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  1. 3H-GDC m.V: Something Special (winner: BeanDog)

    DrewGreen: Don't worry. It seems to be a common reaction, and something I sort of expected. It's probably impossible to do well on your first attempt, you have like 1 second to find the right key and press it :) My game is definitely one you have to try and retry many times if you are to get any kind of fair impression from it (which you obviously did).
  2. 3H-GDC m.V: Something Special (winner: BeanDog)

    Hmm... car physics eh? Might have been, I tend to do that :P EDIT: Ah, the profile page has been fixed - you mean Island Racers? I remember commenting on that one, yeah. I'm fairly surprised I did so well considering how harsh my game apparently is... with comments like this: "- first attempt - read readme, run game, impressed by graphics, watch as my character falls to his death before I've put my fingers on the keys, say "what?"." you don't tend to hold much hope ;) I should definitely have added a restart button, don't know why I didn't take the extra 15 seconds to implement one. I just panicked like crazy when there were 10 minutes left or so. Next time (if there is one) I'll probably try to take a more chilled approach. Congratz to prize winners! (and everyone else who finished)
  3. 3H-GDC m.V: Something Special (winner: BeanDog)

    scgrn: Yay, now it works! Indeed it plays smoothly, and it's surprisingly hard too! I can't understand why the cheese beams keep insisting on just barely missing the monkeys, it always causes me to steer right in front of one and end up being hit. Not the most innovative entry, but it sure is well executed. I must say theme adherence is a bit iffy too... anyways, my record is 730 pts - I shehe! ;)
  4. 3H-GDC m.V: Something Special (winner: BeanDog)

    matt_j: Yours was cool, took me a while to get what I was supposed to do (just fired at the falling debris at first), but when I did it was like "Woah, it's Lemmings! sort of..." :) Not very challenging, true. And not much variety, but it's a cool concept and digging through large objects bit by bit is always fun. Repair drones would probably have been sweet, swarming around the hole trying to fill it in while you blast them with more laser vengeance ;) Maybe a more continuous beam would have been nice too, so you could "melt" into the wall through short bursts. d000hg's game was also nice, although it lacked some challenge to make it last. The idea of having to quickly choose which buildings to sacrifice is interesting. Endurion's entry made me spend way WAY too much time coasting through space gathering money to buy that stupid radar device... and now he's doubled the price of it!! ;) The game had some relaxing exploration quality to it though and could have been a nice waste of time if it had some soft music and more stuff to buy... and maybe some challenges along the way, although dying after spending half an hour gathering crap would probably make you chew your arms off in frustration :) Well, those were some of my random impressions... brought to you courtesy of me having nothing better to do and doing everything in my power to avoid going to bed. It's embarrasingly late over here, better sleep now so I can get up in time for tomorrow's 5 pm lecture, bleh :P
  5. 3H-GDC m.V: Something Special (winner: BeanDog)

    That's an awfully big obsession with color use for a compo that was supposed to not be about graphics... imho ;) Anyways, you actually got scgrn's entry to run? Now I _really_ want to play it :) Also, did you ever fall through an upward-facing "platform" in my game? That's not supposed to be possible, but otherwise you can pass through all parts of a star if you enter from the side for instance. It's a bit quirky but that's what you get for pushing us so hard! :P
  6. 3H-GDC m.V: Something Special (winner: BeanDog)

    If it's that close then maybe you should call in a few additional judges, both to make it easier and to ensure it's a fair decision.
  7. 3H-GDC m.V: Something Special (winner: BeanDog)

    I do seem to have those dll's, and I did put the exe with the .dat files. The error though isn't something I've seen before. It's something about the program's configuration being wrong and that "reinstalling it might help", or something to that effect (it's in swedish).
  8. 3H-GDC m.V: Something Special (winner: BeanDog)

    Thevenin: I couldn't run your fixed version of scgrn's exe... I tried and tried and tried to compile it myself but my environment (vctoolkit2003) is so messed up at the moment that it really takes some magic and divine guidance to build a new project... none of which were available at this time. ToohrVyk: Indeed there seemed to be situations where one command didn't work at first but was "unlocked" by doing something else. I don't remember "looking at pipes" though, so that can't be it. The levers were a bit wonky but I got past them after some trial and error (and swearing). In the last room I am almost certain that I wrote the right sentence at first but it didn't "take" until I had prayed once more and gotten an insulting reply from the game... oh well, it was all good fun as I said earlier ;)
  9. 3H-GDC m.V: Something Special (winner: BeanDog)

    scgrn: Thanks, and I'm afraid your "fixed" version crashes just as hard as the original one. I downloaded it and unzipped it into a new folder just in case any of the old data was messing things up, but no luck...
  10. 3H-GDC m.V: Something Special (winner: BeanDog)

    I did it! I beat the interpreter! Ahem... got the generic artifact at least ;) Good clean fun even though it caused some aggression.
  11. 3H-GDC m.V: Something Special (winner: BeanDog)

    BeanDog: Yeah, your game wasn't very challenging... but it sure was soothing and fun herding those stars around while listening to various kinds of music. I'm not sure what my neighbors thought about the loud schlurping noises that occured from time to time when I happened to shove an unusually large amount of stars into the hole though... I was playing this a few hours after midnight :)
  12. 3H-GDC m.V: Something Special (winner: BeanDog)

    Thevenin: A good strategy is to press up before you land to ensure that you don't put too much spin on the stars. You also have to land in the right places to avoid accumulating rotation in the same direction. I don't find the regular screen size much of a hindrance - if you can do it by "cheating" you should be able to do it legitimately too. EDIT: Has anyone completed ToohrVyk's game yet? I think I need a walkthrough for that one, it's driving me crazy ;) [Edited by - DrPetter on February 11, 2006 9:08:03 PM]
  13. 3H-GDC m.V: Something Special (winner: BeanDog)

    Thevenin: You dirty dirty cheater!! ;) Good job on the bug hunt, and I didn't even think about that screen size issue... guess I should start making my windows non-resizable :P Can you beat my highscore of 24539 pts (without cheating)? EDIT: scgrn - your game still crashes on my box
  14. 3H-GDC m.V: Something Special (winner: BeanDog)

    HAHAHA! I just realized a bug caused a rather hilarious typo on level 7 of my game... let's see if you can spot it :D OMG, that's priceless... only in a 3H compo, I say :P
  15. 3H-GDC m.V: Something Special (winner: BeanDog)

    Crap, I just realized mine isn't very challenging after all... should have tweaked it a bit differently. Oh well, at least it's innovative or something :) EDIT: I took the liberty of tweaking it and put up a new version: new zip (I mailed it too) I don't know how tight you are about the deadline, but if it's ok I would like to enter this as the final version...