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    Programme Not Executing

    Hi, thanks for that, I downloaded the free dependency walker from http://www.dependencywalker.com/, great tool and immediately shed some light on the problem. My friend was using the lastest re-dist (Feb 07) whilst I had the latest web updated version (April 07) of DX. Dependancy walker picked up the dlls missing on his machine straight away, stange that DX didn't throw up any missing dll dialog boxes.
  2. DIVEinfinityfield

    Programme Not Executing

    Hi Guys, I am sending builds of my game to a friend to test. The most recent of which would not execute on his machine. Firstly I thought this would be a DirectX version number issue, and made sure we both got the same one. I also added a logger to the code(about time to) to see where he was crashing out. On his machine the logger is not even being invoked it seems to me that the programme is not getting as far as calling Main. Strangely older builds work on his machine. Are there any tools out there that we can use to see what exactly is happening once the exe has been clicked on from outside the programme? as this seems to me another programme (virus checker maybe) is intercepting the call and terminating it. Thanks for any help. Gary
  3. Hello All, As part of a university final year project we (team infinity) are producing a totally customiseable multiplayer on-line game. The title for this game is DIVE and we are basing it around Japanese Manga culture. Please see the mock company web site www.infinityfield.co.uk for details. The site is in Japanese , translated by Babelfish, if any one can read it it would be helpful to know if it makes any sense. We are currently in the process of making an English, slahdot, macnn type site to complement this. The game can be tested at this address, please note this is a very early alpha of the game. The demo is 2 player, (w,s,a,d) + (arrow keys), only one player can shoot at the moment (ctrl). As you walk over tiles they turn to your colour and lose health, when they go black they become walls, the AI repairs tiles when they walk over them. Its not ment to be played online so if there are gaps between tiles just resize the window http://www.infinityfield.co.uk/blogs/files/tim/codeSamples/tutorials2MXd.swf As I said before the game will be totally customisable, so at the moment we are running a competition where you can design tiles that we will use in game. Below is a link to an advert, but to quickly summarise it needs to be a 60 by 60 JPG. It needs to be non-progressive. The tile can also have characteristics, ie water, wall, etc. We havn't yet decided final specs so any suggestions will be welcome. Please email your tiles, with the characteristics you wish it to have to promotions@infinityfield.co.uk the advert for the competition can be found at http://www.infinityfield.co.uk/blogs/files/tim/comp1.swf If you wish to contribute anything to our discussions for the development of the game please visit our forum at http://infinityfield.co.uk/forums/index.php Many thanks all, Gary Higham promotions@infinityfield.co.uk
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