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  1. laserdude45

    Starting a graphics engine

    First off what language will you program it in? Second how much expreince do you have in that language? Programming a graphics engine is no walk in the park... flipcode.com has some tutorials I beleive...
  2. laserdude45

    Do I need a company name?

    Do you have to get your name regiersterd with the goverment?
  3. laserdude45

    BlitzBasic 3D?

    What is your stand on this program do you think it is good? bad? Is it good? Can it be used to make commerical 3d games?
  4. laserdude45

    Where to start?

    Ok can someone PLEASE Give me some links for MDX Im stuck right now in a medium sized hole until someone can provide me with some links to start off my journey to mordor. Lol. P.S. Sry for that double post 2 days ago. :)
  5. laserdude45

    Where to start?

    Can someone please provide me with some links for Trigonometry? Along with some links for MDX? [Edited by - laserdude45 on May 8, 2006 3:13:35 PM]
  6. laserdude45

    Where to start?

    About my math: Let me refrase this. I know math up to 8th grade most math I know is up to 7th grade. I will learn trig. I will learn calcus.
  7. laserdude45

    Where to start?

    So you think C# is easier... Well I guess I can give it a try :) . EDIT: Woah C# Java! They are almost the exact same! This is going to be EASY to learn. [Edited by - laserdude45 on May 7, 2006 6:41:58 PM]
  8. laserdude45

    Where to start?

    My background on these are: 3 Years of general programming. A few months of C++. A half of a year with Java. Math: E... Im a little scared to say because of my age. But I will say I know a LITTLE of calcus. Umm Im not in high school yet so I wouldnt have math knowledge on that level. Of course I know adding subtraction multiplication divison. I know a little bit of algerbra. I hope I gave enough information on this.
  9. laserdude45

    Where to start?

    Where should I start on my journey of Dx9c? The doucmetion? Gameinstitue? Where?
  10. laserdude45

    Visual Cpp help please.

    Thank you so much knowyourole it fixed it!
  11. laserdude45

    Visual Cpp help please.

    1>Project : error PRJ0003 : Error spawning 'cmd.exe'. What is up with that error how do I get rid of it?
  12. laserdude45

    What is a good level editor?

    Speaking of unrealed where can you download it?
  13. laserdude45

    What is a good level editor?

    What should I type in to google to find good ones?
  14. laserdude45

    What is a good level editor?

    I just need a good level editor that spits out a .bsp and that has object terrian editing too.
  15. laserdude45

    What is a good level editor?

    Can someone give me the name and possibly a link of a really good level editor? Thank you, Laser~
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