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  1. Quote:Original post by pTymN So is multiplayer as simple as hooking up some xbox 360 controllers to my usb ports? I'm just curious because most older games (DX3 era!) that I can remember had issues after 2 joysticks, but then I wasn't using USB joysticks back in those days. i haven't tried using xbox controllers. hmm.. im using an usb adapter to play with my ps2 controller. hmmmMmmm.. if you do try it, is it possible to adjust the controller so it plays in digital mode instead of analog mode?
  2. *link to the old thread* Old news! Hello people! I'd like to present to you guys the newest demo~ It was long overdue but here it is: DL here please!! (^_^)/ What exactly is this game? It's basically an action rpg game using old school graphics. It combines rpg elements, fighting-game elements, side scrolling platform elements and the typical dungeon-crawling elements.. all into one game.. lol! What's new in this game (compared to the old version)? Heres the list: -Rpg mode -Many new weapons -Platform levels -Very.. ummm.. linear... quests.. lol.. doh -Co-op play on the same computer (up to 4 players) -And other things i forgot!! The instruction page has been updated too. Instruction for newbies few new pics: heres a link to a new video. it's really not as action packed as the old video. ** Doh, youtube might be doing an update thingy. it could be down. :( Linky!! *** Oh, i figured i would post the old material here as well********** old video! (sexy action!) Linky!! Also, please post any bugs you might come across! or post them on our forums at forums! Our site is at www.gginteractive.net Alrighty then, once again, thank you for your time reading this thread and flame away!! (>_<)
  3. I know.. THE FRIGGEN SAVE FEATURE!! GYAAA oh.. right, it is technically in the game.. but.. hmm. yea.. I only wanted the save feature in the rpg mode.. but I suppose i should put it in arcade mode as well. lolololz!! but.. the arcade mode is like.. only a 20 min game at most.. soo.. yea.. ahhaha. YIKESSSSSS +4!! hmm.. the available move list can be accessed in the itemmenu/movelist... i know its quite unreadable.. but.. yea.. haha, it is there.. though.. hmm, yea.. i suppose you can't see it in recording mode.. i guess i'll fix that. ahhahaha yea. good suggestions in the record mode. My friend kept saying i should implement the "what you pressed" thingy.. ahha.. man.. it's funny how i forget things soo quickly. lawlzzz!!! and.. oh.. you dont like the (:0^_^)::0 fighto? lolol.. i suppose i can make it look more.. cooler.. a real demo? oh sure.. yea.. that will come out sometime.. umm, during november.. i hope.. i hope i don't pull a "Blizzard" AHHAHAHAHAHAH ZINNGG!!!!!!! ahahahha (I'm JOKING PLEASE DON'T KILL MEEEEE) err.. ok.. umm. yea.. Right now, i'm finalizing on co-op mode.. so to speak.. ahha.. I really couldn't get a nice network structure working.. (i'd have to change lots of the game play mechanics so yea.. poop).. the network code is still in the current build.. its just.. yea.. ahha.. being ignored.. awesome programming huh? more useless crap in my program. lololol!! oh but umm, the co-op mode is basically.. if you have siblings or friends or imaginary friends, you can play together with your own chars and etc.. not too awesome.. but.. yea... lol.. in the next demo, the other half of the regular special moves are going to be enabled as well another super move. however, the special moves in the current demo will be disabled. anyhow, I hate shamelessly bumping my own thread but.. yea.. thanks for the suggestions and comments!!! I really appreciate them!! if you find any more.. bugs.. please email me at hayatoy@yahoo.com or post some nonsense in our forums at http://www.gginteractive.net/phpBB2/ (pretty desolated.. i know.. but.. lolol)
  4. hey thanks! oh, and ya, im the programmer/artist
  5. James Gregory: Oh, spelling mistakes? dohhhhhhhh >_< barakus: Ahh, thank you for pointing that out. It seems like an easy enough bug but it's a bug where I can't seem to find. :((( Could you tell me what types of enemies there were? Were there actual humanoids in the battle? Or just monsters? or maybe both? Thanks guys for trying out/testing the game!! (^_^)/
  6. Thank you for the reply good sir!! Hmm, I agree with the 4 critiques! However, I have to ask a few questions first. The character movement. Was the running speed too slow? If you were just walking.. I do believe the character is too slow. However, once you run, I do not know if thats too slow.. I'll keep that in mind!! The sword transitions... The launching attack purposefully made the character not be able to recover quickly due to game balancing. When the characters were able to move and attack at the same time, the game got ridiculously easy. So I made ground-fights all stationary (well, while attacking). However, air combos limits your up/down movement so I gave the freedom of actually moving while attacking in the air. Kinda weird but.. yea.. >_< Anyhow, thank you for the suggestions!! (xbox live seems like a real hard chore me though.)
  7. Thank you kind sir!! Thanks for pointing out that poopy bug. Since you encountered it on the first stage, I think I can narrow that bug down. woowoo! thanks!
