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  1. Coding vs Level Design

    Which what? Please restate your question, given the helpful replies you've gotten to the previous wording of your question.
  2. MMO development (Help)

    Bit of an oxymoron there though. The M stands for "massively". How come nobody ever wants to make a MOG? Why does everything always have to be MM? /rant
  3. Color interpolation between orange and blue

    Actually, it's not unnatural - it's entirely natural. Go on and type in "sunset colors," and you will find some that have green, and it's beautiful. You'll also find some images with no green, and you can study the transitional hues in those.
  4. Worth Going Back to School in Mid-30s?

    I applaud this thinking. Good for you!
  5. Telling a Story vs. Exposition?

    Please don't necro. Locking.
  6. Need help in creating quest/mission/task.

    Try googling "object oriented programming," then. If you don't understand what you find, then you know that it's more complicated than what you want, and you can ignore the advice to learn it (for now, at least).
  7. Need help in creating quest/mission/task.

    If you Googled it, you'd find that it stands for Object Oriented Programming, and you'd also find a lot of information about what that means exactly.
  8. People travel for business - to sell goods or services to other businesses, to find/purchase raw materials, to form business partnerships and alliances, and to facilitate processes and solve production problems. People travel to see family - to look for missing family members - to find a potential spouse. People travel for education, to broaden their horizons by studying outside the sphere of one's upbringing. People travel for scientific research, for political alliances, for espionage. It's not all just tourism and migration.
  9. Level Design

    Yes. I don't recommend doing QA working for an independent QA provider for precisely that reason - no upward path.
  10. Worth Going Back to School in Mid-30s?

    Yes. It will likely do that. You don't necessarily need complex 3D games. You don't need AAA experience.
  11. Worth Going Back to School in Mid-30s?

    1. It's not a terrible idea. Do you want to do that? I'm not saying the degree "will" help you get that job. A degree is not a guarantee of a job. Do you have a portfolio? Is it solid? 2. I roll my eyes at you. It wouldn't be a waste of your time. Unless you would hate doing it, in which case you shouldn't even be asking.
  12. Advice on becoming a producer

    I'm with Hodgman on this. You need game industry experience. It's unlikely you can get hired as a (junior-level) producer without game industry experience, but I have seen that happen. Read Just skip down to the "preparing" section.
  13. Level Design

    No. It's not "the best way." It's not a bad way, if you can't find another. I know a number of them who started that way (in my 30+ years in the industry), including at least one, maybe two, who went on to become a producer at a triple-A company.
  14. This must be new today - the forum category header bars (separating one category from the next, like Programming, Community, etc.) are displaying in gray text on blue bars. That's unreadable. White on blue was perfectly legible.
  15. Moving to more appropriate forum.