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  1. Kelendil

    Searching for a 3D platform game

    Was it for console or PC?
  2. Kelendil

    Searching for a 3D platform game

    Only 3D platform game that comes to mind is Psychonauts.
  3. Kelendil

    There is God!

    The best combination is peanut butter and maple spread.
  4. Kelendil

    Stephen Harper Misses world aids conference

    Quote:Original post by SticksandStones Head of Gov't shows up at AIDs conference -> increased media awareness -> increased awareness in the population -> leads to more calls for the government to do something about it -> increased chances of government doing something -> increased chance of finding a cure. Well then I think that him not showing up increased media awareness and therefore created a bigger effect [wink]. Edit: Not attending a convention does not mean that he does not care or is unaware of the problem [rolleyes]. Some people are just too harsh and quick to pass judgement.
  5. Kelendil

    Stephen Harper Misses world aids conference

    What would be different if the prime minister would have been there? I don't really care and I don't see how this has become an issue. The journalists here probably have nothing else to write about these days, I don't know.
  6. Kelendil


    University is not as hard as some people make it look like. Some teachers in high school are especially good at this. They do not miss an occasion to tell the students that they will fail university if they don't do their homework, study hard enough, aren't serious enough, etc. I had many teachers in high school tell us that at university, the teachers don't write notes on the blackboards and that you had to write your own notes. They said we had to practice taking notes as he was speaking. They used this as an excuse not to write anything on the blackboards. This is entirely false because every university teacher I had either wrote everything on the boards, gave out photocopies of their notes to students, or had powerpoint projections full of notes for us to copy or just print. University is harder than high school because the teachers are not there to watch your back. You have to want to succeed. If you don't do your homework there is often no second chances. Often, the teachers give work that will not be verified. It's entirely up to you to do the work. Those who want to get the best grades do all the work. Those like me who cannot care less don't do the work. I never saw the point of killing myself on work for extra high grades. I still managed to get good enough grades to be able to start a Master's degree. Having good grades in high school is a good indication that you will do well at university. If you do what the teachers ask you to do, you won't have any problems.
  7. Kelendil

    bottle opening techniques

    Quote:Original post by I Like Bread When I don't have a bottle opener around, I usually put the bottle on the side of a desk or counter (so that the "teeth" on the cap are grabbing on to the edge) and whack the top with my palm. It's hard to do it that way without making a mess, though. Yes, good technique (works better outside though).
  8. Kelendil

    Which musical instrument should I learn ?

    I find instruments like the flute, violin, and saxophone a bit boring to play alone. I play the guitar and it's always fun playing it alone. I also play bass but never alone, only as an accompaniment instrument. Playing bass alone is pretty boring. Other small instruments that are fun to play with alone are the harmonica and the piano (maybe an electric piano keyboard for portability). Someone also suggested Reason which is a very good idea. Learning to make music on a software like this is awesome.
  9. Kelendil

    Wii specs leaked at last

    I like what Nintendo is doing. They are upgrading their SDK, not creating a new one. This will save developers time and money. The hardware is not as advanced as the PS3 or 360. This means less time and money spent on creating graphics and more focus on gameplay. New control schemes also mean new gameplay. The effect of cheaper game development will be that game developers other than EA and Ubi will have a chance of being successful. More developers equal more innovative games for us. Faster development time will translate to cheaper games. Nintendo is doing basically the same thing that they did with the Nintendo DS. The DS does not have very advanced graphics but it offers new gameplay and low priced games. The DS has sold more consoles and games than the PSP. It has more games, more developers, more innovation and cheaper games.
  10. Kelendil

    Help me with a vehicle also

    My father is 6'3" and drives a Toyota Echo and never complained about it. He can also fit in my 2007 Yaris Sedan :P.
  11. Kelendil


    I'd pay off the debt with the highest interests (the car loan). Put aside the money you'd normally pay for your car and in maximum 4 years you will have it all back plus interests. I don't think there is a point in putting the money somewhere with an interest rate below your car's loan but I'm no expert in this.
  12. Kelendil

    UML Tools

    I like to use Jude. Jude Community is free. It is a Japanese software. But you won't be able to generate C++ code with it. It was made for Java.
  13. Kelendil

    What freaky games are there?

    I second Undying and I also suggest System Shock 2.
  14. Kelendil

    Noah's Ark Found?

    The problem is that most of you don't understand the gravity of sin. To God, sin is punishable by death and eternity spent away from him. "And the LORD God commanded the man, "You are free to eat from any tree in the garden; but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat of it you will surely die." Genesis 2:16-17 When man sinned, he died and had to be seperated from God. God does not accept sin at all. Living a good life is not enough for God. You have to be absolutely perfect, without sin. God has planned a way for us to be cleansed of all our sins. He would love to clean everyone's sin. You have to want to be washed of all your sins through repentance to be cleansed. That's why you need faith in Jesus. How can you be saved if you do not accept to be washed? How can you be washed if you do not believe Jesus-Christ can wash away your sins?
  15. Kelendil

    Noah's Ark Found?

    Quote:Original post by twix Quote:Original post by Kelendil I think that one of the reasons that God requires faith is that He wants people to experience true repentance. Why would you repent of your sins if you don't believe in God? If there is no God, our sins do not offend anyone (except humans to some degree). If there is no God, you don't need repentance. Repentance can only come through faith in Jesus-Christ. Ok... so God reveals himself and then everyone believes in God. Wouldn't that encourage true repentance? Just as you said, no reason to repent if you don't believe. And if you believe, you also know that your actions are affecting someone in an important way. All to the good, no? That wouldn't work because it would not produce honest repentence. God wants us to change, not tame us. For example, imagine a dog that destroys things in the house while his master is away. When his master comes home, he will act as though he was not responsible for the mess in the house. In reality the dog hasn't changed. He just stopped doing bad things while his master is at home.
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