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  1. I recommend you make a list of choices, then turn it into a decision grid. You figure out what criteria there are to influence your decision, research them to find their individual pluses and minuses, then weight the criteria and see what adds up to the highest score.
  2. Tom Sloper

    Ideas for Items and Mechanics

    Locking thread because it's gone off the rails.
  3. Tom Sloper

    I want to make a game.

    Great. Go for it! Your best bet, now that this is settled, is to start a new thread in Game Design to ask your design questions.
  4. Your post was moved to the Games Career Development forum. For starters, you should read some of the sticky topics at the top of this forum. First, you asked about the job of game designer. This article talks about preparing for a career as a game designer. Also read "All about the job of game designer," and watch "So You Want to be a Game Designer." Then, you asked about college and grad school. "Worth" is subjective - only you can decide if something is "worth it" for you. In general, college (a bachelors degree) IS "worth it." Grad school (a masters degree, or a Ph.D.) is another story. You already mentioned 2 schools; both are good, and those are not the only 2 good choices. I wrote an article about how to choose between schools. Game designers do not work alone - they work on a team of other specialists. I wrote an article about the different jobs in games, and one about the process of making games.
  5. What kind of advice do you want? You did not ask a question.
  6. Sorry, ting lim. We do not permit homework help here. Talk with your fellow students and your professor. Good luck!
  7. Tom Sloper

    Examples of videogame scripts?

    ptietz, MrSquiffy is asking for example voice-over dialogue scripts. I would be surprised if game engines include example VO dialogue scripts.
  8. So you're applying at a triple-A company. Tall order! Your published stories definitely belong in the portfolio. Do try some dialogue for some of that studio's past games (especially the ones they'd likely continue with). shows a wide variety of IPs. Try some dialogue for Tom Clancy, Far Cry, Watch Dogs... Go get your hands on as many games as you can from that page. Read a real Tom Clancy novel or two. Understand what makes the characters tick, and how they talk (in those games, they're American tough guys mostly, but what life experiences made them that way?). Master American idiom (Americans say "elevator" instead of "lift," and "intersection" instead of "junction" or whatever Brits say - you can find info online). And no, I don't know offhand where you might find some scripts. You can try Googling, but don't count on finding much. You can also ask in the Writing forum.
  9. If you're going to try to whip up something over the holiday break, see what you can do with the characters and storylines of that company's top game(s). Videogame scripts aren't like screenplays exactly. In a screenplay, the actor can read the whole thing and figure out what his/her character's role is. But videogame scripts are often missing a lot of information that would inform an actor. Don't try to write the script for an entire game - just a couple of scenes that could show the depth of your writing. To answer a question with more questions: the company is local, so where do you live? What degree do you have? What games have you worked on? Have you had any of your writing published, or used in media?
  10. Serin, it takes time to build a reputation. You have been doing it right and you should keep on doing what you're doing, but also start investing in networking at international conferences and trade shows. Yes, you should set use LinkedIn - that is for the persons, not businesses, but businesses use it to connect. You can also buy ads on sites like and and and Of course your company already has a website, with lots of info about the games you've worked on and the companies you've done business with. You can also create a blog to update followers on your progress. Good luck.
  11. Tom Sloper

    Avoiding overpowering the MC

    Does MC mean "main character"? You should both nerf one and strengthen the other, so that they meet in a happy place between too easy and too difficult.
  12. I would hire an experienced lead engineer, then have him create a TDD (a tech plan). The plan will tell how many people are needed.
  13. Tom Sloper

    Pay What You Want Model

    Locking thread (necro).
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