  8. BIZZZZUMPPAGE demo is outy **** Oh, thank you for the kind words (^_^)/ [Edited by - hayatosama on October 27, 2006 8:48:35 PM]
  9. ************ NEW NEWS*************************************************** ************************************************************************ New edit! (^_^)/ (if i shouldn't re-bump this thread, please do tell!) ************************************************************************ Hello people! I'd like to present to you guys the newest demo~ It was long overdue but here it is: DL here please!! (^_^)/ What's new in this game? Heres the list: -Rpg mode -Many new weapons -Platform levels -Very.. ummm.. linear... quests.. lol.. doh -Co-op play on the same computer (up to 4 players) The instruction page has been updated too. Instruction for newbies few new pics: heres a link to a new video. it's really not as action packed as the old video. ** Doh, youtube might be doing an update thingy. it could be down. :( Linky!! Anyhow, once again, thank you for your time reading this thread!! ***The stuff below here are old thingies. Nice video though. :)** ***************************************************************** ***************************************************************** ***************************************************************** **** OLD NEWS*********************** Anyhow, thanks for reading this thread m(_ _)m I'd like to share a recent video my friend and I made for our game. We have shamelessly uploaded the video on youtube.. which is located here: Linky!! The demo of this absurd game will be out on fridayish (oct 26). I'd like to release the demo out right now but there are a few minor weirdness in the game that needs to be addressed. So this game is a.. fighting/sidescrolling/rpg game... aka: Super Fighting Hyper Action Sidescrolling Oldschool Mega Awesome RPG Game Our site is located at www.gginteractive.net It's pretty lonely there so feel free to register and post some nonsense! :) I will once again shamelessly bump this thread once a demo is out. Thank you all for your time and have a nice day!! (^_^)/ ***********old newsLOL********************************************* Here are a few screenshots to.. uhh, make this seem like a better update: (pics are not from demo lol..) mmmm.... yea.. so.. here is the demoooooooooooooooo: DL here please!! (^_^)/ The instructions are located at: Instruction for newbies This may cause seizures so.. yea.. not our fault.. This is to showcase the battle system so the game may not be balanced... Most of the moves are missing because this is a demo version... A real demo version will be out around NOV 15th..ish.. i think.. This version will actually have a storyline (which we dont have one yet..) and whatnot.. so yea.. FEEDBACK PLZ~! (^_^)/ *edit* Oh, if the game is running slowly, please change the config.ini file. The format of the file is pretty.. gimpy.. but.. the first value is the width of hte screen.. the second is the height.. the third is the bits per pixel and the last value makes the game fullscreen or not.. heres an example 640 480 16 -1 -1 means its not going to be in full screen anything else will be fullscreen make sure they are numbers.. and.. yea.. thats it.. ************************************** another edit.. lololol ************************************* For those that do not know how to combo stuff, please go to the Play recording section and check out some of the combos you can do in the demo. In the recording area, your weapon/elemental/tactical mastery is maxed out (well, in the demo limits) so all the moves are available. If you get some awesome combo, press F6 to save your recording and perhaps post them on the forums!! (^_^)/ [Edited by - hayatosama on January 31, 2007 11:38:53 PM]
  10. Woo, judging from the screenies, the game looks fun~! Dling right now~~~~~ (>_<)
  11. Hero of Allacrost: Tech Demo!

    nice demo~ (^_^)/ I can't wait till its finished. Oh, also, I played with a joystick and upon going into the menu/status/whatnot, when i press "->", it thinks im repeatedly hitting the "->" button. the "<-" seems fine as it only registers one button keystroke. other than that, good stuff~
  12. Ice Tower 3D Demo

    Nice little game~ the game ran wicked fast though. :( I kept dying within a second of gameplay.. seems like I was pointing towards the water whenever the game started. :( anyhow, good stuff
  13. Super Mario Brothers 3 remake

    Quote:Original post by Quasimodem LMAO. This thread delivers! Voted 5. QFT
  14. World, Meet Crystal Tiger

    hehe, if i knew a console was made by 2 teenagers, i'd buy it out of curiosity. :) but good luck with all of this. its...... its quite a task.. lol!
  15. Project Phoenix Ver 0.54A

    AHh cool cool. I don't want to nitpick here but will the spacedust somewhat interact with the environment besides going down? If not, perhaps you can treat the space dust like the background.. Make a couple space dust textures(by space dust texture, i mean.. make a texture where there are several space dusts) and overlap them and move them in different speeds. Instead of drawing 10k particles, you can probably get away with only drawing 40-50 particles. ahh well, dont wanna change your idea of the game so continue on~
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