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    Problem setting up SDL with Dev-C++

    Not sure if this is still the case or not but I believe Dev C++ has been abandoned.  Most people recommend using Code::Blocks or Visual Studio.  I've used all three and would say Code::Blocks has better features than Dev C++.  Visual Studio has become my favorite although it can be intimidating at first.
  2. SonicD007

    Unity 2D tiled maps

    Is there any easy way to create tiled maps in unity 2D?  If not, I would like to use tiled to create a map in the tmx file format to then import that tmx file into unity.  I realize I'll probably have to create an importer for unity to be able to understand the file but I'm not sure how to create custom importers for unity 2D.  Is it only available in the Pro version?
  3. Very helpful for us self-taught programmers!  More please! :)
  4. Hey the physics article is no longer up. The website says account suspended. Is it posted somewhere else? I really would like to read the article in depth. Thanks
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