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  1. Tom Sloper

    How to distribute pre-release game?

    This is a marketing question. Moving to Business forum.
  2. Tom Sloper

    plane sprite

    Hear, hear.
  3. Tom Sloper

    plane sprite

    What kind of game is it you're trying to make? I mean, it appears that the game involves an airplane, but we don't know if you're envisioning a side-scrolling game, like Barnstorming, or a vertical scrolling game like 1942 or Raiden ... or an isometric scroller like Zaxxon. Start by looking at other examples of the type of game you're making. Play them a little bit. What is the primary gameplay mechanic? Is it dodging? Is it shooting? Think about where you're trying to wind up. That'll tell you what direction to go in, to get there.
  4. There's agile/scrum, and waterfall, and iterative. Most devs either use one of those, or combine aspects of two or all. If agile is working well for you, just stay with it.
  5. I see. Then the Writing forum is the wrong place for this. Moving to Game Design.
  6. NotaGameDesign question. Moving to a more appropriate forum.
  7. Tom Sloper

    Play multiple animation at the same time

    This isn't a Game Design question. Moving to the Art forum.
  8. Tom Sloper

    C++ Game Asteroid

    Okay, then. Good luck with your assignment or test! Thread locked.
  9. Are these written daily challenges? Trivia? Word puzzles? Can you share an example?
  10. Jack, you should start a new thread and ask the question(s) you want answers to.
  11. Tom Sloper

    Category toggling

    Now I've found that it didn't work on one computer, but does on a different computer now. (Chrome on both.)
  12. Category toggling doesn't seem to be working. I tried toggling a forums category but the category doesn't close.
  13. Tom Sloper

    Game Trading, Tax and eCommerce Theory

    Then I withdraw my previous comment! 😛
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