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  1. Deepest condolences to you and your family Benjamin Roach
  2. Just curious on if anyone has seen/talked/heard about Nehe (Jeff Molofee?). I knew when he gave up the NeHe site to gamedev he was going through some rough times - I was just curious if anyone from the staff or in general kept in contact with him. He was a huge help when I started learning OGL a few years ago, it was sad to see him go through such a rough patch with his family's medical and financial issues. . . Roach
  3. Gunman in Virginia Tech massacre had raised concerns with his disturbing writings Seems to me that this guy had "issues" and should have been watched a lot more carefully. It seems that this guy was "going" to do something, reguardless of if he had a gun or not. He wasn't well in the head and thats what caused him to kill people - not the gun. Roach
  4. Quote:Original post by xanin On that point, I think a lot of people are screwed up in the head. Here is what I believe about guns for self-defense: 1) You should make sure you know how to properly care for and utilize your weapon. You shouldn't just buy one and assume all you need to do is "point and click" - while mostly true, you really should become competent user of your firearm. 2) If you pull out your gun, and especially if you point it at someone, you had better be willing to pull that trigger. An armed robber who was just going to take your wallet might now shoot your ass instead because you waved a gun in his face. If you're not willing to shoot them first, don't even mess around with it. I agree with you 100% - Education is key when it comes to guns. Make it mandatory for all people who buy guns to go through a safety training cource and I would be very happy. Hell - make it mandatory that all school children take a basic class on gun safety (what to do if they found one, how to properly handle one, etc).
  5. Whatever happened to people simply knowing the difference between Right and Wrong? And then holding that person responsible for doing something that is widely considered wrong? There are somewhere between 300-20,000 Gun laws on the books in the USA (depending on who you want to believe). A a lawful gun owner myself (12 gauge pump action shotgun, 22 Caliber semiautomatic riffle, 9mm pistol), I have found it increasingly difficult to carry and buy a gun legally. First and foremost - I need to renew my FID card (Firearms Identification Card) which is according to law and punishable by 1 year in prison if caught with a firearm and not in position of this card. To get an FID card I first need to pony up over $100 per year (its more and more each year), and meet with my local Police Chief in my town to discuss WHY I want/need to own a firearm. The Police Chief has the right to deny me this FID card for whatever reason he wishes. Also - a full background check, etc is needed before the FID card application gets sent out to the Firearms Safety Bureau. I also need to be aware of all firearms laws on the books and make sure I am following all of those laws (some contradict themselves, which is always fun to discuss with the local chief!). I am willing to bet that 90% of all people charged with Murder and illegal shootings do not meet with their local Police to get a FID card. To buy a gun legally - a form needs to be filled out by the seller and purchaser of the gun to record the sale both on the State, Town, and Federal level - all serial numbers need to be recorded, and it is then up to the new owner of the gun to be responsible for that weapon at all times. (i.e. if a crime is committed with that weapon - the person who's name appears as owner of that weapon is considered responsible of a crime). How many "rightful" owners of guns in the US that are used in crimes are ever "held responsible"? - My guess is not too many. Any ammunition bought must be bought by a person with an FID card. Unfortunately, stores like WalMart will sell ammo and guns to anyone regardless of if they have an FID card or not - Walmart goes unpunished in most cases because the person behind the counter selling the weapon "didn't know". (hell - it's happened to me - I bought 22 caliber ammo and was never carded by the person at the counter! For a pistol permit - at least in Massachusetts, you need to not only have an FID card, but go through a full day training class on gun safety, and also meet with your friendly local PD to discuss with him your need/want for a pistol permit. This needs to be done every 2 years. Fact is, for a average law-abiding citizen who (like me) likes to hunt, target practice and have a gun for protection (since the police can't be everywhere!) - it is getting much more expensive and time consuming to do so. New Laws typically only punish the law abiding citizen, while the people that do the crimes seldom, if ever - face the simple consequences of being in position of the gun illegally in the first place. I would NEVER EVER think to use a gun on another human being unless that person was putting my life or families life in danger. My parents actually thought me right from wrong, and showed me at an early age (and often throughout my life) the proper handling of a firearm and to always consider it loaded. In my view - it's not the laws that have to change - it that those laws on the books need to be enforced, and that people need to be educated on gun safety the way I and may other law abiding gun-possessing citizens have been taught. We have mandatory training and tests to drive a car, have MULTI-MILLION mandatory drug education programs in schools, and tons of state and federal programs to support sports and extra curricular activities in our schools, but we have NO MONEY and NO PROGRAMS in our schools to teach kids simple gun safety and how to resolve problems with people without the use of handguns. Will accidents continue to happen with guns - of course. Will Killings by gun still occur - of course. But sweeping the problem of guns under the table and keeping people ignorant about them is doing nothing to fix the problem, all it's doing it making it tougher for hunters and sportsmen (and sportswomen) to buy guns legally. Laws only work if they are enforced.
