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  1. COMET takes away a big problem on the internet, everything gets polled. With COMET the data gets pushed when new data for a user arrives. With this, you can cut traffic to a minimum. Another Ajax-problem is, if you request too many things at once, it wont work, some browsers don't allow more than 2 connections at once (per site / server) and if there are too many requests per second of each user, your server might get problems. (AJAX-Overpolling) Longpolling is already a primitive COMET-method. For the future, I recommend using HTML5 Websockets for real-time connection. If a browser doesn't support HTML5 you could still use a flash-bridge that will be used as alternative method for non-supporting browsers. We are currently using this method in our real-time browsergame with good success. Every browser is supported and new browsers with websockets, don't even need any plugin to get real-time gameplay. On the serverside we're just using a node.js as socket-server which is highly performant and can support many more users than normally with ajax. We can make it really complex with many data to be delivered, without any high traffic. Great way! :)
  2. Well isometric maps aren't that hard to achieve. I don't have a complete engine for this, but you might be interested in my article about creating a jquery isometric map plugin. http://www.cw-internetdienste.de/2010/05/creating-a-basic-isometric-map/
  3. COMET is the way to go for, can easily be achieved using node.js. There are plenty of tutorials out there. :)
  4. Glad you liked it. :) However those things with php / canvas had been more related to Anntor as he suggested those. This might also be useful for you http://remysharp.com/2009/01/26/element-in-view-event-plugin/ Of course this is only for the whole viewport, but you might be able to use some of the code to make it related to a divs view. I hope this helps a bit. If you're creating a map that fills the whole screen, you actually don't even need to recode it and might use it as it is. Just add the in-viewport event to your tiles and load them as they come to the viewport. Maybe unload the elements as they go off the screen to save memory. This is of course application related, but pretty simple to achieve. :)
  5. Hello, I just posted a small article about creating isometric maps for games. As for the dynamic loading, it's actually fairly easy. You could add a function to move the map by adding mousedown event and mousemove. Then while moving you could check the position and also use the :in-viewport selector (http://plugins.jquery.com/project/viewport). Then you could just load the new content via ajax and finish. Actually fairly easy. My article can be found here: http://www.cw-internetdienste.de/2010/05/creating-a-basic-isometric-map/ Best Regards, Chris EDIT: By the way... creating the map via PHP can be nice when doing it rarely, but if you plan to create this on movement etc. it's definantly a no go. gdlib is slow and processor intense. The canvas solution might sound great, but I wouldn't use it. If you plan to have many animated things and often changing elements, you're much faster in rewriting the inner dom of the map element then redrawing it using canvas. browsers are very fast in basic dom rendering, but canvas is still very slow in relation to this. We had also been using canvas to draw our map, after making it basic xhtml with canvas as tool, we gained around 60% of performance. Canvas can be used for creating some kind of transparency map for objects so you can select them, where pixels are and not where the image itself is. [Edited by - Bahlor on May 7, 2010 5:10:39 AM]
  6. Holy shit, that looks superb! I would love to get my hands on this haha not only playing but also viewing the source ^^ Awesome work... can't believe you did this all alone in that short period of time. I'm also developing browser-based games for my upcoming company but now I'm really jealous^^
  7. If I understood it right, you're looking for a bbcode script? Or better, how to make some kind of bbcode. :) here you go, create 2 arrays: $str= "This is some [quote ]example[/quote ] text."; $search = array(0=>"/\[quote\](.?)\[\/quote\]/isU"); $replace = array(0=>"< blockquote >$1< /blockquote >"); $str=preg_replace($search,$replace,$str); This would give you something like This is some < blockquote >example< /blockquote > text. Sincerely, Chris
  8. Not the only problem, IE is an problem too^^ Sry a bit sarcasm in the morning^^
  9. It's not a shop it's a payment method, so you can sell whatever you like? It has a great api and sample scripts on how to use it. Just look over the api, you can do everything you need.
  10. I recommende paypal. You have almost every type of payment method there, it's secure and users don't even need to create an paypal account to pay.
  11. Well played it, but almost no servers... however... didn't like the ball behavior, seemed too unrealistic for me. But some really great things in there. But I think it's definantly different, than the game idea behind this one.
  12. Hey this looks great! :) How are the ball physics etc.? I'm currently not able to test it, as I'm at work and on a non-intel mac. :) Would anyone else be interested in a free open source soccer game? I personally think that there could actually be many players interested in something like this. It's free, online focused and only one player per team.
  13. Good point, but I don't think there would be a 22players problem there was the idea to replace not existing players with bots. What other team tried to do that? Do you have some examples or links? I would love to look over those projects. Also games don't have to be exaclty like big commercial games, for example it could be more arcade or something like this. Also a big plus would be that there are no costs for players.
  14. Well I wouldn't compare it with ea sports games as it's totally multplayer focused and only one player of a team, not a whole team. Also as open source this would have an advantage.
  15. Anyone interested in trying to get something like this done? (OpenSource) I think ogre3d would work great: - ogre3d for rendering - NaviLibrary for the GUI - ODE or Novodex for ball physics etc. - ogreopcode for collision detection - ProtonSceneEditor for Material and Scene editing - RakNet or TNL for network - OgreAL for sound - Caelum for sky - OIS for input [Edited by - Bahlor on June 10, 2008 6:03:25 AM]
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