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  1. Tom Sloper

    Delayed shots Concept

    Well, just trust your own design instincts. Don't worry about whether your choices are good or not - try them, playtest them.
  2. This is not a Writing question. Moving to a more appropriate forum.
  3. Tom Sloper

    Delayed shots Concept

    If it's fun to play, it is a good choice. How are you using this delayed-fire concept - I mean, is there a strategic twist? Does the player have information about where an enemy will be when the delayed projectile will hit? Does the enemy also have delayed fire?
  4. Tom Sloper

    New to game design

    What kind of thing are you hoping to hear?
  5. Tom Sloper

    Bare bones AAA team

    Here's one I came up with a few years back. Okay, so 18 years ago.
  6. Tom Sloper

    Bare bones AAA team

    AAA expectations are for high content. Takes time to create all that content.
  7. Tom Sloper

    How to add skill to a turn based game

    The title of your topic is misleading. Turn-based games are inherently skill-based (there's skill in how well you conduct your turn). Minigame ideas would likely need information about your game's theme and core gameplay.
  8. Tom Sloper

    Bare bones AAA team

    Yes, it's possible. Low likelihood, perhaps, but possible. Possible.
  9. Tom Sloper

    CS Student Looking for Industry Advice

    WillBrown, you can get game coding tips in the For Beginners group (see Forums, up top). This forum is for career development advice.
  10. Tom Sloper

    CS Student Looking for Industry Advice

    I wrote this to answer this exact question. I call it "FAQ 3." And here is FAQ 27.
  11. Tom Sloper

    rotate ship

    Phil, are you still using those old tools you learned in college many years ago before better tools were developed?
  12. YOU decide that, Phil. Thread closed.
  13. Tom Sloper

    Class skills in tactical rpg?

    No. You should look at similar games and analyze their systems, then decide which to "mimic" and which to modify and which to omit.
  14. Tom Sloper

    Any ideas for mp usage formula

    Yep. Locking thread. Gogeta, you'll have to do your homework yourself. Brainstorm with fellow students. Talk to your professor!
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