  6. I'm too lazy to seach for these, but they were classics Dwarfsoft's End to Goblin genocide thread. The famous Uh, No thread. Most of Nes8bits crap threads . . . Roach
  7. The poster of the 1 millionth post should receive a free GdNet+ membership (if they don't have one). If they are already a GdNet+ member, then they should receive access to staff and moderator only Avatars and other special features. just a thought :) Roach
  8. I just hope the movie is better than that trailer! Ugg, not funny . . . And I love the Simpsons! Roach
  9. AFC contenders: Indy - Great offence, BAD defence - they can't stop the run and that's what you need to do in the playoffs. They will implode as they always do. San diego - Currently the best team in the NFL - but they too always implode in the Playoffs. Baltimore - Great Defence, decient offence - but still I'm not overly impressed. Cinci seemed to handle them easially the other night. Patriots - ok Offence, ok Defence, been there before - If the secondary can hold up these guys might be able to fly under the radar and get to the SB again. They have the best QB (and coach) in the playoffs and that means a lot. Wild Card teams: J-E-T-S - Coming on strong, but I still think they have too many holes to make a big impact if they make it in. Denver - Falling fast, and can they do any damage in the playoffs with a rookie QB? Cinci - If there defence can play like they have been - they will be dangerious and will upset someone in the playoffs. NFC (the Junior Varsity of the NFL) Bears - Two words - Rex Grossman. If he smartens up (doubtful) and can manage a game - they will be in the super bowl. Cowboys - I like them, but can they control T.O? Can Romo really be this good? And can they find a kicker that will do the job in the clutch? Saints - Would love to see them go far in the playoffs, but I just don't see them matching up against the Bears or Dallas. Seahawks - Simply not as good as they were last year, while everyone else has seemed to get better. Does it really matter who else gets into the playoffs in the NFC? They are horrible! My Superbowl showdown: Pats V.S. Cowboys - Pats win 24-21. (Stephen Gostkowski kicks the game winning FG - Past fans say Adam who?) my 3 cents (up for inflasion) Roach
  10. Dave and Rick Hoyt are actualy members of my gym in Auburn, Mass (probibly a member of a few others around too, I'm sure he has a free membership in most places). I got to meet Dick Hoyt a few times, wonderful guy - build like a Simi (does not fit the frame of an average runner). The guy is amazing - just a true insperation. Roach
  11. It's a great big universe And we're all really puny We're just tiny little specks About the size of Mickey Rooney. It's big and black and inky And we are small and dinky It's a big universe and we're not. - Animaniacs (Sorry - had to do it). Roach
  12. Shine On You Crazy Diamond . . . Syd Barret, lead singer of Pink Floyd and possibly one of the most influential people ever in Rock music has died. I have some of his old stuff (first Pink Floyd albums and also his first solo CD) - and some of his stuff was really great. Any other people have his old stuff? Roach
  13. Quote:Original post by Rain 7 Quote:Original post by capn_midnight Quote:Original post by Ravuya I also hear you chaps have large alligators in your toilets. only after I've been there. You crap out large alligators??? Don't you?
  14. The condo originally listed for near 200k back in October, but because of the market slowing down - it fell almost 40k. (The owners bought it for less than 75k over 5 years ago - so they still made a good chunk of cash off of it!). I'm out in Central Mass so prices arn't that crazy, but out near Boston - Prices for the same condo would have been about 400-500k easially. I wanted to buy something that I knew that I could afford on my part time work schedule as a software engineer (I'm also trying to start my own video business on the side) - so I went conservative on the price of the condo. I was pre-approved for over 500k - but I knew I couldn't afford that and eat at the same time :). Intrest rates are now in the 7% area - no more 5%s anymore - so that affected my decision as well to buy low :( Thanks for the congrads. Its a really nice area, with a pool - Tennis and B-Ball courts in a nice wooded area in a suburbian town. Will eventually post some photos - house inspection is this weekend. Roach
  15. After 6+ months of searching - I can now officially say that I am in Major Debt! But at least I have some place to rest my head at night. Finally bought a condo - 2 bedroom/2 bath for 165,000 in Central Massachusetts. The mortgage is a little bit higher than I wanted, but it's the small stuff that's killing me right now! House inspection - $280 Lawyer for Purchase and Sale Agreement: $250 Offer security: $500. Closing costs: $2700. Plus I'm sure that there will be other little items along the way that will cost me a few hundred here or there. Overall though - it's worth it. Been saving for over 5 years (even when in Grad School) for this moment - and now I just have to hope that the housing market doesn't take a major dive in the next 5-10 years. Roach