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  1. 3dModelMan

    TGAs and transparency

    Just uploaded these.. all have alpha channel. - Matt
  2. Hi Mephs, I just wanted to offer an alternative for you to consider. It sounds all well and good drawing the level with splines or whatever, but making the artwork fit the splines just doesn't sit right with me. I'm not sure how you'd achieve that with typical scroller graphics - such as snow capped rocks. My alternative is to have premade 2d tiles of any abitrary size, they'd have a bitmap image and a collision profile (defined with lines and curves). The editor would be a simple drag and drop affair and could use the control points of the collision profiles to snap tiles together. The image part could even be a composite of smaller images to save on memory, and some tiles could be composites of smaller tiles to allow you to drag and drop whole pre-made sections in the editor. Some of the advantages; Simple level editor Fairly simple tile creation Very easy to get levels working with 'programmer art' that can easily be replaced later Basic tile shapes can be drawn over to create themes Collision profile could contain 'friction' and 'motion' info for slippery surfaces and conveyors Disadvantages; Would need a fair ammount of variety in premade tile shapes Some thought would have to go into matching texture seams You'd need a decent artist to draw over your programmer-art templates (or do what I'm doing and learn to do it all yourself ;) )
  3. 3dModelMan

    Help me quick.. (Hosting problems)

    Thanks Avatar. 15.43.. couldn't find an IP address a few minutes ago. Now it can and I can see my site again. Back to the support desk! This isn't some ploy for traffic - if it were I'd have something there worth seeing :D
  4. can you reach It's 15.28 here in the uk and my site is now (as it is often) unreachable. I'm sure its host problems but their online support desk says everything is working with them.
  5. 3dModelMan

    Weapon upgrades

    Ok... Neph; Yes I've considered a kind of "energy cell" weapon system, the more collected the more powerful it's effect but I can't help feel that this is far too linear. Edtharan; More enemies and bigger weapons does not maintain the status quo. To my target audience more enemies and bigger weapons are BOTH rewards for managing to get that far, bolstered by the fact that bigger weapons mean more damage, more explosions and much more eye candy. ToohrVyk; I like that system of using skill to gain overloads it and looks very nicely done. I also hate permanent boosts with a passion. Mike; Don't worry the 'Doom' system just doesn't work here. MSW; Quote:Power-ups are way too overdone. Its the most lazy and lame game design cliche ever invented. Then this game isn't for you :) It's an arcade shooter for a casual audience not a Miyamoto master piece. It's got more cliches than a bad b-movie but some people (including me) just like it that way.
  6. 3dModelMan

    Weapon upgrades

    Kevinator; Thanks for your feedback. I think I'm just going to have to code this and play it and tweak it. That's an interesting point that the weapons would be harder to achieve for the worse players but that's probably not the case, and here's why.. the enemies can enter the map through portals and destroying these portals is one of the level objectives. So the longer it takes for the player to destroy the portal, the more enemies he'll have to kill. Given that the spawned weapon type depends on the number of kills, eventually he'll get bigger and bigger guns to help him. More experienced players can use this as a game tactic but I'm sure they'll want the level over with as soon as possible to move onto the next and they won't hang around just to see what gun they'll get next, but this is also the reason to link the weapon reward to the level number so you can't see all the weapons in the early levels where they're simply not needed or deserved. Edtharan; I probably didn't make it clear that this game is a simple arcade shooter and keeping it down to one fire button also means no weapon selection system or other complex interactions. I'm not saying that such things don't belong in arcade shooters, it's just that I prefer not to have them in this game. Quote:One thing about powerups in shooter games (especially ones where you are a soldier) is that yuou have ben sent into a dangerous and hostile situation and only given the most basic of weapons. The question I ask is: Why? There are some story lines that do suit it (Half Life), but not all (Doom, etc). That's a question asked by a lot of people but this game isn't a domain of deep thinking. So my answer to 'why?' in this case; First it's a challenge! Collecting the enemy fire power and using it on them is a reward, as is finding new weapons you've never seen before. This game is simply about pulling the trigger and watching things go boom :)
  7. 3dModelMan

