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  1. Bare Game, a multiple platform class framework around SDL 2.0, is preparing to release a major new version. To get developers familiar with the project we've updated github with a few minor fixes before the next release. We've also created a simple walkthrough with video and code of the old version. Keep in mind, this framework is quite Bare:   Walk through #1:   Walk through #2:   Quick language overview:   The IDE can also makes cross platform desktop apps a breeze, which is excellent for creating custom game development tools:    
  2. Quote:Original post by Nik02 It is worth noting that beginning with D3D10.1, it is possible to run pixel shaders on per-fragment granularity (instead of per-pixel) to gain "real" antialiasing. Interesting. Since I use OpenGL I was unaware of this D3D feature. Could you perhaps link me to the D3D documentation page describing this enhancement?
  3. I wrote a small article about an shader problem and solution I think you might find interesting: When drawing inside polygons using a GPU shader, if your shader outputs areas containing high contrast lines, those lines will be heavily ailiased. Multisampling does nothing to fix the aliasing, as multisampling only serves to smooth the edges of geometry and not their interior fills. Full article with example screens here:
  4. Hatching

    I wrote up a blog entry on some hatching things I've been playing with. Check it out here with some sample screen shots. (i would have posted images here, but don't know how to use the forum bbcode, if it exists) Hatching: Feedback welcome. TIA
  5. Phun - a 2D physics playground

    Just FYI. I posted a new version of the gear creator utility with the ability to create gear rings .. i.e. a hollowing ring with gear teeth on the inside.
  6. Phun - a 2D physics playground

    Quote:Original post by SilverTab hey there, just letting you know that I'm getting a 404 when trying to download Phun with Gears... Fixed. I put out a new version and forgot to update the link in the article. Thanks for noticing.
  7. Phun - a 2D physics playground

    Quote:Original post by SilverTab sysrpn: This is AWESOME! :D Thank you for your work! Thanks for the response. Sent Emil a message and am kinda of looking for places to promote Phun and tools like what I wrote.
  8. Phun - a 2D physics playground

    To overcome some of Phun's shortcomings, namely the ability to draw straight lines and complex symmetric shapes, I created a tool called the Phun Gear Creator. What this tool does is allow you to create and organize gears, then draw them perfectly in Phun. Check it out here
  9. Quote:Original post by ToohrVyk Also, I believe this has not been mentioned yet: a "Pimp" is always a man. The female counterpart is called a "Madam". Otherwise, this sounds like an excellent concept. Do you have webcam girls too? Yes, at the top of the thread I mention French Bordello Madam and Oriental Massage Parlor Madam. Web cam whore can be aquired if you take over the corner with the internet cafe on it. They have the special power to generate money without regard to The Man or city grid foot traffic and also open up missions like the 'our space' pedophile.
  10. Quote:Original post by Madvillain I have been thinkning more about this game and the actual dynamics of it, how it would really have to work in order to be fun. First of all, set the game in the 60s-70s to conjure the right atmosphere. First of, divide the city into neighborhoods which are in turn divided into blocks. Each block has different types of people livin' in 'em, and hence, different markets. Innitially, what you have to do is to cruise around and research the various blocks so you know where you can profit. As you start your business on a block however, it will change and transform with the way you choose to play it, which in turn, forces you, the player, to adjust for succesfull pimpin. So you will want to play various corners differently - on some corner you may wanna keep it discreet and have luxury hoe professionals, in slum blocks shit wont matter so you just keep runnin as much drugs and hoes as possible (hoes here will be infected, but the costumers wont care since they're allready infected and can't pay much anyway). So a lot of choises are available to the player, keepin' the game content rich, alive and kicking. I say, make a mock-up prototype where you make sure this shit works solidly first, so you have a test bed on which you can try new features and see how they fit in the game balance. This means you will want to make the game design data driven on the technical side; design the engine so it is dependent on scripts (i suggest GameMonkey or Lua, will get you started quickly) and XML (tinyXML is a bliss) ... of course, this has the added bonus of makin' the game moddable, so players can create their own add-ons. Best regards, Madvillain Mad, those are some really good ideas, thought my initial idea was to incorporate a mission type resource. Basically different NPC saround the map will give you, the pimp, missions to complete some task, hand in some item, or to talk to another NPC. These mission givers are not labeled, they might actually be items, are randomly scattered about the city grid, though some may fall around specific locals. For example near a school yard there might be a mission to sell crack to the school kids, or near the fishing warph you might have a mission to send a whore under the docks to give the sailors blow jobs. Yes, your gameplay affects the areas you frequent, so 'base building' is possible, but you do not directly create structures, rather they change over time based on how you play.
  11. Rescue Raiders

    Does anyone here remember Rescue Raiders for the Apple II? That game was so cool. I was thinking the concept coud be redone with today's hardware and the Internet.
  12. Find some popular online swingers/phone sex forums and post pictures of a hot bitch with their phone number. Invite them to personally call you anytime. Repeat ad nauseum with alternate forum types.
  13. Quote:Original post by Vopisk Crooked cop? Please! Dirty Pig! :) Absolutely ZERO morally redeeming qualities remember? Make sure he gets a stat bonus when in the proximity of donut shops and has a gut to prove it! Yes, Dirty Pig sounds much better. Donuts, good ideas. Perhaps eating donuts will also power up Dirty Pig. Quote:Original post by _winterdyne_ You're going to have to have a good variety of types of 'john', as well. Regular 'johns' could be tapped for favours - school principals to allow crack dealing in the school yard (increasing the incidence of runaways to the previously mentioned dumpsters and gang membership), evangelist ministers or catholic bishops could be tapped for cash or political influence... hell, throw rabbi's into the mix for fun as well. Can't be seen to discriminate in your offensiveness. Of course different johns would have different whores in mind - the bishops go after the young rentboys, the ministers after the dominatrices, that kind of thing. Could vary it by individual, but I think the unmitigated and unfounded stereotyping has it's own kind of sick charm. Every country has its own sheepshagger province, so you'll have to provide for them... umm. I'd like to stop thinking about this now. I feel a bit queasy. There's a challenge - to make the first game to make someone physically feel sickened (and not by camera movement). I think this has a chance... Good ideas too. Although certain john types might pay more or more frequently often specific whore types, I wouldn't make it an exclusive relationship. For example the minister might seek out the vampire bitch goddess whore, but will also visit other whores, though ministers that visit vampire bitch goddess will give you more bonuses. Also, the city grid corners you keep shop on can change over time based on how you play the corners. As I said before, if you mix whores and drugs on a corner too much it will turn the block into a slum. A slum lowers the number and quality of pedestrian traffic, but also brings out new NPCs in that area for you to interact with. Can you point me to this sick thread challenge? Oh, we would also like to have a lot of random stuff that happens in the city, like roving gangs of wild teens, and a jack the ripper NPC that shows up every once in a while. Keep the comments coming.
  14. Where did we lose it?

    I did a search on your post and the only question mark I found was in the title. This leads my to believe your post was an opinionated rant. If you want advice, please ask direct questions, otherwise you are only standing on a soapbox.
  15. Quote:Original post by Talroth oh, and if you want to throw another gameplay option into the mix, can we also be able to move up the ranks in the police force, fighting the pimps? This also opens the option of playing both sides at the same time. Be the two faced cop, taking bribes and stuff, and maybe even having your own drug and whore ring. Sounds like a reasonable idea. Maybe Crooked Cop would be a selectable pimp type with a rank stat. He could have a shakedown command that allows his to take money, crack, and information from NPCs. Given these advantages, initially it would be more difficult for him to convert whores. I definitely see Crooked Cop as different play style than the other pimps.