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  1. firing Simulator

    thanks for your reply. i got the direction
  2. firing Simulator

    Dear All currently i am working on 3D firing simulator just like virtual cop in which we move the mouse on the screen to hit the target on 3D seen. I am confused that how the mouse position (XY coordinates) uses to find hit/miss of the target in 3D world (XYZ coordinate).
  3. Small arm weapon simulator

    Dear All Currently i am working on weapon simulator. the project scope is The trainee has a gun in his hand standing around 10 to 15 away from the screen on which some 3D scenario is running having different targets moving or static. Whenever the trainee the presses the trigger its hit or miss result will be seen on the visual screen. Also its feedback will be sent to the some other PC on the network as well Problem: How i can know where the trainee has point the gun on the screen or whether the target is hit or miss Best Regards Shamim
  4. Dear All Currently i have started working on small arm weapon simulator. What i required is, i have a weapon and screen on which some scenario/targets are running. The trainee is standing around 10 to 15 feet away from the screen with the weapon in his hand. Once the trainee press the trigger, i need the coordinates on the screen where the weapon has pointed so that i can process his shot. Or some one has some better idea about how to identify the position of shot on the screen. Can anyone has idea about the technique used in professional firing simulator to get the position of shot on the screen. Best Regards Shamim
  5. Dear All I am working on 3D missile simulator. Before firing the missile on the target user also define the Hit probability of the missile as input parameter. for example user can enter 90 as hitting probability. I am confused that how to implement this criteria in my application such that sometimes missile hits and some times misses the target according to the hit probability entered by the user. thanks in advance
  6. Thanks for your feedback guys. I want to confirm one thing. when we say "system synchronize with the same time source" is it means that every system calls a separate PC on network called it "time server" first to get the time value and then display the pre buffered frame accordingly or it it some thing else. [Edited by - coolshamim on May 30, 2010 1:40:18 AM]
  7. Dear all i am working on 2D missile trajectory simulator. before launching the missile the user also enter the hitting probability of the missile to the target. i am not getting how to implement this probability logic in my application so that some time it hits and some time its misses according to the entered probability. the game cycle time is 1 second. Thanks in advance
  8. i want to build my own solution. So far i have tried the following solution. i have created a WPF base client application in which "mediaElement" control is used to playback the video on each client application. the server application is used to send commands (load,play , pause , resume etc) to all clients using asynchronous remoting. right now i have tried this solution with two client PCs, but the problem is that i am facing maximum delay of about .5 seconds while videos playback simultaneously on two clients. please friends let me know how to remove the delays so that movies will come perfectly synchronous on all the clients
  9. Dear all I am working on 3D missile trajectory simulator. i am facing problem in calculating the next position (Latitude, longitude) of the missile. The scenario is A missile is placed in a launcher at place (Latitude1 , longitude1) with launcher elevation of 45 degree. The direction of the launcher is 120 degree w.r.t true north. The missile is fire with the initial velocity of 500. I am confused in calculating the next position (Latitude2 , Longitude2 & altitude) at any time t. Thanks in advance
  10. Dear all i have two movies of identical size and of the same location but with different viewing angle. These two movies are placed on two different computers. Now i want to run these two movies simultenouly from 3rd pc (called it server). what is the best way to play these movies so they will shows a single continous and synchronized (frame by frame) output thanks in advance [Edited by - coolshamim on May 23, 2010 12:21:48 AM]
  11. Dear all I have a application in c# that takes continous values from network and plot it on the graph continously at runtime. what i want to do is to send this continous data on the printer as well so that the graph will also generate on the printer continously basis on the live data coming from the network (just like ECG output which continously take input from patient and generates the output). I have tried and googled but not find the way to handle continous live data printing in c# Thanks in advance Best Regards shani
  12. Record & Replay Utility

    Hi; I have developed first person shotter game. now i want to add record and replay feature in it. Can anybody let me the technique or utility other than saving states/events in file and playback in the same sequence for record and replay. Thanks in advance
  13. View Port Issue

    Dear All I have a applcation which is horizontal span on two monitors. The application is actually sea envionrment. According to our requirement we have two view port. One view port is covering area of both forms (both monitors) on which only sea is rendered while second view port covers only half area (single monitor) contains buildings/terrain on the sea. We have given yaw pitch roll to both view port scene but the problem is that when view port area is same then both sea and corresponding buildings have synchronized yaw pitch roll. when change the view port size as define then it seems that building get more yaw pitch roll and buildings get sink in sea. to give the effect of yaw pitch roll actully camera is given yaw pitch roll. thanks in advance
  14. Yaw Pitch Roll effect

    Hi guys MJP you are right i want that once my ship being rotated by the waves then my ship will can turn w.r.t this new orientation.
  15. Hi guys I am working on ship Simulator and want to incorporate 04 differents real time movement effects on ship depending upon sea wave pattern. the movements are yaw, pich, roll & rotationY (for ship manuevring/turning). In am using D3DX 8.0 (C++) in my code. The problem is that i have found only RotationX , RotationY , RotationZ matrix in directX which i am using for giving yaw , pitch , roll effect on ship. Kindly let me know that how should i incorporate the turning effect simultenouly with all the other three motions. If i use RotationY for ship turning then how should perform the ship Yaw effect simultenously.
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