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  1. Tom Sloper

    Migrating into the Industry

    Can you give us more details about the method(s) you've been using? Also, I didn't look at your resume - what city are you presently located in?
  2. Rolles, you can avail yourself of this site's Careers section. You can participate in our discussion community. Other game development sites like Gamasutra and GamesIndustry.biz may also be useful to you. Here in Game Career Development, we usually get questions about full-time employment rather than freelance work. Maybe the artists and aspiring artists (in other words, your competition) who post in the 2D and 3D Art forum can offer you some other advice. Good luck!
  3. Tom Sloper

    Throne Wars, an idea for new MMORPG

    I don't see a Writing question here, so this is being moved to an appropriate forum.
  4. Tom Sloper

    Add floor in skybox

    No. It's still here. Looks like it was duplicated there. Closing thread.
  5. This not being a "Game Design" question, I'm moving it to another forum (per the sticky posts atop the game design forum). Please post only game design questions in the game design forum.
  6. Tom Sloper

    Lore in a game. Why are we fighting?

    Necro. Locking thread. Azlen, if you want to revisit the topic, please start a new thread. This one is more than 2 months old.
  7. Tom Sloper

    How do you call a player in a strategy game?

    "Player" should be strictly used to mean the human who's enjoying the game. Other meanings of the term cause confusion.
  8. Tom Sloper

    Work Experence for Game Development?

    OK, sorry for my poor understanding of English English. Hope the answer I gave is helpful.
  9. Tom Sloper

    Work Experence for Game Development?

    Nana, just trying to understand what you're asking. You're asking for a list of companies that hires twelve-year-olds? If that's what you're saying, you can forget about getting a list - nobody has a list like that. Maybe you can find a list of companies within bicycling distance of your home at gamedevmap.com Once you have identified local game companies, you can try asking for a tour or an informational interview. If they're very nice, maybe they'll let you hang around, but I'm pretty sure they cannot give you "work experience" at the tender age of 12. EDIT EDIT EDIT: Does "a year 12" mean an 18-year-old? If so, then it's much much less unlikely. But it's still very low chances to get actual work experience, with no degree and no portfolio and no resume. I still say you need to identify companies within daily commuting distance of your home, and you should still start by asking for a tour or an informational interview. Also, start making games on your own, if you haven't already started. /EDIT
  10. Tom Sloper

    Need help and advice

    Sure. Three is always the place to start. If three turns out to be too many or too few, you can always change it.
  11. Tom Sloper

    what really learning mean in games?

    It's not "necessary" - it's unavoidable. When designing a game for entertainment, learning is not necessarily something a designer builds in. But learning is an outcome of playing games. Heck, it's also an outcome of making them!
  12. Tom Sloper

    Relocating to start my career

    Depends on your portfolio, since you have no resume. Have you set up your portfolio website? In an area with numerous game companies. Why? Did you choose that city because there are numberous game companies there?
  13. Tom Sloper

    Relocating to start my career

    What kind of questions do you have?
  14. Tom Sloper

    Questions about QA (was: General FAQ)

    It depends. Testers may be simply laid off when the testing is done, then hired again when there is something to test. In between builds, they're busy testing the latest one. I wrote three articles about testing: FAQ 5 and FAQ 17 and FAQ 75. Quit! And talk to an employment attorney to see if maybe you have a legal case.
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