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    Ada, we don't help students with homework here. We believe students should do their own work, so they can learn. Locking thread.
  2. Where to find artists / designers ?

    If you're looking for volunteer help, try our Hobby Project Classifieds. If you're planning to pay for it, you can use our Contractors board (look under Careers tab above). Also, Gamasutra has a contractors listing too.
  3. Game Writing test

    The same way a "choose your adventure" book works. Depending on a choice the reader makes, send them to a particular page or numbered section.
  4. I hope to see my game alive

    what are you looking for with this post? You don't seem to be asking a Writing question. So I'm moving this to Game Design for now.
  5. Because you focused on other things frob said, you may have missed this advice. Yes, you've been working in games for years, but not in a focused way, and now you're asking "what next?" I think the answer is, "focus." And frob's book suggestion will help you do just that.
  6. What 0r0d said. Some AAA games have taken 7 or even 8 years. Look up L.A. Noire and Spore in Wikipedia.
  7. General questions about Testing

    Testing and reporting are the primary job of testers. Not sure what else you think there might be that a tester has to do.
  8. General questions about Testing

    It isn't. Multiple sittings are required (as I said before) - and the game must be played multiple times, with different game settings, and with different test goals. There used to be. Sadly, those organizations haven't done one in the past couple years.
  9. General questions about Testing

    1.a. SDETs do. Most testers just do black box testing, not white box. 1.b. No. Multiple sittings required. 2. Question assumes universal answers. Testers who manage to find the "trigger" should be commended for their tenacious perseverance. 3. There is, but it's not important. 4.a. True. 4.b. True. 5. That's not enough? 6. No.
  10. newbie question about dedicate server

    OP says problem has been solved.
  11. What Program should i use

    This is not a Game Design question. Moving to appropriate forum.
  12. Game Writing test

    Katie, write samples geared to the kind of games the studio makes. If they make WWII games, write squad dialog. If they make cartoon games for kids, write kid cartoon scenes.
  13. I need inspiration from my fellow writers

    Have two files - one for your main story, and another for a collection of other thoughts. Anything that doesn't obviously fit your story should go into the other file. The other file may seem random but it has value - you can always reread it and find things you can use.
  14. The million monkeys approach.

    I just realized that's exactly what "the million moneys approach" meant to say. I'll fix the thread title, inserting a K.
  15. The million monkeys approach.

    Anything is possible (except time travel to the past, and the Star Trek Holodeck). It's basically the "infinite monkeys with infinite typewriters eventually create Shakespeare" idea. Just probability, and time. It is theoretically possible, but if it isn't directed with experienced hands, the chances that something world-shaking will result are very low.