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  1. Thank you for the warning. *pew*
  2. One more question. I am currently working on a 2D game which should be done next week. Is it OK ta add that to the portfolio even if the graphics are stolen (but retouched) from nintendo games? My portfolio is based on my ability to code, not to create graphics.
  3. Thank you, I added some notes of what my part was.
  4. I have a question. I've been developing 2 full games. Is that enough to put on the portfolio or should I post other projects as well that are unfinished or not as big?   Here is a link: portfolio   Is there something else here that I should add?   Thank you
  5. Did you get the job? What did they offer?
  6. [quote name='pillow fight studios' timestamp='1344706329' post='4968449'] is there a god game programing school in sweden near the city Malmo or on swedich "Malmö" [/quote] Malmö högskola: http://edu.mah.se/sv/Program/TGSPU12h BTH : http://edu.bth.se/utbildning/utb_program.asp?PtKod=DVGSP12h The Game Asembly: http://www.hermods.se/yh/The-Game-Assembly/
  7. fastcall22 and vleugel, thank you!
  8. I've been programming in C# for a few years now and I really love it. Now I will be learning c++ in school. I'm used to VC# Express so I downloaded VC++ Express (do you have any other suggestions on a IDE?) and bought Starting out with c++ early objects 7e to get comfortable with the language and IDE, but I have already encountered problems. Even the simplest code won't compile, so I ask you if there is some settings or something else I'm missing. I'm trying to do a simple console application that will output some text. #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { cout << "Text"; return 0; } The error says: "Error 2 error C1010: unexpected end of file while looking for precompiled header. Did you forget to add '#include "StdAfx.h"' to your source?" If I do inlcude StdAfx.h I get: "Error 2 error C2065: 'cout' : undeclared identifier" None of the code in the book compile. Please help. Another question, how do I activate intellisense in VC++ Express 2010? EDIT: Removed the code block
  9. Yes thank you for you help.
  10. I also got C = 30, thats what the calc says. How do you know it can also be 150? Thanks
  11. I got this problem and im not going to meet the teacher untill next monday and i want to progress further so maby you can help me? The question is: What are the angels of the triangle ABC if A = 2B B < 45 degres SinC = 0.5 Thanks in advance
  12. [quote name='blackbook' timestamp='1330932603' post='4919385'] Take a look at [url="http://www.3DBuzz.com"]www.3DBuzz.com[/url] there's lots of gamemaking tutorials for beginners in C++ and C#/XNA. [/quote] This!
  13. Very interesting. Im going to check your blog out as soon as I get home. Im also experimenting with an adventure game in xna.
  14. Off Topic: Just out of curiosity, what does college and university cost in usa? In Sweden all education is absolutley free. We just pay for the books needed.
  15. [quote name='alvaro' timestamp='1327505318' post='4906123'] You generally shouldn't construct a new Random object every time you need a random number. You are supposed to have a Random object around where you call Next multiple times. [/quote] That helped. Thank you alvaro [code]static Random D3 = new Random(); public static int RollD3() { int d3Result = D3.Next(1, 4); return d3Result; }[/code]