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  1. steeg

    I want to leave Brazil... Where should I go?

    To hell!! really, it's in the cayman islands...beach, paradise, no work...go there and java will be the last thing on your mind lol [grin]
  2. steeg

    Flight Simulator Physics (Aerodynamics)

    I do think its important to establish an independence between the 2 systems, but I honestly don't know what would be the best way to design this since I've never done a similar project before...maybe someone with a bit more experience in designing physics engines can help you..good luck though
  3. steeg

    Flight Simulator Physics (Aerodynamics)

    you will need to decide from where you're going to approach this problem...the flight simulator and X-plane series use different techniques for the aircraft physics...X-planes implements something called blade element theory, so the actual shape of the aircraft affects its performance. On the other hand, flight simulator uses a configuration file for each aircraft where certain parameters are stablished, like mass, center of gravity, maximum speed, stall speed, you could have a model of a piano and have it flying as an airbus a320 (btw, this is something that has been criticized in the FS series - "garbage in, garbage out").
  4. steeg

    Tracing a Circular Path

    maybe it's a riddle!!...humm, tough one
  5. it's working's pretty nice, I like how the ships have acceleration
  6. "Sorry, this GeoCities site is currently unavailable."... :(
  7. I don't have netbeans installed so I don't know exactly where these options are, but basically, you have to add lwjgl.jar to the build path of your project, this option should be under some kind of "Properties" or "Settings" view for you project.
  8. you won't need anything else...on lwjgl's website under "installation", there are tutorials on how to set it up under eclipse/netbeans/...
  9. Probably some of you have seen this before, but I ran a search and it wasn't here on gamedev, so... List of video games that never got made
  10. oh yeah, good them tribal trouble to get rid of the skeptics that think java and games don't belong together lol...
  11. If I were taking a course like this, I would like to have a finished game at the end, nothing fancy, maybe some kind of space invaders, which would actually be a good example on how to manage objects on the screen, apply collision detection, basically teaching how to set up a simple game skeleton. I think 1/2 years of experience with java is more than enough...I made an arkanoid clone for my second programming course's final project having seen only basic swing stuff in that class. I also think adding a bit of general graphics theory not really related to java would be interesting, just a quick view of the techniques games use to optimize their performances, method used to decide which entities are visible, etc... specially in the 3D environment....This is probably pushing it a little bit, but you have a whole week :)
  12. Not really a question related to any project I'm doing right now, but what would be the best way to implement an option to enable/disable sound effects in a game, since I'm guessing you can't plague your code with if(sound_enabled) before each event that triggers a sound?...Thanks.
  13. steeg

    My new game .

    the graphics look should also add keyboard support for moving the fish around
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