    Weapon upgrades

    Hi all How do you like your power-up systems?? I'm working on a "maze-based" shooter (basically a 360 shooter limited to the corridors of the maze, similar to AlienBreed) and I don't know which way to handle weapon upgrades. Here's my ideas and I'd love to hear your opinions and suggestions... - Player has a basic standard weapon - Powerups are spawned every 'n' kills - A collected power up gives a new weapon for 'n' shots or 'x' ammount of time (discuss!) - A new power-up isn't automatically collected unless the player is using the basic weapon (but he can return for it later) - Which weapon upgrade is spawned is dependent on a couple of variables.. like level number or number of kills in the level so far. That way the really big guns can be saved for later levels when they are most needed. I'm trying to avoid a few things; - Having to plant weaponry in the levels using the level designer - Making the mid range weaponry too hard to achieve - Making the heavy weapons too easy to abuse - Having more than one fire button (but this is optional, if you think a smart bomb is really necessary). All of this complexity would be invisible to the player, all he'd know is that the big guns come when there's the most action and the further he goes the bigger they get! - Matt
  8. 3dModelMan

    Lumixed4E4 updated [ EDITED]..

    I just wanted to bump the edit in the original post. Glad to see you are still enjoying the game superpig! (In the off chance you're passing by again...) How are you finding the gameplay tweaks and overall updated version? I assume you only ever had the official 4E4 entry before. - Matt
  9. 3dModelMan

    Creating Trial Versions

    Quote:A check-sum protected encrypted date would prevent users from just manually editing the date with regedit at least and would seem like an appropriate level of protection for a $10 screensaver. And what stops them deleting the key and re-installing? I don't want irritate a sore subject even further but my quick advice is this.. compile and build two versions; "Demo" and "Full". The demo should be limited and full of ways to get the user to buy the full version. It should be freely distributable by anyone. The full version can be made available only to paid users through your payment processor and it should be made clear that it's not legal to distribute it further. I like your solar system screensaver. The limited demo version could stop and display a 'this is a demo.. buy the full version' screen for example. The important thing to do is use compiler switches or something to actually build the demo exe with the nag screen displaying built in.
  10. I've played about with driving/racing games in the past -- who hasn't? :) My most recent attempt was a simple project using Newton Dynamics (physics engine) and my game engine. It includes a simple car set up and driving model, all physics (car control, collisions etc) are done by Newton, but it does use the line intersection tests I mentioned above for lap/sector timing and preventing cheating (it stops the player just reversing over the start-finish line and driving over again to clock up laps). I was considering working on some AI and improving the car parameters, adding torque output curves etc but I simply don't have the time to put into it. If you want a look click this and if you want to play it (trust me it's not worth it!) click here. You can PM me here or my email address is on the engine site but I'm no racing game expert ;) - Matt
  11. I use several 2d line segments that cross the track and distance-to-line checks. These can be very useful.. the obvious use is at the start/finish line but by using at least two others you can prevent cheating by making sure the player crosses them in order. If you use enough line segments your position in the race can be determined by sorting the players according to; Lap Number Last line segment passed Distance from that segment - Matt
  12. 3dModelMan

    GeckoTech Demo

    Ran fine here - looks nice too :) getting around 290fps. Win XP Pro, P4 3Ghz, Radeon 9500 Pro / 9700
  13. 3dModelMan

    Lumixed4E4 updated [ EDITED]..

    Quote:Just being curious however, what's new in this verion? That depends on what version you currently have. If you just have the game downloaded from here (GameDev 4E4 entries page) then there have been a lot of changes, which is why I wanted to announce it here. Changes from 4E4 submission entry.. (if can I remember them all) <list>New 'Select skin' menu which cycles through installed user-made mods. Packaged with two 'mods' Some corrections in the gameplay Joypad support Saved high scores and graphics preferences A couple of bug fixes </list> The updated executables have been released progressively on the games original forums and we've just about covered everyones feature requests which is why there's now a completely new package available. - Matt
  14. Hi all, Our entry to 4E4 has had some significant reworking and tweaking in the time since it was uploaded here so I thought I'd plug it a bit. [-- Edit --] The game is now hosted at, so hopefully there'll be no more moving around temporary homes and campsites for this nomadic little program... See here [-- End edit --] For those of you who have never seen the game before it's basically a highly mod-able Lumines clone - and here's some clicky screenshots... Shot 1 Shot 2 Shot 3 Cheers! Matt [Edited by - matibee on August 9, 2006 2:38:31 PM]
  15. 3dModelMan

    Need Free 3D Game Engine

    Looky here
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