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  1. Frob has already pointed out on the previous page that modern C++ compilers can implement much faster dynamic casting than the string-comparison-based methods of yore. The code you post relies on at least forward declaring all of the possible derived types before the base class interface, so is not scalable to a generalised dynamic_cast system.
  2. Looks like any < > tags and their contents in the C++ are missing, e.g. template class Event { Should be something like template<class Args...> class Event { Is the original text still preserved under the hood? If it has been "eaten" somehow, it isn't going to be fixable. Don't think I have the original article but will have a look. [EDIT] I note the same in the Journal - in the code snippets, any < > tags and their contents are missing. Don't care about the Journal but just to let you know seems to be the same issue there.
  3. Okay, thanks. Journals don’t matter but if if would be possible to fix the article, it would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Hey all, Just happened to glance at an old article I posted several years ago: I note all the code windows seem to be eating all the <> stuff in the template code. It wasn't like this when originally posted. I also note that in my old(ish) Journal entries, all my <font> tags are appearing verbatim in the text and the code windows are all on one line with all the <> stuff missing. Is this a known issue with older posts?
  5. For a game to look professional (which is important to attract users), the content creation and art side are at least as important as the technical side and require skills and experience that are, in my humble opinion, even harder and more time-consuming to acquire. I've been programming a lot of years now but I am terrible at art and if I was serious about tackling a professional game project I would be more concerned about the cost/availability of people who could create content than the development side. Modern tools can make the technical side far easier but there are no real shortcuts on the creative side.
  6. Aardvajk

    First game area demo

    Those animations are absolutely gorgeous.
  7. Aardvajk

    Learn C++ in Unreal Engine 4 by Making a Powerful Camera

    God, I'm depressed
  8. Aardvajk

    GameDev.net Turns 18!

    Happy birthday
  9. Aardvajk

    Using Exceptions

    Ellipses catch is very useful when you want to do some cleanup and rethrow.
  10. Aardvajk

    Debugging Information Success

    I've finally grasped what you are doing with the run-time function overloading with the sum types. Looks like a really interesting idea - one of those features that could end up having emergent features that you didn't forsee I suspect, like C++'s templates. I'm working on a (far simpler) compiler/VM project myself so find these posts really interesting. Keep them coming.
  11. Aardvajk

    The first of many stones.

    tl/dr (sorry), but wanted to say your graphics are absolutely charming :) That little wooden title thing with the flowers is just superb.
  12. Aardvajk

    Ok... The True Final Word on Rube...

    We have every respect in the world for experienced board game designers. It's just you who comes across as impossible to work with. Maybe you could ask a less insane colleague to present your ideas to the community?
  13. Looks cool. I like these projects with realistic scope.
  14. Aardvajk

    Developer's Log, star date 3479347646

    I'd be interested to hear more about the technical side of this project. What language/engine/libraries are you using?
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