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  1. 2D art asset cost?

    I changed the title of the thread to avoid any further confusion (changed "pricing" to "costs?"). And moved it to Production/Mgt. since this is the sort of thing producers have to deal with. Football, can you add more information about the kind of sprites you're looking for? There may be pre-packaged sprite sheets available.
  2. Read this:
  3. Ask feedback about my idea

    What's the rationale behind the hunting aspect? Why do the creatures have to be hunted? Is that a game goal, or a optional quest? Are creature pelts and horns and teeth a commodity? Are heads wall decorations?
  4. Both. It should be obvious which one of those investors are more interested in. If the technology is uniquely central to your business concept and can be explained briefly in ways that non-technical people can easily understand without needing to learn technical concepts or jargon, then explain it briefly in such ways. I usually advise that one game is not a business idea, but then Riot Games happened (made just one game and made it big). Still, you need to show your investors how your game idea will attract players and money, how you will foster and keep players engaged and grow your player base. Your marketing plan and player retention plan should be central to your pitch, along with your player community management plan. jbadams mentioned having a competitive analysis - I agree that's important, but I disagree that it should be brief. You need to discuss the competition extensively - what other games are played by your anticipated player base, and how your game is going to woo and win over those players or that type of player.
  5. I'll crit yours - you crit mine

    Is that really true?
  6. Best way to create terrain/assets for 3D JRPG?

    Have you read the other thread on terrain-building software?
  7. Does your employer have a lawyer you can ask?
  8. Newbie game developer

    Hi Jesus, welcome to gamedev. This is the place to ask your beginner questions. Fire away!
  9. How To Make a Video Game Press Kit?

    Moving this topic to the Business/Law forum.
  10. You could, but a lawyer could talk to you about the degree of risk. There are organizations protecting those sites physically, and they might also have some say over depictions. Personally, I would think the risk is probably very low as regards to those two sites, but a lawyer would be best able to advise you.
  11. Mobile Game Studio XP = "lndustry"?

    What industry do you think mobile games are in? (Hint: the game industry.) What kind of games do you think most indies make? (Hint: mobile games.) OK, maybe not that. (Working in mobile doesn't directly translate to AAA console/PC game jobs.)
  12. Originality in game stories.

    It's said that there are only seven original story plots. So don't worry about being original. Just, you know, be original. Nobody can tell you how. Just be you.
  13. Software for multiple dialog options?

    You're fine using One Note.
  14. Software for multiple dialog options?

    Armantium, are you just asking about what script format to use (how to layout dialog with branching choices)? You're not asking how to code it, are you? (I assume you're just asking the thing several people have asked before.)
  15. Most enjoyable grinding mechanic?

    I think most players won't see things that way. To most players "grinding" means "repetitive actions the game makes me have to do."