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    Wii virtual console

    The reason they don't just put everything on at the same time is the same reason why companies don't release big titles at the same time, they'll steal each other's sales. You might buy all your favorite games now, but most people probably don't want to put down $200+ for old games so they'll buy one or two games. If they just release them gradually, they can make it more of a big deal when big games are released, and $10 every month doesn't seem so bad. Who would buy some smaller games when you could buy Ocarina of Time, Mario 64, etc all at the same time? Nintendo will also likely use the VC to help out in the droughts when no good games are coming out. That's just my thoughts, but I'm pretty sure those are the general reasons.
  2. perfectly_dark

    Men's Gamut of Known Colors

    Quote:Original post by Zahlman Quote:Original post by The Alchemist waht about Salmon? That's one tough fish! Grrr... salmon! Haha, that's an awsome comercial [grin]
  3. perfectly_dark

    Picture War II: Return of the Pictures (56K Warning)

    Quote:Original post by smitty1276 EDIT: Fixed [Edited by - perfectly_dark on September 19, 2006 2:31:50 PM]
  4. perfectly_dark

    Picture War II: Return of the Pictures (56K Warning)

    Quote:Original post by smitty1276
  5. perfectly_dark

    Included file not found during compile time.

    In your project settings, you can set additional include directories. Also, you can add this path to your compiler's list of include directories. The method of doing this changes throughout different versions of VC++ (assuming that's what you're using) but in 2003 at least, to change project settings, right click on the project in the solution manager pane and select properties. I think it's in C++ options. To change compiler paths, I think there's an option in the Tools menu, Options, Project Settings (IIRC).
  6. perfectly_dark

    Passing an array to a function w/ a pointer.

    p = new (nothrow) employee; p is a pointer to an integer. You probably want employee * p = new (nothrow) employee; That should solve most of your errors.
  7. perfectly_dark

    Recent Posts By Me

    It should be in your user profile. Just click on your username.
  8. perfectly_dark

    whaddya think... reformat?

    before formatting, try reseating some of the pci cards/memory. But yah, sounds bad...reformat is the usual solution.
  9. perfectly_dark

    what console are you going to buy?

    I'll be getting a Wii at launch. From all console launches I can remember, it seems to have the best lineup of "launch window" games. Depending on how much money I can muster up I may get an XBox360 sometime in the future too.
  10. perfectly_dark

    concordia university

    Quote:Original post by Mercury Waterloo's engineering program is supposed to be the best in Canada, but I may have a bit of a kiltered view considering I'm sitting in a residence for UW right now... Cool, me too, which residence are you in? @ OP: I went to a Software Engineering conference which was basically hosted by Concordia, they seemed like a decent bunch. I would think the comp eng. program shouldn't be any worse, though I base this on nothing. As for Montreal as a city, the legal drinking age is 18, that's a big plus for some people [grin].
  11. perfectly_dark

    Help Me Name My Cat

    Make sure you give him a rank E.g. Colonel Wiskers, Admiral Mittens, etc. Or you could name it "Simple Sensations" and go to a dog park with it.[grin]
  12. perfectly_dark

    The Unnofficial GameDev Online Student Cookbook!

    Recipe Name: uh....pierogies Ingredients: Frozen Pierogies, Onion, Butter, Sourcream, Bacon Required Equipment: Pot and Frying pan Preparation time: about 15 minutes Servings: 1...I think Preparation instructions: Boil the pierogies for about 3 or 4 minutes. Fry up the bacon and onion on the frying pan, then drain the pierogies and add them to the pan. Fry until golden brown. They tend to stick to the pan if it's non-(non-stick) so you'll have to use lots of butter. When they're done, top with butter and sourcream and eat I know it's not really a recipe, but it got me through first year :D
  13. perfectly_dark

    Newb COM Questions

    I don't know if you've seen this article or if it'll be helpful but I know for me it shed some light on COM when I was dabbling with it a while back. Link Hope it helps.
  14. perfectly_dark

    Ricky Gervais - Microsoft Training Vid

    Haha, awsome video. Here's a simmilar one for collage recruiting with Ed Helms: Link
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