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  1. This 1 level shoot'em up game was made for the "Horizontal Scroller with Boss" competition at shmup-dev.com. It was was made with the tool the Games Factory. The team consists of: Art_Sempai (graphics) Greg Michalec (music) ...and me doing the game design. Here is a screenshot: -http://img134.imageshack.us/img134/9686/snapshot0kf.jpg And here you can download the game (15.4 mb / no installing required): -http://shmup.lanejump.com/Vezgard/ About the gameplay in short: z= shot, x= bomb (can be configured) Try to collect those blue crystals to unlock artworks in the gallery. I am pretty interested in some feedback and constructive critics. :)
  2. Edge_

    Game Designer vs Marketing

    That sounds really tough. :/ Maybe you should look for a chance to argue about some aspects of from your developer site. Something like: You may know what you sell but WE know how the game works and this and that have to be made another way to make the game mechanics work properly. And best is that you further maybe make a little research about marketing and you could surprise him with knowledge about market shares and stuff. But I guess he'll give you a pretty hard time anyway. You could also consider going to this persons boss and try to talk to him about your ideas, but better do a good research and be well prepared when you take this step. Anyway, good luck. :)
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