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  1. josh_w314

    Projectile launching

    My solver (a TI-89 graphing calculator) gives me this: k=±(sqrt(-2*g)*x)/(2*sqrt(cos(a))*sqrt(sin(a)*x-cos(a)*y)) along with a "Warning: Questionable solution"
  2. I don't know anything about quaternions, but try searching the terms 'gimbal lock' and 'six degrees of freedom.'
  3. josh_w314

    Game Philosophy: Graphics

    Quote:Original post by Splinter of Chaos Quote:Original post by T1Oracle More creativity is needed in advertising gameplay. I don't quite get the relevance. Mind digging a little deeper? Or are you sayingmore creativity is needed in advertising gameplay > imagery? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think he's saying that it takes no thought to come up with a way to advertise graphics on the back of the box, but advertising gameplay on the back of the box is a bit tricky.
  4. josh_w314

    Crazy Mutant Powers

    Stealing other's powers. Like Kirby.
  5. josh_w314

    Can there be RPGs with no goal?

    Quote:Original post by ryn0virus If there was to be a truly 'do whatever' type of game, you would need different interfaces... Not necessarily. In theory, I could 'do whatever' in real life, with only one 'interface.' If I want to kill an orc, I <pick up> a <blade> and <swing> it at the <orc>. If I want to make a blade, I <put> a <piece of iron> in a <fire>, then <pick up> a <hammer> and <swing> it at the <hot piece of iron> repeatedly to acheive the desired shape. If I want to grow crops, I <pick up> a <shovel>, <dig a hole>, then <put> a <seed> in the <hole>, and repeat. You could define macros for these actions so it is only tedious the first time.
  6. josh_w314

    RoverTron: AI sandbox game, spore inspired

    You should check out MindRover. It has a great "blocks" system for programming battlebots.
  7. josh_w314

    Game concept... constructive criticism welcome

    I agree with Kriuq that the 'magic' items are not a good idea. The best way to decide how suspicious a player is acting is by letting actual people decide if they are suspicious. Also, having some NPCs behaving suspiciously would make it easier to blend in, and make the game more realistic. For example, we know that nobody wants to walk everywhere, so if you have NPCs that run after the bus they just missed, run to work because they're late, chase the guy that just stole their purse, etc., mimicking these actions would allow a player to run without arousing too much suspicion.
  8. josh_w314

    Mouse Rotation

    call the center of the record (0,0) call the mouse position (x,y) call the rotation (in radians) of the record theta up and right are positive, down and left are negative if (x == 0) { if (y >= 0) theta = pi / 2; if (y < 0) theta = 3 * (pi / 2); } else { theta = atan(y/x); if (x < 0) theta += pi; } uncompiled code, there may be errors.
  9. josh_w314

    Digital Collection

    Random two cents: Have some of the items be unlimited in number, but have other (more powerful) items that are limited. Example: crappy sword * infinity decent sword * infinity good sword * 10000 sword of pwnage * 1000 sword of extreme pwnage * 100 uber sword of extreme pwnage * 10 mega uber extreme kill everything sword * 1 The last few items, of course, might not be desirable to have. Sure, you could kill every monster in sight, but you would also have massive swarms of other players trying to kill you for your sword.
  10. josh_w314

    Finding the smallest turn angle

    This should work: if (new_angle > current_angle && new_angle - current_angle <= 180) current_angle += new_angle - current_angle; else if (new_angle > current_angle && new_angle - current_angle > 180) current_angle -= 360 - (new_angle - current_angle); else if (new_angle < current_angle && current_angle - new_angle <= 180) current_angle -= current_angle - new_angle; else if (new_angle < current_angle && current_angle - new_angle > 180) current_angle += 360 - (current_angle - new_angle);
  11. josh_w314

    "Synapse" the Concept

    Sounds like a good, well thought out idea. I'm not sure if you're going for the "think it through completely before you start clicking" type puzzle game, or the "frantically click all over and you have a pretty good chance of winning" type. The jewel games you mentioned usually fall into the second category, but your description sounds closer to the first category. If you are trying for the second category, make it easier to remove nodes from the board(probably by implementing (1) and (2)). Maybe have two gameplay modes, one like you described, with (1) and (2) included(this will cover category two), and another with a predefined configuration of nodes and axons, with no new nodes falling from the top, and the goal is to remove all nodes from the board(this will cover category one). I can only think of one type of special block. It looks like a bomb(or something else associated with destruction), and when you click on it, it starts a chain reaction down all the axons connected to it, destroying every node it is connected to.
  12. Oil war is a bit too political for me, but otherwise good. I'd like to hear more about the gameplay now that I've heard the story. Will you be able to make modifications to yourself, since you're part robot? Replacing limbs with guns would be cool, if you don't mind making the extra models. What exactly do you mean by special powers? Do you mean (semi)realistic ones like punching through walls, jumping over buildings, infrared vision, etc. or are you thinking more along the lines of telekinesis, magic fireballs and the like?
  13. josh_w314

    Sounds in a racing sim

    Quote:according to rpm..."friction speed", "friction ratio", load on the wheels Since you're dealing with fast enough speeds, you should include the doppler effect(the frequency change when an object is moving towards or away from the listener).
  14. josh_w314

    truly 3d snake

    Fixed the corrupted file. Sorry about that.
  15. josh_w314

    truly 3d snake

    I know there's already a ton of '3d snake' games out there, but I think mine is different. All the 3d snakes I've played have 3d graphics but the gameplay is still in 2d. My game, Worm3d, has actual 3d gameplay. You move the snake around inside a cube with six degrees of freedom. It is nowhere near finished (only one level, no highscore table...), but it is done enough to be fun to play (in my opinion). download here Any feedback is appreciated. Tell me what you like and don't like about it, and suggestions on what to add would be great.
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