens not to be proprietary)? I pretty much think that it's no more propaganda than pointing out that "void main()" is wrong w.r.t. standard-c++ (it would then be as if someone came to you and said "what you do is c++ propaganda"). I can understand when others are nerved by some topics, but should that be the reason to not say something like "void main() != standards" (not my statement, but seen many times here) or "freeware != floss", i.e. to correct things? Probably no, but this is how ratings (not only mine) went down, while it seems to be generally okay to call 1950s scientists "idiots" [sic]. Quote:SiCrane Given the fact that we have numerous posters on this board developing for OS X, Linux and consoles using libraries and APIs like SDL, allegro, Tao, SlimDX and OpenGL and languages like C++, C, Python, Java and Visual Basic, I really have no idea why you would think that the rating system makes people only develop for Windows, DirectX, XNA and C#. We have entire forums dedicated to other topics. I especially don't understand how you can believe the forums would only support C# when the vast majority of threads use C++. I know all that, and it's good :) My intention was more to say something about the bigger discussions (not the smaller and more specific ones) where holy topics like Linux/Windows, C++/C#, or let it be vi/Emacs are touched, and were there exist unbalanced groups (e.g. the Windows group will be bigger then the Linux/Mac/BSD/Solaris group), then the minor groups will likely earn more bad points than the big groups. This is absolutely natural, I know, and most of us already have experienced that standard human behaviour in the kindergarten. So, if we keep that user-rating, my advice was just that the minor groups either stay super-neutral and don't use auto-flame-words in those holy threads, or better stay off if they find their reputation important.
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