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    Taming the beast!

    Great to you see you back at the front lines again. :) Being able to set aside your code for several months and to evaluate it now is an invaluable experience, and I'm glad to hear both the self-critiques and the fact that you could still jump straight in.
  2. Eliwood

    I'm seriously out of creative subject titles.

    Although this is nowhere near the norm yet, as a whole, CS curriculum in high schools is getting better, and more are offering a "real" programming course rather than a service computing course that teaches you a language rather than teaching you programming concepts you'll see over and over again. Although this is truly the exception, my high school went above and beyond the norm by offering more than just an AP Computer Science Exam. Every semester, the teacher would select a topic like Computer Graphics, AI, Compiler Design, Computer Organization (Assembly, Circuit Design, etc.), Algorithms, etc. and teach that course at the college level but still in a friendly high school setting. For a high school, I found that to be a very unique and rewarding experience, and I hope that that may spur on other more CS-friendly schools to do the same.
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