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  1. Elvis Enmanuel

    Pistache Games in Amazon App Store

    Pistache Games has been published in Amazon App Store. Check it out!
  2. Elvis Enmanuel

    Pistache Games: IOS release

    Pistache Games has been published in iTunes. Check it out!
  3. Elvis Enmanuel

    Pistache Games: Google Play

    Steam I guess, not sure if it has quality enough to sell it as desktop version (board games, you know) but I will try it.
  4. Elvis Enmanuel

    Pistache Games: Google Play

    Thank you!! 15 downloads for now (mostly friends), at least they are leaving good reviews Currently trying to publish the IOS version, I hope to be ready this week. Windows, MAC and Linux version soon.
  5. Elvis Enmanuel

    Pistache Games: Google Play

    Pistache Games has been published in Google Play. Check it out!
  6. Elvis Enmanuel

    Pistache Games

    Thanks @pixnbgames, My goal was to use the same code for mobile and desktop targets. I think that C/C++ is very well balanced in terms of performance and compatibility. Code once, deploy everywhere Thanks to the multi-platform CodeLite editor I only have one workspace/solution and multiple targets for Android, Linux, Windoww, etc. Because the project has zero dependencies (mostly thanks to stb libs) the complier is able to pack the binary in the best way. Currently the executable weights less than 700kb. Textures are compressed into ETC1 for GLES and DXT1/5 for openGL. Given this the Android APK weights less than 9MB where the graphics are downsized to a 1280x960p resolution from an original 1920x1440p size.
  7. Elvis Enmanuel

    Visual category

    Visual category contains 2 visual (or mostly visual related) games Mahjong is a classical and well known mahjong game in which you can select 3 themes (fruits, traffic signals and chinese symbols). As the BeeHive game, Mahjong generates the board in a procedural way (also multilayered) so, there won't be two same equal configurations. Sugarfest is a bejeweled / candy crush kinda game. There is a cooker that always needs some candys for whatever he wants. Very funny.
  8. Elvis Enmanuel

    Quiz category

    Quiz category contains 2 question games: Fun Trivia is a trivial kinda game that allows four players and has 6 question themes (with fancy board animation). Wheel of points is a wheel of fortune kinda game.
  9. Elvis Enmanuel

    Ability category

    Ability category has 2 games: Beehive that is a minesweeper kinda game but adapted to mobile devices. I will try to explain the development of this game in the future because it uses procedural generation for the board shape. Ludo Stars is a Ludo game that allows four simultaneous players.
  10. Elvis Enmanuel

    Cards category

    The first category is compound of 4 card games: Poker, Solitaire, Master solitaire and Scopa (broom or Escoba) Games are very easy to play and runs very well on low-profile devices (Native C++ for Android)
  11. Elvis Enmanuel

    Pistache Games

    Now that the game is going to see the light, I think that is a good idea to post some advances and features of the game. Pistache Games is a multi-game system like the "A" machines that you could find in a pub. Currently It has 4 categories: Cards, Ability, Quiz and Visual games. It is programmed in C++ with openGL and GLES for mobile devices. The programming environment is Linux Mint 17.3, CodeLite as C/C++ editor and Gimp, Inkscape and Blender for graphics. I feel proud about using all open-source software because I was used to use Windows in the past. Currently It is a full multi-platform development. The first release should be in Android, then Linux and Windows version. IOS and Mac version should follow them.
  12. Elvis Enmanuel

    Planet rendering issues

    I've coded a planet visualization engine some years ago and I can say that it's possible to deal with floats. You can use an 6378.0f value for earth radius and subtract the camera position to each render chunk in order to gain precision at near distances.
  13. Elvis Enmanuel

    GUI-Library for Users

    NoesisGui is your friend:  
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