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  1. How do I setup a 2D Pixel Art work plan?

    cyberspace, first I would ask the artist what works for him or her. Try a little something and show it to him or her and ask, "how's this?"
  2. Leaving a company at a critical moment

    You didn't say how far you are into the 3 months. A good way of making a decision like this is to weigh the pros and cons using a decision grid.
  3. Production in the AAA scene

    Are you asking about production methodologies? "A typical day in AAA"? The various specializations and how they collaborate?
  4. Need Help Choosing Art Style

    nearly 2-month necro. locking.
  5. Why was this posted in Game Design? Moving to a more appropriate forum.
  6. Input on Adult Content

    Is that guy you?
  7. PC My idea for a 2d game

    Engine questions are off-topic in the Writing forum. This forum is for your story questions. For engine questions, use For Beginners (or just let your lead programmer choose the engine). For game design questions, use the Game Design forum (and so on).
  8. Kickstarter Critique

    This topic was dormant 2 months. Locking.
  9. Writing question for RPG developers

    I assume it's branching dialogue. Think of it like a "create your own adventure" book. Write the dialogue, and give each discrete segment (an onscreen story segment, or a spoken line of dialogue that is displayed and/or heard at one specific moment in the game) a name with a number in it (perhaps the speaking character's initials and a number). At the end of each discrete segment, a non-displayable or non-spoken instruction for the programmer as to where to jump to next (what are the next possible lines of dialogue, or the next possible scenes).
  10. Open-World Game Idea: CONVOY (Very Long Post)

    Folks, this is a thread that went dormant in June. It's best not to reply to long-dormant discussions. Closing. If Dreadnought Studios (the OP) has more to say on this game idea, let a new thread be started.
  11. Good Game Development Literature?

    I have a list here.
  12. Game analytics

    Have you looked at GrabAnalytics?
  13. Good Game Development Literature?

    coding principles and AI are not "game design" related - they are programming related. Game design is a subset of game development (all of game development does not fall under a mythical "game design umbrella").
  14. need help how to get job and create game

    kidzblox, to get advice on how to get a job in games, read about the types of jobs available, and how to apply for a game job.
  15. Good Game Development Literature?

    This is not a Game Design topic. Moving.