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    You know you're a crappy programmer when...

    Quote:Original post by PCN You know you are a crappy programmer when you hear the term "polymorphism" and it instantly puts you in a coma. XD ... You know you're a crappy programmer when you keep coding on and on and after 3 hours your computer crashes and you realize you didn't save AT ALL! 'happens to me a lot, lately...
  2. FreakForFreedom

    Blitz 3d random errors

    Well, I can only guess - but as I know Blitz3D, if it's saying that a texture does not exist, than this will be it... You should re-check the path and every other value in the loadAnimTexture()-Funktion. Oh, btw, you should post your questions about B3D on the official forums, they are not much people here which knows this great language. ^^
  3. FreakForFreedom

    The cake is a lie?

    The cake is definitly not a lie, as the song-voice at the credits tells you: "Anyway, this cake is great. It's so delicious and moist." :) ... Portal was realy worth the 50 bucks. Well, HL2:EP2 was very good too and Team Fortress 2 is real fun, but nothing beats Portal.
  4. FreakForFreedom

    Unreal Tournament 3 Beta Out

    Just played it... Well, it's true, the redesigned weapons look kinda cool, but (as Delfi said) the redesigned flak cannon is a real shame. But the biggest shame is, they took the strafe-jump away. *ARGH* Then, the level-design is very nice but you can hardly see the enemies. They may be colored in their team color, it's still not easy. But, the game's only beta, let's see the improvement 'till the release. Liked UT2K4 a lot more. Wasn't a spamming like UT3. ;) Had no problems running it, btw.
  5. FreakForFreedom


    Just finished playing the Game. It was definitely worth every single €. I loved the moment where there was this small room behind the testchamber 13, were there where pictures and poems of the cube on the wall. Or at the End, where the AI tries to stop you from destroying it. Hilarious! Even for a "hardcore" game developer: The levels are designed very carefully, every puzzel well done and the portal-handheld device is just awesome. :)
  6. FreakForFreedom

    blitz3d fps ai need help!

    Hi zabo! First of all, you should try to post questions about Blitz3D in the official BlitzBasic forum. You might get more help. ;) In B3D, you code your ai like in *every* language. In fact, a *simple* ai is nothing more than a couple of if-statements. Like: For ai.TAI = each TAI if ai.seeplayer = true and ai.range < maxrange then ai.shootplayer = true endif next Or more complicated with a crate to duck&cover: For ai.TAI = each TAI if ai.seecrate(crate1) = True and ai.candosomething = True then ai.cover(crate1) ai.candosomething = False end if Understood? It's not so much difficult to code a simple ai. For more understanding, simple ask our good friend google. ;) Good luck for you!
  7. FreakForFreedom

    Hilarity In Video Games

    Quote:Original post by Steadtler Quote:Original post by AndreTheGiant I remember Baldurs Gate having a lot of funny moments. Cant remember any specifics though. I think it was because it was such a serious game for the most part, that any little bit of humor thrown in seemed extra funny. I loved that game, I wish I had time to play it again... Well, aside from all the hamster jokes. Go Boo! Minsc and his "only miniature giant space hamster in the Realm" Boo... yea, I remember, they made me laugh many times. They where kinda the only real funny thing is this serious and awesome rpg. Some quotes I remember: - "Minsc will be free! These bonds will not hold my wrath! Butts will be liberally kicked in good measure!" - "Every hamster!" - "What? Boo is outraged! See his fury! It's small, so look close. Trust me, it's there." Quote:Original post by AndreTheGiant I loved that game, I wish I had time to play it again... I know how you feel, I feel the same. ;)
  8. FreakForFreedom

    Hilarity In Video Games

    Bioshock is indeed a great game! The last time I had a real ROFL-attack in a game was in GTS:San Andreas. I was on a PCG-900 bike on the highway followed by a couple of FBI-vans (:P), when suddendly one of the vans on the other side of the road crashed into a car and startet an armageddon. After some seconds, there where like 30 cars crashed, stocked and piled into each other. Maked me laught so hard, I couldnt control my bike and landed into the ocean... whith the cops behind me. (Why am I the only "person" in this game with the ability to swim?) Anyway, the game which made my laugh the most was Day of the Tentacle. :)
  9. FreakForFreedom

    free MMOs ???

    Hmm, in fact, many companies which make free MMOs survive. There are several reasons for that: - ingame ads - non-ingame coin shop (or other kinds of shops) - donations (e.g. : Archlord is a great game which became free some days ago, Cabal Online is a great free game with a non-ingame coin shop, ...) There may be many other reasons (which I dont know), if someone know some, I would be interest to hear them. (Darn is my english bad - gotta relearn a lot ;) )
  10. FreakForFreedom

    No one cares about E3 huh?

    Since the E3 is gone, the GamesConvention here in Germany has grown... way too big. Last year, there were so many people there, you couldn't make a step witout hurting at least 3 feets. -.- So: Hope, the E3 comes back one day....
  11. FreakForFreedom

    a game named Antreas (download it!!)

    ARGH, MY EYES! TO MUCH CODE!! :P Simply put ["code"] and the top of your code and ["/code"] at the end (without the " ). I didn't read all your code, but it looks nice from what I've seen. I will test it at home.
  12. FreakForFreedom

    Torque X

    The Torque engine is indeed a good place to start. It's rather simple, yet powerful and the community support is awesome. Funny thing, I did quite the contrary. I moved from C++ to a simpler language (BlitzMax). The main reason was, that I found C++ a bit too complex. This where my 2 cents... ;) -F.F.F.
  13. FreakForFreedom

    How many of you play C&C games?

    I played every C&C game 'till now and I can say, the best where the first C&C (because of the hugh amount of missions!) and Red Alert 1. Damn, I had plenty of fun with those... The last C&C, Tiberium Wars, is not bad, too. Is kinda like the first C&C, but just with better graphics. Like it!
  14. FreakForFreedom

    A Gamer's Thought

    Quote:Original post by Zmurf Christianity is simply an expansion pack for Judaism. More specified: Judaism was v0.5 Beta. (Budism was a clone.) Christianity upgraded it to v1.0a. With the blood patch came the Islam. *justjoking*
  15. FreakForFreedom

    5 top 2D games of all time?

    My favorite 5 2D-Games of all time: - GTA (how can you forget that? ;) ) - AoE2 - Baldur's Gate II - C&C 1 - Super Mario
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