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  1. Yeah, sometimes this is just a public journal/diary of sorts. It's still mostly development related but every once in a while, it's just something cool that's happening in my life. Stay tuned for more programming either this week or next week. Borderlands 2 has its hooks into me pretty good. it was $5 for EVERYTHING so my wife and friends picked it up and we've just been goofing off with it.

  2. We've been on Unity 5.6 for a loooong time. Mainly because that's what we shipped on. With a lull in the action it's a good time to upgrade. I know for sure there are development side improvements like editor speed/memory/optimizations. As for what features the players will see - I'm not sure. I haven't been following the upgrade discussions much. I've been laser focused on this coding straight for 8+ hours a day. :)

    This will almost definitely break mods that had custom contract types, depending on how they implemented it. However, I think the new system will be simple to upgrade to. Basically they'll just need to put a new row in the StreaminAssets/data/enums/ContractType.json and process that file into the MDDB. If there are any serialization issues with save games, they'll have to code up a similar "upgrade path" as I spoke about above. But all of that is relatively simple so they shouldn't be broken for long.

    Plus I'm on a few Battletech modding discords and will answer questions if anyone runs into some serious issues.

  3. @GoliathForge Wow. People read my twitter? Nice! 

    You have nothing to fear from my entry. :) I was only keeping my project secret cause I wasn't sure if I'd have time to finish it. I didn't want to say I was doing it and then fail. :(

    I just started this weekend and got the basics working yesterday. I'll try and post a journal entry today to show my progress so far. I have lots of big ideas but we'll see how far I get on the execution before June 1st. Right now my goal is to produce something that technically meets all the requirements and then see what kind of coolness I can cram in after that. 

    @Rutin I like your enemy and level design that you've shown. Good stuff. :)


  4. I'm happy to help. :) When I first discovered enums oh so long ago, I thought, "These things are awesome! It's a strongly typed value I can use and bring clarity to my code." And that's mostly true. It's honestly not too much trouble to keep bolting on more hard coded logic any time you want to add a new type.

    But once you start working on bigger projects with people who want new things... and they can't code the new stuff themselves... UGH! Now I have to take time out of my day to do some boring grunt work when it should be as simple as someone copying/pasting a file and changing a few values.

  5. On 4/7/2019 at 8:01 PM, JustinKase said:

    Thank you for posting this Eck - and I look forward to seeing more of these (as your time allows)!  Would love to see a future one that talks about some of the tools you made and are in the bundle (like the Flashpoint maker).

    The Flashpoint editor is a beast and would probably need a couple of articles all on it's on. Plus I'd need to learn how to use it! I wrote the tool, but it's just a WinForms app that can load/edit/save the data structures that are there. I don't fully understand what the SimGame calls or how the data is used. However, there's an excellent writeup that Amechwarrior did here: https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/index.php?threads/flashpoint-authors-guide.1153590/

    I'll try to do a write-up on the Contract Parser in the next couple of journals and maybe the Event Parser sometime after that. 

    On 4/7/2019 at 8:01 PM, JustinKase said:

    I'm sure it is safe to say that the Modding Community appreciates the work you do, and how you (and many other HBS staff)work to make our lives easier :D

    Thanks again!

    Aw thanks man. I'm thrilled to be able to help the modding community. I'll pass your thanks along to the rest of the team.

    - Eck

  6. Congratulations on finishing your jam. So many get started, but don't quite cross the finish line. I think your "What went right - #2. Get the simple version complete first, polish later." was a super smart move and good advice for others. :)

    And yeah, debugging Unity with visual studio in a windows environment is dirt simple. Breakpoints, watch windows, Callstacks, etc. It basically plugs right into Visual Studio so you get a fully functional IDE. 

    - Eck

  7. Modding is a great way to start the game development process. Instead of spending a year or two learning how to program, you get to jump in and tinker with stuff seeing immediate (and fun) feedback for your efforts. It's a ton easier to stay motivated than writing "guess a number" games. 

    For those that show interest in programming, I'd guide them towards more code oriented modding (scripting) and also Khan Academy to learn a programming language. It's a great resource.

  8. I'm happy to have inspired a fellow game deveveloper to do mroe game development. Good work! :)

    Also, that UniRx stuff looks interesting. I think I'll try rewatching the presentation a little later in the day once I've woken up completely.

  9. Nice work. I like all the different kinds of turrets you can use. 

    And don't feel bad about dirty code. In a game jam/challenge situation, it's not about academically correct code. It's about getting shit done and out the door. That said, it's usually a good exercise to go back and try and refactor the code into something more "correct". Developing that skill can help you go far in development. - Make it work.(hacky) Make it right. (clean) Make it fast. (optimize if necessary)

  10. Have you considered not using a sphere for your planet? You could have a cube planet instead. 

    Another possible solution is a "flat" ring world, say north and south are your edges of the world.  If you keep walking east, you'll eventually come back from the west side. If you walk north, you hit a wall. Or fall off the edge of the world into space. 

    Or a torus (doughnut) world. Same as the ring world, but instead of north and south being borders, walking north wraps around down to the south side.

    There doesn't have to be a curve for these solutions, so the problem goes away. :)

    - Eck


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