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    Best part of angels 22. Flying in low over the ocean towards a ship, dropping a bomb that would skim across the waves then pulling up just in time. Also, having a missile chase you, speeding away on afterburner, doing a quick 180 special move thing, and then spraying the oncoming missile with bullets. Ahhhh, bliss.
  2. Manaxter

    3 new concepts + a new gun + other stuff

    Imagine seeing all those gansters running towards you! THAT is what I want to see in this game!
  3. Manaxter

    Help me pick the Urban Empires box art....

    #2 or #3. I don't like the stark renders of the gangsters. #3 looks more evil than gangster though. If you live through these next few months, you'll be my hero!
  4. Manaxter

    Name Change...

    "Urban Justice" ... I like it!
  5. Manaxter

    Story & Vision

    "Is that good or bad? :)" Good. Very good. Reminds me of a movie I saw a little while ago, just can't think what!
  6. Manaxter

    Story & Vision

    1. Yay, Skirmish is back. 2. The US was defeated by epsilon in a very short period of time. Hang on. Epsilon = Canada + Mexico + Guns. And they wiped out the US? Perhaps my knowledge of world military powers is not what it should be but when I read "It was a very short war" I immediately thought US had won. 3. "The Second Corporation War is now underway, and every person on the planet is about to be caught up in its chaos." Perhaps caught up in THE chaos. It really feels like that's the one liner of all your marketing campaigns. 4. Epsilon and Sigma, what is stopping them from nuking / other-massive-weapon-ing the UM (lol. UN?) or the NMF? Or each other for that matter? Two massive corporations are fighting and NOT resorting to the 'big guns'? Perhaps there is some sort of reason why this is so, and works in favour of the potentially weaker UM or NMF. 5. Great work, I like it.
  7. Manaxter

    Announcing: Project Skirmish

    Remarkably Familiar.... Can't wait to get into those beta tests again! Hope you see this one through, Skirmish has the potential to be a killer game!
  8. Manaxter


    April fools?
  9. Manaxter

    More ruffians!

    Awe. Inspiring.
  10. Manaxter

    The cutting room floor

    Lol Ravuya. I would love to see the source, so I suggest open. However what I don't want to see is a 'completed by the fans' edition. Cheers Jacob.
  11. Manaxter

    The midnight update!

    Yes, but who would you get to pilot it? From what I see these microscopic ships do a lot of internal damage!
  12. Manaxter

    Choices, choices..

    Well, as for some crankin' tunes, check out Wave Mage. Jan Morgenstern has some really cool tunes, licenced under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License. He is a professional music producer, but does some free stuff, like the Orange Movie Project. I'm listening to his stuff now, and it sounds really good. Or try www.digitaljuice.com's StackTraxx - royalty free music. Both high quality. And one free! Cheers Jacob.
  13. Manaxter


    PSP guy. Or the guy to his left, my right, with the black T-Shirt. He (not PSP guy) sort of looks like he would be into art. He would be my best guess I think. N.B. - A lesser prize for the person who tells me what the heck made me think he was into art!
  14. Manaxter


    Quote:Original post by benryves How dare you discriminate against those readers in the Southern hemisphere? I'm writing to my MP. Oh that made me laugh! Then again, down under we're looking at a white Christmas, 16 degrees C. Our whether is pretty screwed down here. Biggest drought in history, and then a 16 degree day in summer! Argh! Oh, and happy Christmas too!
  15. Manaxter

    Picture["Words"] = 1000

    Where's the download?
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