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  1. Tom Sloper

    GIMP vs Adobe

    necro. locking thread.
  2. You better be sure nobody owns it before you use it.
  3. Tom Sloper

    Money or passion?

    If you can't understand mobile game fun, don't try to make mobile game fun.
  4. Tom Sloper

    collision sprite

    Do you have a question about your code?
  5. Tom Sloper

    From Uni To Remote Developer

    Any remote work you find as a raw college grad is likely to be unpaid. My advice is get a job, and look for remote work on the side. Don't move to a game hotbed until you've saved up enough money to tide you over while job-hunting in the new location.
  6. Tom Sloper

    Age restrictions with companies

    ireef, the only "restrictions" you'll find in the professional industry is for people who are under 18 (in the USA anyway). Could be. Can't say for certain. There is a bias towards younger cheaper applicants, as you suspected. My crystal ball is at the repair shop right now. And nothing is ever enough. But don't let any of this stop you from pursuing your chosen path. Smaller companies may be easier for you to get your foot in the door. Broaden your options to increase your chances.
  7. Tom Sloper

    How can anyone draw with an Graphics Tablet ?

    The topic went off-tangent there. Joe isn't the OP, so can we just stay with the original question please thank you.
  8. Tom Sloper

    Aspiring Character Artist looking for advice

    Just a few tips. A character art portfolio shouldn't have environment art or object art in it. You excel in characters, so focus on characters. Put only your best work in the portfolio. The first 5 images must jump off the screen and put their hands around the viewer's neck and shake, while screaming "dude/girl, you gotta hire this artist!" The rest of the images need to be great, not half-assed. Don't put any pencil sketches in it unless they're stand-alone frameable masterpieces; "show your work" is just for math tests. Your portfolio will be online. Make it dead easy for viewers to find, and to figure out what you're best at, and how to hire you.
  9. Tom Sloper

    How can anyone draw with an Graphics Tablet ?

    Fair comment. The link is removed. The topic is staying open for now.
  10. A lawyer could tell you about the risks, so you can decide whether or not you are prepared to take those risks. There's a list of game lawyers pinned to this forum.
  11. Tom Sloper

    Advice for a young game writer...

    Your young friend should get the best grades he can, then go to college and get a degree in writing. While he's doing that, he should become familiar with online forums and ask for additional advice himself along the way. You should start a second thread with your question for advice for yourself - in the forum most suited to what you want to do.
  12. Not a Game Design question. Moving to a more appropriate forum.
  13. Tom Sloper

    First time writer here.

    Locking necroed thread.
  14. Tom Sloper

    Watchbot - an idea i had

    The original question was asked six months ago, and the OP has not come back. Locking thread.
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