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  1. Tom Sloper

    Trying to understand the industry better

    Big companies pay money. Sell your service or product to big companies. Go where the money is. Not where the money isn't. Moving this to the Business forum.
  2. Tom Sloper

    What Should We Avoid in the Industry?

    Good one, but I would put it differently: Look out for yourself, first and foremost. Take care of your health. Do your best to get the project done, and do not speak poorly of the game, the people, or the company, but remember that your own career and life have to take priority. You can get other jobs. SO TRUE!!
  3. Tom Sloper

    jump sprite

    Sounds good to me. Thread closed.
  4. Tom Sloper

    sprite jump

    No question asked. Thread closed.
  5. Tom Sloper

    Selling a Gaming System to a Major Developer?

    Victor, in the title of your post, you proposed pitching to developers but in the post you proposed pitching to publishers. Publishers are the right parties to talk to, but you will have to deal with a sizable challenge: publishers have high barriers to entry for pitches. You need to establish major dev creds first, before they'll listen. And you need to figure out who to talk to at those publishers, and make personal contacts. Establishing major dev creds can be done by releasing your game and/or getting a lot of game reviews published. DEFINITELY under NDAs. In fact, publishers will want you to sign a Submission Agreement, which goes way beyond an NDA. http://sloperama.com/advice/lesson21.html
  6. Wrong form of IP. Darth Vader is a trademarked character. No. Read FAQ 61.
  7. You'll need to apply to game companies where you live. You can use gamedevmap.com to start your search. That may be a problem, depending on where you live. That's a good start for your portfolio.
  8. Tom Sloper

    Launched my first game. Now what?

    You can get marketing advice by asking for it in the Business forum. Many others have gotten advice about marketing their games in https://www.gamedev.net/forums/forum/23-games-business-and-law/ - you can read those threads and see the advice they've gotten. You can get better feedback by posting in the appropriate forum and asking focused questions about parts of the game you think need improvement. Best not to try to accomplish too much with one post (marketing advice plus promoting your game plus feedback on graphics and game design all in one post, for instance).
  9. Tom Sloper


    No question asked. Closing thread.
  10. Tom Sloper

    What's your opinion on story centric games?

    Personally, I think they're enjoyable to play, but watching someone else play one would bore the heck out of me.
  11. Tom Sloper

    new ideas for video games.

    Then you still need to read that article. And/or read this one.
  12. Tom Sloper

    new ideas for video games.

    This article tells you how to do that. That's unclear. Can you try saying it again with different words? Money IS a problem. Or are you saying you're wealthy? Because if you're wealthy, all you have to do is hire a game development company - preferably one in your country, where they speak your native language. And if you're wealthy, you can ignore the article I mentioned above.
  13. Tom Sloper

    new ideas for video games.

    Sorry, bug, it doesn't work that way. Game ideas are not patentable. Read this article about intellectual property.
  14. Tom Sloper

    sprite collision

    What else does your game need?
  15. Tom Sloper

    new ideas for video games.

    Sorry, bug. It doesn't work that way. Read this article, then start learning how to make games yourself.
  16. Tom Sloper

    Clueless on what to do?

    1. You can make your games yourself, as physical games (board game, card game, paper RPG, etc.). That's a good way to go for non-programmer designers. The game's concept can then be demonstrated convincingly to potential partners. You'll need to figure out how to deal with people, given your autism. 2. I hope you can make good use of the time to get better at dealing with people. Going to another country can be eye-opening and also claustrophobic; like a wise man once said, "everywhere you go, there you are." Your surroundings may be different, but you're still you.
  17. Thanks! FAQ 10 talks a bit about the process, from the point of view of a producer of console games at Activision in the past. The indie process involves different concerns (funding, for starters).
  18. Tom Sloper

    What are some of the things you like in games?

    Moving to appropriate forum.
  19. Tom Sloper

    sprite collision

    And what is that problem?
  20. Tom Sloper

    Is this game a 2d or a 3D game?

    Not a Game Design question. Moving to the appropriate forum.
  21. Tom Sloper

    sprite collision

    Does it work now, Phil? If not, what have you tried (besides posting here)?
  22. Tom Sloper

    Books and articles on game dev

    Maybe something in this list will be useful for you.
  23. Tom Sloper

    Standard Window Size and Tile Size for a 2D Game

    Moved to the correct forum.
  24. I forgot to mention acceleration/deceleration, and the way tires interact with various surfaces. And the physics of flight (airfoils, rigid wings versus flapping wings). All depending, of course, on what kind of games you might work on.
  25. I suppose most game physics involve gravity, leverage, materials, explosions, and propulsion. You can talk to your degree advisor about creating a special "Physics for Games" degree, or take a minor in Physics while working on your CS Masters.
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