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  1. Or the book "What Color Is Your Parachute." It's designed to help readers make career decisions.
  2. Try a narrowly focused story first. Who is your protagonist? What is the protagonist's back story? What is the world in which this story takes place? What situation is the protagonist in at the start of the game's story? Then walk the protagonist through the series of events and decision nodes. Other characters will be encountered along the way, but focus on how those characters impact the protagonist for now. You can keep a separate collection of other ideas, related ideas, possible side stories, but keep them out of your core story until you're happy with the core story.
  3. Well, you're not leaving the game industry (you're leaving IT/tech). If you're looking for stability and good pay as your primary considerations, all I can say is "not the game industry either." This forum (and this whole website) is really about the game industry, so I don't know what to tell you.
  4. Very "under the sea!" I like it.
  5. I wrote an article about how to pitch an indie game to a publisher.
  6. I split the question off into its own thread. Luke, maybe this will clarify:
  7. necro. locking thread.
  8. It depends. Which is more interesting to you: programming? or game design? This might help:
  9. 1. Read 2. It depends. You live in Spain, you say. Have you looked at how many game companies there are in Spain, or are you planning to work in another European country? Not every company regards a degree as a requirement. Check 3. It depends. What is your priority? Working in games? Or having a "safe" job you can stay in, regardless of how much the work appeals to you? I recommend you make a decision grid. 4. Yes, there are other ways. A good resume and portfolio can get you straight into a programming job, without going through QA. QA is really mainly good for people who don't have programming chops or artistic chops. Read
  10. Read FAQ 11:
  11. The Penny Arcade video has moved to YouTube, and is now branded Extra Credits instead of Penny Arcade:
  12. Posting Guidelines (please read before posting) (new as of June 21, 2017) Welcome to the Production and Management forum. This is the place to discuss issues related to game project management. If you have questions about how to become a game producer or what education to get for producing, ask in the Games Career Development forum (not here). If you have questions about monetizing a game or funding or marketing, those questions belong in the Games Business and Law forum (not here). If you want to seek developers or offer your services, use the Careers tab. If you want to announce projects, use Your Announcements.
  13. Please read the site's posting guidelines before you post. (new as of June, 2017)
  14. Welcome to the Game Industry Job Advice forum. We welcome questions about how to prepare for a career, how to get a job, what college preparation is needed, etc. Before you post in any forum, please read the posting guidelines at their new (June 2017) location: This forum used to have an FAQ but the site was rebuilt entirely the weekend of June 17, 2017, and the FAQ was not included in the new design. Until the FAQ is reinstated, check the articles at