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  1. Card games can be much more complex than you might at first think and can requier a lot of programing. When learning a new system or component I use the 1 month project. In thus you sen 1 month developing a project, and at the end of the month you abandon the project. Thus accomplishes several things: First, it stops you from adding in too many complicating factors and so helps you to focus on what you are trying to learn. Second, because you are going to abandon the project (and I do mean abandon as the idea is not to try and make a completed project) you don't have to try and make it pollished and releasable, and it also helos to atip you seeing thus as a pet project and becoming too emotionally invoved in completing it, which again would distract you from what you are trying to learn. And finally, the short time frame helps you to keep the scope of what you are learning to small, easily acievable goals. If you haven't done much (or any) programing before I would recomentld starting with the basics (move things on screen, collision detection and reacting to player to input). It is good advice to not use the project you really want to do to learn. Learning is hard and you will make mistakes and stuff things up royally (when learning, these are good things, but not when you are trying to make something you want to release). Pong is a really good project that covers these concepts. It is simple and a good place to learn the basics of game programming.
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