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  1. Shader Texture Translation

    FYI: I wanted to do something similar. But then, what about DELTA TIME between frames and different computer speeds. You dont account for that in your speed += .2 math. BE CAREFUL! So, for me, I bit the bullet and will just update a texture matrix outside and send it to the fx ptr. Im not a shader guy, so no suggestions on why you cannot do the if(blah) math++ stuff. - john
  2. 3d tree creation for games

    I am a 1 man team, so modeling isnt my main thing, but I do have an artistic left half. So, I need to make some tree models for my world and am not sure how I should create them. For example, I am wondering if I should break up the tree into 2 seperate models: the solid stalk center as one, then all the leave folliage quads as another. Why? I am thinking that the stalk/trunk doesnt need alpha rendering so all models if this type get rendered in the non-alpha batches and can save some alpha testing. The leave/folliage model *is* rendered with alpha and will be batched at the end with all other alpha batches. Another concern is with shadow mapping trees. I am considering, using a low LOD billboard of the tree also as the shadow map for projection, instead of going through the model polys for possible speed reasons, if possible. Well, this is where I am at. I dont know if I should be worried about the alpha rendering or not. Im curious to know how you guys (or your artists) do things. :o/ - john
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