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  1. GameDev.net Turns 18!

    Happy birthday
  2. Using Exceptions

    Ellipses catch is very useful when you want to do some cleanup and rethrow.
  3. Debugging Information Success

    I've finally grasped what you are doing with the run-time function overloading with the sum types. Looks like a really interesting idea - one of those features that could end up having emergent features that you didn't forsee I suspect, like C++'s templates. I'm working on a (far simpler) compiler/VM project myself so find these posts really interesting. Keep them coming.
  4. The first of many stones.

    tl/dr (sorry), but wanted to say your graphics are absolutely charming :) That little wooden title thing with the flowers is just superb.
  5. Ok... The True Final Word on Rube...

    We have every respect in the world for experienced board game designers. It's just you who comes across as impossible to work with. Maybe you could ask a less insane colleague to present your ideas to the community?
  6. Looks cool. I like these projects with realistic scope.
  7. Developer's Log, star date 3479347646

    I'd be interested to hear more about the technical side of this project. What language/engine/libraries are you using?
  8. Spaceguard 80 working build (WEB)

    Charming art style.
  9. Ok... The True Final Word on Rube...

    I sincerely wish I was inventing my mental health issues purely for your benefit, but I'm doing pretty well these days, thanks. If you are quite certain that the problem is everybody else and you have no part to play, I can only wish you all the best. This will be my final contribution. Good luck.
  10. First day of Greenlight

    Wow, that video shows a huge amount of progress since I last took a proper look at this project. Looks absolutely awesome. Best of luck with Greenlight.
  11. Ok... The True Final Word on Rube...

    It wasn't an insult in any way at all. I also suffer from mental health problems - I have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and am recovering alcoholic and drug addict. There should be no stigma around this in 2017. Nobody with NPD thinks they have NPD. That is the nature of the illness. I was attempting to be empathetic because I can feel your frustration and I wish there was something I could do to alleviate it.
  12. Ok... The True Final Word on Rube...

    It has been amusing in a way, but I'd imagine narcissistic personality disorder must be a nightmare to live with.
  13. Ok... The True Final Word on Rube...

    I'm glad you chose to post a far less rude and offensive entry this time. A far better note to go out on. I hope you can find another forum where you can be better understood. Good luck.
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