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Article Comments posted by Eck

  1. This article doesn't seem to say very much. For example, the Testing section says that when developing procedurally generated games,  you need to test thoroughly. That can be true of any game. And there's one line that says make sure you can still complete the objectives on procedurally generated levels. But it doesn't give any advice on how to accomplish that. The rest of the sections are equally light on content.


    Also, around the large pictures, there are div tags visible in the text.

  2. I was going to write up a note about some of those advantages aren't necessarily advantages when I saw that sirpalee beat me too it. I agree with him. smile.png
    For the "Immediate Updates and Improvements" - sometimes patches to the server will break your code.

    As for "Integration with other web services and applications" - any application with a connection can hit other web services and applications. Not just those tied to online video game engines.

  3. I've tallied non-ranged enemies in ALTTP for how many of them actually have a melee attack and the results are as follows:
    30 'melee' enemies don't have an attack.
    3 'melee' enemies actually have an attack:
    - Ball & Chain Soldier
    - Stal (the one that eats your shield)
    - Stalfos Knight (kinda).

    Wow, only 3? It's impressive that the game could be as fun as it was with 30 enemeis that don't do anything but try to run into you... smile.png

    Very cool article Orymus3.
    - Eck

  4. The Viewport being a singleton is a design decision you're free to make, but it also has some drawbacks. Most people will have a knee-jerk reaction saying, "Global variables are bad!" without giving any reason as to why. In this case, it might make the following features more difficult - split screen, mini-map. I think you should mention some of this instead of just the benefits of the singleton pattern.


    Overall though, good article.

  5. Very nice article sir. It's nice to see real wisdom spelled out every so often, and I'm truly happy for you.  I'm blessed enough to be in a similar situation with a supportive wife and a decent chunk of time to dedicate towards game development. 


    Congratulations on the progress you've made so far. I can't wait to get to that point where my collection of parts starts coming together.


    I wish you the best with Child 2.0's health, balancing being a good father/husband, and still somehow making progress on your game with a newborn in the house.

  6. ...


    Thanks for some worthwhile insights. Even if they might seem obvious after reading, the best insights usually do.


    Agreed. Very insightful sir. 


    Since I started taking a more serious crack at indie-game development, I've started analyzing the games I play more. The Hearthstone "unwrapping of your reward" is something I noticed as well. They could have just instantly showed your rewards. Instead, there's a huge show of exciting visuals and a build up of anticipation. I'd say a large amount of time went into designing that whole experience.


    - Eck

  7. Very cool article sir. However, I was a bit mislead by the title "5 Bone Fully Rigged Humanoid Character". I was thinking that you'd be walking me (a completely ignorant modeler) through how to create a... 5 Boned Fully Rigged Humanoid Character. :) This was quickly cleared up by the intro paragraph modifications you made.


    Perhaps a better title might be Optimizing Models by Reducing Bone Count or something similar.


    The images and animations are perfect for this. Excellent job there.


    And you're right, I see all kinds of "reduce your polygon count" articles, but this is the first "reduce your bone count" optimization article I've seen. I think this article very much needed to be written. Good job.


    If you're able, you might include some metrics to show an estimation of how much of an optimization it is. Put up a table of 1, 10, 100, 1000 skinned models with 20, 10, 5, 4 bones.


    If you're taking requests, I'd love to see a "from the ground up" modeling/rigging/kinematics/skinning article (or series) written by you. :)


    - Eck

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