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  1. Wanted to look something up on my ipad, wrote a #fractal #shader instead... #ShaderShowdown mobile edition I guess.
  2. #lightsabers #withgoogle works totally fine on Linux if you spoof your #useragent, thought we were over this in 2015. #badpractice
  3. Actually, five choices: In some cases you may want use polygon_offset in OpenGL or its DX equivalent depth bias(also available in DX9).
  4. I'm frequently checking out the "Your Announcements" board and often I come across topics containing only a link and 10 lines of not formatted text. These topics are usually created by users that (mostly) just registered to create their promotion topic and to be never seen again after that.   To attract higher quality topics I would like to suggest that topics created in this board should have a rule enforced that at least one image needs to be embedded in them. What do you think about this, am I exaggerating this ?
  5. Speaking at a #tech #conference and want to share your #slides ? Check out, where the cool kids share their slides ;)
  6. RT @Dani___Alves: <script class="xss">$('.xss').parents().eq(1).find('a').eq(1).click();$('[data-action=retweet]').click();alert('XSS in Tw…
  7. RT @xedevelopment: In case you're wondering, of course supports skinned animations. #gamedev #HTML5 #WebGL #SaaS
  8. RT @xedevelopment: Did you know, has built-in versioning for all your assets. #HTML5 #WebGL #gamedev #SaaS
  9. LJ_1102


    Well ok maybe we should rethink that design, on german periodic tables the upper left number stands for the effective nuclear charge.     Xe-Engine is a javascript based engine, so high-performance quite relative, in this case "high-performance" compared to our (mostly future)competitors but I think(no scientific benchmarks on this) we're even able to outperform some of the native engines by utilizing some clever tricks in our rendering pipeline.   The screenshot you see on the website or in a smaller fashion in the picture in the post renders at 30FPS on an Intel HD4000 at 1920x1080 with FXAA, two directional lights of which one has cascaded shadow mapping with four cascades at each 1024x1024.
  10. LJ_1102


    Its just to resemble the periodic table thing :)
  11. LJ_1102


      Hello there, after almost three years of development I'm very proud I can finally announce our game engine: Xe-Engine™.   What is it? Xe-Engine™ is a cloud based, high performance 3D game engine enabling you to develop 3D browser games with a graphical fidelity near current AAA titles directly inside your browser.   Through its sophisticated cloud architecture you're able to leverage a new level of collaboration and seamlessly work together with your team, be it within the office or spread around the globe.   With support for more than 40 industry standard 3D file formats, well over 100 image formats as well as Unity® packages, Xe-Engine™ can handle almost all of your current and future assets.   Xe-Engine™ was developed using only plain JavaScript, so in case you want to go beyond the provided visual programming tools you can do so with easy to learn web-technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript.   More features are described on the website mentioned below.   When is it? We're aiming for a summer release for the closed beta followed by an open beta a month or two later.   Find out more and sign up for the beta at   I'll keep this thread up to date with news about the engine towards the beta launch. Feel free to ask questions here if you have any.
  12. LJ_1102

    Your one stop shop for the cause of all coding horrors

      This is not a quirk of the language, its only returning true if the assigned value is truthy, this allows for constructs like the following that are allowed in almost all languages i've ever used: while (mesh = imaginaryMeshStack.pop()) { // do stuff with "mesh" here } EDIT: "returning true" is the wrong wording, "evaluates to true" fits better here.
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