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  1. Much better. Good luck forming your team.
  2. You should also post what job you yourself are planning to do for the team. This reads like you're the "idea guy" and will sit back while everyone else does all the work. - Eck
  3. WoA V - The Competition Thread

    Good luck to everyone! @riuthamus - Those assets are pretty awesome. Thank you for sharing those with the community. - Eck
  4. Thank you for sharing this. This would be an excellent topic for a Dev Journal.
  5. Nobody Wants A Cybergod?

    I've read some of your posts and blog entries. I haven't commented before now. But from my point of view, there are two possibilities. You DON'T really have the holy grail of game design. (even though you said it 8 times). You DO really have the holy grail of game design. In the case of number 1, there's nothing for me to do. You don't have this idea that sounds too good to be true. In the case of number 2, there's nothing for me to do. You DO have this idea that sounds too good to be true. One might even call it a million dollar idea... But I don't have a million dollars to give you. And I'm pretty sure no one else here does either. For the most part we're hobbyist game devs and a few of us are professional game devs. In all your posts I haven't seen exactly what you want from the community. You've talked about how awesome you are, about how awesome your idea is, about how ignorant the community is, about how ignorant the games industry is. You've made some exceptionally bold claims and have the attention of some really smart and experienced game developers. So tell us: what exactly do you want? - Eck
  6. You could also consider packaging your stuff up into a Unity store asset. It's pretty easy to do and you'll probably make some cash off of your idea. - Eck
  7. I got some decent hits when I searched google for Unity play youtube video.
  8. A friend of mine from work recommended against Packt books for the exact reasons you mentioned. But like you said, it's only $15, and you can give some/all of that to charity. I went ahead and bought the package. I just looked on Amazon at the Unity books in this package for reviews. They all range from 2-2.5 stars and complain about missing or wrong code, and poorly explained examples. - Eck
  9. How Much Do You Program Outside of Work?

    I think you're only in the wrong profession if you don't enjoy your job. There's a limited number of hours in a lifetime. Most of those hours are dedicated to work, commuting, and sleep. If you can find a job you enjoy and can get paid a reasonable wage, you'll be a happier person. I love programming. But there were times in my career where work was more than enough programming for me. And I've known great coders who don't do much coding outside of work. And none of us were in the wrong profession. Making a cool game is on my list of things to do before I die. To make that happen, I had to play less table-top and computer games. Now I'm a professional game developer so I've been enjoying the hell out of my freetime playing tons of games and rpgs. And yeah I think the audience for your survey is a little biased. Most people here aren't professional game developers, so they do game dev as a hobby or as more serious indie developers. To do that, they have to program outside of work. - Eck
  10. Weekly update #24

    Wow, that's looking really nice.
  11. 3D Low Poly Environment

    $300 will go pretty far on the Unity Asset store. You'll have less control over the assets, but you might find something that fits your theme. Or maybe you could contact the artists of assets that you like and see if you can hire them.!/search/page=1/sortby=relevance/query=low&poly
  12. Resources to get good at math?

    It might be boring, but I think going about it this way is actually a really smart idea. Good luck! - Eck
  13. Space 4X - military bases

    The first thing that popped into my head was you pick an HQ system (or planet). Pick a radius, (or select systems arbitrarily) to say which systems this armada is in charge of. The more systems, and the further away from the HQ, the more resources it takes to defend and patrol a certain area. You can alot a budget of funds and let the AI build and maintain the appropriate ships for you. Or maybe you could assign fleets directly to that region. Maybe you could show different "standard" levels of effect for a given amount of resources. Light or reactionary means you have enough fleets to deal with problems as they come up with reasonable losses to pirates or invaders. Medium means you have enough fleet power to prevent most things from happening, surprise attacks would still deal some damage here. And Heavy has enough fleet power to react quickly even to surprise attacks because you have so many fleet resources allocated. Just clicking the start HQ button and adding planets and funds doesn't solve your problems immediately. It takes time to transport and build fleets. Over time the different armadas shift ships around, build new ships, and based on what they currently have available determines how effective they are at dealing with problems. - Eck
  14. Resources to get good at math?

    It sounds like you already know what you need to do to "get good". I know you said don't recommend Khan Academy, but it's my favorite math resource for self learning. I point people at that and if they're still having problems I'll work with them on understanding the concepts. If the math of a particular lesson is completely going over your head, maybe you don't really understand the previous lesson? And the instructor isn't just writing in different colors because he feels like it, he's writing in certain colors to show what's related. When graphing X-Coordinates might be blue and Y-Coordinates might be red (for example). Wikipedia usually has detailed entries on math concepts, but sometimes it goes a little too deep for a novice. The internet in general is a great resource. Math text books have gotten pretty decent over the years. They're not just a big book of problems and actually teach the concepts in each section. Math teachers (if you're still in school) like teaching math so you can ask for help from them. Math tutors can be hired for a price. Friends who are good at math can be leaned on. What math in particular are you having problems with?
  15. Another thing you can do is use google to search a particular site if that site doesn't have it's own search implemented. So searching for this would search for anything with week of awesome in it, but it would restrict results to topics in the forums. week of awesome